Truth Must Be Told...


Truth Must Be Told...
by Arthimis

Truth MUST be told...

Unfortuantely the entire world did not have any of the glorious tools as we have today to inform & educate masses, especially a country and a nation such as Iran and Iranians that have been brainwashed by one of the worst Religions and people known in the history of mankind who preached it to masses in our poor beloved motherland!!! The 1400 years of multiple invasions has turned our nation into one of the most "Mentally & Spiritually Disturbed" nations in this world! That's when these Religious leaders came into picture and started to exploit our mentally battered & disturbed nation for their own physchotic & evil dogma , benefits & advantages to the Maximum possible!!! Results speak loudly for themselves!!! The entire nation, including our so called educated and intellectuals fell for a man like Khomeini & still do for Khamenei & Co.!!!!  For love of GOD, in this day and age, in 2011 (1390 shamsi) !!!!?????

These UNBELIEVABLE & UNFORTUNATE FACTS doesn't even apply to Arab Muslim Countries and Nations anymore!!! It doesn't even apply to the lowest educated nations in Africa any more!!! Some one comes and claims he is the "DIRECT REPRESENTATIVE OF GOD HERE ON EARTH" and talks about "Imam Mahdi" & .......... This INSANITY does not and can not occur any where else not even in all other muslim countries simply because it is considered as a "SIN" and against Allah, Islam , Mohammad and Aale Mohammad, but it STILL happens in IRAN and to Iranians, WHY???????? 

Generations after generations fell into this "Evil & Psychotic" trap and simply didn't learn any better... Some brave souls (Our Persian Philosophers/Poets) came out in their limited way to ENLIGHTEN & Help our nation, but could NOT succeed entirely as the infection of religous fanatism was (and unfortunately still is) so deeply in our roots ...

For love of GOD, do you think, had most Persians/Iranians could truly comprehend the teachings & wisdom of men like : Ferdosi, Rumi, Hafez, Saa'di, Khayam and and .... would fall for a little phsychotic men such as Khomeini with his "Tozieholmasaael"???? 


As an Iranian, I believe at some point in our life time, we MUST come forward & confess how ignorant, uneducated, religious, fanatic, weak, hypocrite we were (AND WORSE, SOME OF US STILL ARE...) 

The younger generation Thanks to the new world's access for information and communication already knows this fact about us, but we are still in DENIAL!!!!

The moment we realize the "TRUTH", confess & apologize to the younger Iranian generations is the moment we set ourselves and everyone else "FREE"!!!

Maybe at that point, we ALL will be able to find a collective solution for our countery and our beloved motherland, Iran & finally move forward toward Light, Truth, Prosperity & Peace...

Be Omid Aan Rooz...

Free Yourselves, Free Iran and Iranians 


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Thank you Maryam Khanoom,

by Arthimis on

Thank you Maryam Khanoom, You are one of those Human beings I respect and share mutual understanding with... 

Wishing you a great day... :-)

Free Iran and Iranians. 

Maryam Hojjat

Excellent, Meaningful article

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks.  I agree with you & all happening in 21th century.