Three buddha-bar songs!

by Arthimis

I have been an avid fan of buddha-bar music ever since of their early collaborations with DJs: Claude Challe and Ravin! These three songs are from their newer albums that shows a great come back! Hope you will enjoy them as well! Love and Peace, Free Iran and Iranians.


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Thanks fesenjoon

by Arthimis on

Thanks fesenjoon Jaan,

Yes there are so many of these productions , but Buddha-bar and Cafe Del Mar are the ones that started all this ...

Thanks for the Great clip you sent! I enjoyed it...

I like your great blogs and comments too...


Free Iran and Iranians.


uhuh :-)

by Fesenjoon on

I bought Buddha Bar 1-7 at Pasazh Paitakht in Tehran. Excellent compilations.

Also in the same genre are:

  • Cafe Del Mar (there are 13 or 14 albums I think)
  • Art of Chill (there are 3 albums I think)


There's also Cafe Del Mar Dreams and Cafe Del Sol.

All are very relaxing recommendable works from the Chill Out genre. In these compilations, youll find works like Al-Pha-X, such as this piece:


CoP jaan, Thank you for

by Arthimis on

CoP jaan, Thank you for your kind comment and YES I have loved Cafe Del Mar Compelations as well Vol.5 back in 1999 blew my mind especially... And 25th Anniversary! WOW! "Love is the key, Love is the answer...." ;-)

No wonder I like your blogs and comments so much... Peace ham- meehan...

PS. Please do share your favorite songs and clips here! 


Thank you 13 Legion for your

by Arthimis on

Thank you 13 Legion for your kind comment and link! I appreciate it and Happy New Year to you too my friend.

13th Legion

Nice Share…;)

by 13th Legion on

Nice share Arthimis!I’ve also been a big fan of Buddha-Bar throughout the years, like your taste with the selections you posted, the videos on 1 and 3 were a tranquil momentary escape from all the madness of the world ;)

May also want to check out one of my fave on-line radio stations ethno techno .com, they broadcast off a 365 station:    //

Happy New Year!


If U like Buddha Bar

by Cost-of-Progress on

then you should try Cafe Del Mar also, if you alreday have not. Try their 25th anniversary album, which is totally awesome.
I find Dafe Del Mar's collection of songs a little more "mainstream"......sorry, but budhha bar is a bit too all-inclusive in their song selections, if you know what I mean. However, If buddha bar starts featuring Persian artists in their mix, then may be I'll like'em better...
I should mention that I do have a few of their CD's (Buddha's) and some are really good.






Video by Allain Bougrain

by Arthimis on

Video by Allain Bougrain Dubourg
Music by Amanaska

Very well done! :-)