Revolution Of The Mind - Die For My People


Revolution Of The Mind - Die For My People
by Arthimis

Verse 1:
I never seen a man cry 'til that man died, nothing starts
something like fucking with a man's pride, the children arrive from
rushing to the bedside, of my father's demise in 1975. He had love for
his people and told 'em, the Shah was a puppet and their wealth had been
stolen, And then pops bled at the mercy of captors, with tricks they
had learned from their American masters. As his voice quivered, blood
bubbled up in his throat, Pops took me by the wrist and pledged me to an
oath, "Swear to take it to the streets in the face of the beast, and
help put this people's Revolution up on its feet." And so we moved in
silence and quietly we organized, psychological war, a battle for the
people's minds, In control, nothing's left to chance, Ayatollahs sent us
underground cassettes from France. We began to seize power and the
youth grew proud, declaring in one voice that we'd no longer allow, that
these Anglos and pawns control our home, and brought forth the demise
of the Peacock Throne.

My brother, I suffered, I led
for my people, Thought, I fought, I bled for my people, Weep, I grieve,
I mourn for my people, Until we are free, I'm at war for my people,
Soldiers don't hide, I ride for my people, Anything to restore the pride
for my people, Screaming to the sky, I cry for my people, Knowing one
day I may die for my people.

Verse 2:
No sooner we completed
our mission, the Americans had a new lap dog in position, and since
their puppets and pawns were chased from Iran, they found a neighboring
tyrant by the name of Saddam. And then, knowing he had an itch for
aggression, Ronald Regan gave him intelligence and chemical weapons, he
decided to sponsor a conquer and divide, Create simultaneous genocides.
Pit tribe against tribe, brother on brother and laugh and these stupid
sand ni##ers killing eachother, And now Ronnie can't believe what a deal
he bought, 1 million dead bodies, 8 years we fought. Then I learned
from my mother when I visited home, they recruited my little brother all
of 12 years old, I had heard the horror stories about the youth
program, and how they trained them in government brainwash camps. They
put a man on a white horse with shrouds and his weapon drawn, and told
the boys it was the 12th Imam, Gave them plastic keys to paradise, and
said that Allah was waiting to welcome them in the next life. But these
kids weren't soldiers, they were used as shields, they sent my brother
running in front to clear a mine field, now this monster we created I
plainly saw, was something much more evil than what came before.


Verse 3:
had paid in blood and received no dividends, people were suffering,
women were second-class citizens, I asked myself, "Is this what I fought
for? What I sent my brother to his grave and gave up my Pops for?" I
spoke to the youth of how the movement began, how we did for God and
country and feared of no man, and I began to plant the seeds for next
generation, to seize back the power from those that betrayed them. Then
Feds kicked in my front door, the Pasdars put me on the floor, they had
learned of my plans in advance and sent me, to a jail cell next to Ahmad
Batebi. Ain't nothing changed after all these yeas, 16-e-Azar shod
18-e-Tir, and my dying thought lying in the Evin prison, "Absolute power
is its own religion."


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Thanks for the lyrics

by divaneh on

Thanks for the lyrics Arthimis. The song was recently featured in the IC and had plenty of praise.


Great Iranian Rap Song!

by Arthimis on

Great Iranian Rap Song!