Practicing The Power Of Now!


Practicing The Power Of  Now!
by Arthimis

Dear Ham-Meehan,

I wanted to share with all of you a personal revelation in hopes of bringing some UNITY amongst all of us here ...

On a personal level in my life, in the past few years (mainly recently) through some intense Pyscho and Spiritual therapies and self help, have reached a point that I honestly can not continue my own past negative outlook toward so many issues here on that are derived from my own mind, thoughts and ego!!! and hope you too, might have reached the same point as I have now!!!

I simply believe our intellect is coming directly from our own minds, thoughts and egos!
As a nation we are way past that....... Too many years (Thousands...), too many
intellectuals, minds, thoughts, egos and subsequently also, too many failures on all levels for all of
us...........Note: Rarely,in our history as one of the most ancient civilized nations have we TRULY learned and practiced our own True & Beautiful Persian teaching of : "GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS AND GOOD DEEDS"!!!

Enough is Enough, Are we ever going to connect with our inner
CONSCIOUSNESS and reach a UNITY against WRONG at some point all
together????Or are we going to continue this bad behavior and
energies by continuing to insult one another like bunch of children????
(That is about all of us, myself included and everyone else that reads

What purpose an offensive and insulting blog or similar opposing blogs here (and out
there) TRULY serve for the GOOD OF IRAN AND TRUE IRANIANS????Honestly
Nothing!!!These stuff here just feeding our egos that is coming from very
deep wounds in our souls... We need to heal ourselves first as individuals and others next if we want to put some honest and sincere time here... We
need to come individaully and collectively as a nation toward the Light...

Hope we all going to wake up at some point, sooner than later! There may
NOT be a later for any one of us if we continue the same trend!!!!

All our arguments and fightings on line here or out there is NOT serving anything POSITIVE for ourselves, Iran and Iranians (in chains) in Iran now....

So here (at the bottom) is a really beautiful link for all to read ! I hope and pray all who read this give it a try at least! (I am not advertising or promoting anyone or anything...) I am only promoting Awareness, Consciousness, Freedom, Love and Peace for all of us here, ALL OF US, irrespective of our backgrounds, education, political affiliations, Thoughts, Minds and Egos...

I am praying for our true Consciousness to Arise...

Free Ourselves, Free Iran and all Iranians.


Reza (And don't worry, NOT Pahlavi...) :-)

Awareness, Consiousness, Freedom Love and Peace.





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Dear sag koochooloo,

by Arthimis on

Thank you for your very kind comment. Feelings are mutual... Kindness and Consciousness attract their kind... Wishing you a beautiful day.:-)


Arthimis jan

by sag koochooloo on

Your blog is a great read and its good intentions appreciated. Good to know there are such lovely people as you around.


Response to Monda, Obama and Gavazn...

by Arthimis on

Dear Monda and Obama,

Thank you for your kind response. I appreciate and respect your

Dear Gavazn, Thank you, you are absolutely right. If one is able to tap
into his/her own Consciousness naturally, then NO religion, idealogy,
books and/or masters needed...

Dear everyone else who is reading this now ,

My sole intention by writing this blog here is to promote Consciousness
within everyone of us here and beyond... I am NOT advertising for any
single soul, including myself here, honestly.

There are many enlightened souls in this crazy world of ours and in my
own capacity , I found Eckhart Tolle as one of the best souls out there!
Of course his teachings are derived from Schools of Buddhism, Taoism
and even our own True Persian Philosophies and Philosophers such as Rumi
and beyond... That is honestly not the point! All these schools of
thoughts, philosophies and individual souls in my humble opinion are
just a tool, a vehicle for us as individuals to connect with our own
deepest inner consciousness and that is the only purpose for a true
salvation in my humble opinion.

However, one as an individual can reach there with some help or that
someone perhaps is already there, and if so, GOD bless...:-)

Awareness, Consciousness, Freedom, Love and Peace.


Blog revision!

by Arthimis on

Dear friends on,

I wrote this blog late last night and realized making few mistakes in spelling (as usual) and also added few more sentences in hopes of conveying my peaceful message a little more clearly!

My intention is not to try to convience any one, but rather inspire in my own capacity as a human being... So please, do consider to read it one more time and in particular the link that is provided at the bottom of my blog.

Wishing all of you, all the best...

Love and Peace



by Gavazn on

Thank you , what a lovely blog. But what I get irked about with Iranians especially is that they MUST rely on or NEED to rely on a book or religion - ie: someone to tell them what is right or wrong. Surely as people we all know when we are being honest, kind, respectful, abusive, selfish, etc. Even without clutching at ideologies we should be able to be responsible for our own actions and behaviour towards others. All the people who are dishonest, cruel, name-callers and abusive know they are being so. Some of them hide behind some ideology to say they are underneath nice people, but they are not. So an ideology will not save you. If the person himself/ herself is not responsible but religious there is no point to such books/ religions. 


I have read his books-excellent! Then realized derived from Sufi

by obama on

Hafez, Khayyam and of course Sufi! I then decided to go to the source by reading sufi books. They are all wonderful books.

My older cousin who is currently in hospital for having cancer is the one who introduced it to me. You see my cousin has always been an honest man, but to a fault. He would criticize most people since he cared about them and wanted to correct their attitudes.

When I saw him in the hospital he could hardly talk since he almost died. I hope he survives. All his close relatives had come from alll over europe to see him. What i was suprised was that despite his condition and all the tubes in his body he had a ROHANI face with a happiness that I had never seen before. His brother said that recently before his sickness he started to change drastically. Now he loves people and he is very positive.

I asked him what happened that he had changed so much! He pointed to a book next to him (The new earth by Tolle). That's whe I bought and read the book and watched Operah's tapes on that.

It is a wonderful book! However, my cousin was always atheist who had a very religios father and rebeled against him. So, after reading the book I realized that we have all that in our own books but we never bothered reading them. We only needed a foreigner come and tell us how good the persian poets have been!

I definitely recommend the book especially those lost souls who don't beleive in any religion!


If Tolle was here,

by Monda on

Arthimis jan, perhaps he would read what is of value to him... the Art (he's thoroughly into world dance and music), articles on rich cultures of Iran and other parts of the world, who knows maybe some of the introspective personal blogs and maybe even JJ's stuff. I agree Erkhart nor anyone in the right mind should engage in hateful remarks and rude personal attacks, no matter what ideology they're originated by. Rudeness is Toxic, except of course if it's directed toward the murderers, rapists, IRI for example, the most hated entity which we have first hand experience with in our personal lives. It is an appropriate reaction to injustice, dictatorship, murder... but even then it detracts from the tasks at hand. Which may be, what it is that we Can do in solidarity with those who are living the horror ever day. r

BTW, Tolle can never identify with That anger (Shazdeh's for one). It's only ours to feel and express - as we know how.


another love & peace lovin' tree-hugger soul