Paulo Coelho's New Book (Aleph)

Paulo Coelho's New Book (Aleph)
by Arthimis

I found this from Paulo Coelho's blog and thought of sharing this with you all:



"The tears I shed, I forgive.

The suffering and disappointments, I forgive.

The betrayals and lies, I forgive.

The slandering and scheming, I forgive.

The hatred and persecution, I forgive.

The punches that were given, I forgive.

The shattered dreams, I forgive.

The dead hopes, I forgive.

The disaffection and jealousy, I forgive.

The indifference and ill will, I forgive.

The injustice in the name of justice, I forgive.

The anger and mistreatment, I forgive.

The neglect and oblivion, I forgive.

The world with all its evil, I forgive.


Grief and resentment, I replace with understanding and agreement.

Revolt, I replace with music that comes from my violin.

Pain I replace with oblivion.

Revenge, I replace with victory.

I will be able to love above all discontentment.

To give even when I am stripped of everything.

To work happily even when I find myself in the midst of all obstacles.

To dry tears even when I am still crying.

To believe even when I am discredited..."


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