Life is beautiful...

Life is beautiful...
by Arthimis

Guido and his son Joshua are taken to a concentration camp, and to keep up Joshua's spirits he tells him its a game.

A hilarious, touching movie.

Here is a rough translation of what the German soldier is actually saying for those who want to know:

"Listen !
I say this only once!
You're only one reason in this camp have been transported: to work!
Any attempt of the anger is with the immediate death penalty!
1st don't try to flee!
2nd Follow each command with no questions!
3rd Any attempt by a rebellion with the death penalty by hanging!
Is that clear?
You should be happy to work here!
It is something anyone happen as long he obeyed the commands!
So, that's all!
and another thing:
With this whistle.
Everyone on the court, but FAST
Muster in two rows!
Every morning!
With appeal!
There shall ye back to work!
You will be the dimensions of the camp easy to understand.
The executions will take place in the courtyard by shots in the back instead!
You have the honor of our German fatherland and to be able to work on construction of the great German Fatherland participate!"


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