"Les Chats persans"

"Les Chats persans"
by Arthimis

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Happy Holidays...

Love and Peace


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Meaw , Meaw,

by Arthimis on

Salaam peeshi, Toham Persian hasti ? :D



by peeshi on



No One Knows about The Persian Cats Soundtrack on itunes!

by Arthimis on

Finally saw this sad movie about Tehran and her burnt generations since 31 years ago on pay per view last night!

The soundtrack of " No One Knows about the Persian Cats" is now also available on itunes! I loved few of its songs like the "Opening title" (man kiam?) by Shervin Najafian and Maste Eshgh (drunk with love) by Rana Fahran , just to name a few...


Hope you enjoy them too...

Free Iran and Iranians ...

Love and Peace