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by Arthimis

اگر ایرانی‌ واقعی‌ هستی‌، اول درد ایران و ایرانی‌ را دوا کن. ۳۱ سال است که ایران به وسیله یک مشت مریض روانی‌، جانی و شکنجه گر، اشغال شده و یک مشت مثلا ایرانی‌ و از خدا بی‌ خبر سنگ ملت فلسطین رو به سینه میمالند!!! آخه، تو رو به خدا، به پیر و پیغمبر ، اول فکری و مهمتر، یک کار مثبتی برای ایران و ایرانی‌ به خاک و خون کشیده بکنید و بعد بیایید و کاسه از آش داغ تر برای این و اون شید... خاک بر سرمان و آن مثلا شرفمان که درباره مردم و کشورمان که هر روز دارن کشته، زندانی و اعدام میشن در سکوت نشسته‌ایم و دنبال بدبختی فلسطینیها هستیم!!!؟؟؟ خاک بر سرمون...

PS. Israeli government actions are ugly and the world knows that, Thank you... but Islamic Republic's aka S.R.O.I actions and crimes against humanity and un-armed, peaceful Iranian people is far far worse and criminal... As an Iranian, I have a very simple question for all of you:

Have we truly fixed anything about our own problems and have we already liberated ourselves from all the crimes and injustices that have been inflicted upon us by IRI so far that now we find it absolutely necessary to have to concentrate on other nations and countries problems??? For God sake, LAST TIME I CHECKED, I WAS AN IRANIAN AND APPARENTLY YOU ARE CLAIMING THE SAME HERE!!!! (IS THAT TRUE OR NOT?) HERE ON "" !!! Note: Not, Not, not any other nation' ... This is !!! Get real and be honest with yourselves at least!!! You might think, you can fool the world, but the real danger is when you fool yourself and worse, you later believe it!!!!

Truth, Awareness, Consciousness, Freedom, Love and Peace.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

IC and IRR

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes indeed it appears that IRR is going into high gear. I have noted that they are on overtime. You would think this is or !! We are not hearing anything about Iran anymore thanks to Palestine first group.


You are on IC but one loaded with IRR cronies

by oktaby on

agents, malijaks, apologists.... case in point is the very first comment.But they have a job to do and a paymaster to benover for.

You should rephrase to 'khak bar saretoon' in reference to those who are willing to sell our fatherland to religion, fascism, erteja' for some gain or illness.



And Iran is an island on Mars

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

As for "khak bar saremoon", well please do that on your own account and leasure time. I hope it makes you feel better.