by Arthimis

We have been and are still wasting our precious times arguing and debating here on and/or similar websites over pre-planned deals and major conspiracies against Iran and True Iranians behind the scenes by world powers and their servant I.R. and for over unfortunate and criminal 31 years now on all levels!

Islamic Republic was established 31 years ago in Iran by misguiding a very naive and uneducated nation in Iran through an invasion and and eventual occupation by so called fanatic Islamists to unfortunate present time!

There are many aspects that would benefit Islamists occupiers and their foreign partners in the West and the East ...

To start just on the economical level, The absolute undenieable fact is that Islamic Republic by being in absolute power in Iran, has been perhaps the biggest and most profitable business partner for all its Business economical partners globally and on all Business and Financial levels (including Western powers they supposedly hate and chant death to....!!! These are just pre-designed slogans that doesn't even worth peanuts in the big picture... Wake up Nation!!!!

For example, Israel even sold weapons in millions and perhaps trillions of dollars to Iran during 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war to Iran. (Their cargo planes landed in Iran were spotted by eye-witnesses and later exposed globally...)Funny part is that all the Islamic/Arab countries and nations are waiting for Iran to take Palastine back and Free the Palestinians!!!! LOL! Good luck with that my poor and dumber Arab Lebanese/Palestineians over there and their paid agents on line... Hell will freeze over before Iran will do this dirty job for you... Seriously, Good Luck dreaming that....

In my humble opinion, (although I can not prove all of these claims with with any classified/written documents) Islamic Republic is selling Iran (and what it belongs to her ) piece by piece to all the vulchers in the East and The West, NOBODY gives a damn about Iran and Iranians... once in a while they come out in the news and critisize Islamic republic for this and that , but In fact, they would do their outmost effort to play all these B/S games behind the scenes to drain and suck Iran and Iranians wealth to the last drop through mega trillions business deals they have had with the Islamic Republic! Who better than these crazy psycho-path criminals? Please tell me, WHO????

Think about it for a second! If Iran is a Free Democracy tomorrow, The bastard Russia, China, All the European Business partners of Islamic Republic, even The United States, Israel and middleman Turkey are going to lose GODZILLIONS amount of Dollars/Euros in benefit from Iran that is being raped on a daily bases by them!!! All these countries and nations will lose Trillions of more dollars in this horrible global economy!!!! They have no choice, but to strengthen and support their business servent, The good old Islamic Republic that is in direct and indirect business partnership with them... I.R. is assured of staying in power by all these major Economical powers in the world....

We Iranians think we are too smart!!! I got news for you! We are NOT!!! Until we Iranians get up one day and actually put our LIVES ON THE LINE and until the day we are actually willing to die for Iran by fighting, This very sad status Que will remain and Iran and Iranians will lose to the point of complete depletion and eventual all out destruction... I am afraid we might even lose the name IRAN to Islamic Republic Of Shiaestan at some point!!!

All these political scams and shows (WORLD NEWS...) were and are still designed to mock, fool, insult and wrong Iran and us Iranians even further !!!

Wake Up Iranians, all these criminal entities are working hand to hand financially and economically!!! The rest is an absolute criminal show on behalf of dumb Iranians who are losing everything in their lives... Their Self Respect, Reputation, Freedom, Wealth, Endless Natural Resources and even their Lives and Country slowly slowly every day and unfortunately to the complete demise on all levels...

Wake Up and Fight or Shut Up and continue live as a gutless & passive coward !


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by MRX1 on

which is why if you want IRR to collaps you have to prevent the export of oil. it is from sale of oil that they get their all the money which subsequently ends in chinese,russian ,European or american bank accounts in the end.  Find the way to stop export of an oil and IRR will be history faster than you can blink.