"He told you to cut off the head of the SNAKE"!!

by Arthimis

Al-Jubeir recalled the King's frequent exhortations to the US to attack Iran and so put an end to its nuclear weapons program. "He told you to cut off the head of the snake," he recalled to the Charge', adding that working with the US to roll back Iranian influence in Iraq is a strategic priority for the King and his government.



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The IR idiots don't know who their *real* friends might be

by Aryana-Vaeja on

In the face of a torrent of Arab leaders who would relish the opportunity to destroy and carve up Iran into a million different parcels, it has never occured to these turbaned nincompoops that Israel is a natural ally of Iran and that without it Iran and the Shi'ism the mullahs profess might face an enemy far older and far more destructive than Zionism. This Wikileak is the proof! 

May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9


Who are the real Enemies of 75 Millions of Persians/ Iranians?

by zuruz on

Cruel dictator King Abdullah and his 2500 a$$hole princes along with other little puppets sheikdoms around the Persian Gulf which existed only 50 years or they were parts of the Persian Empires and they were raising goats and camels and living in tents before discovery of oil in the Persian Gulf by British colonialism who created these little monsters do any thing such as bribing and kiss the asses of foreign leaders and media from Iran's unused share of OIL & GAS revenue to get protection so they can stay in power as well as steal Iran/Persia identities. Since these Arabs never had identities from their own. they have been stealing our Philosophers like Bu Ali Sina, Zachariah Razi, Farabi, Persian horse, persian pomegranate, Persian 1001 Nights, Pars sea or Cyrus Sea [calling it Arabian sea], Bahrain and taking advantage of unpopular Islamic regime in Iran, they managed to dispatch their masters forces from all over the world to the Persian Gulf region. Now they are aggressively working to change the 7000 years historical LANDMARK of Persian Gulf the heart of 75millions Persian/Iranians which is recognized internationally and registered by the United Nations as the Persian Gulf. These Arabs are shamefully claim 3 island of Tunbs and Bu Musa too and one of these days they will call Iran “Al-Iran" too. They are unaware of the facts that millions of brave Iranian/ Persian has died so far to protect Iran/Persia land  of Cyrus of Great and the Persia Gulf through 7000 years of history and they will not compromise an inch of Iran/ Persia Territory, no matter what regime is running Iran. LONG LIVE PERSIAN GULF  DEATH TO PAN ARABISM.