Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim in 1967!

Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim in 1967!
by Arthimis

Music's finest moment... Epitome of class and cool. Nothing even comes
close. before or since...

I wish the world and all the lost souls in it could reconnect to their own most precious treasure (LOVE) once again...

Free Iran,

Love and Peace


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Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Superb !


Thank you benross and Louie

by Arthimis on

Thank you benross and Louie Louie, my other good ham-meehan friends on this site... :-)

Love and Peace,

Iran forever...

Louie Louie

I love blogs like this, there are hidden gems you don't know

by Louie Louie on

about! Thank you!

I've recorded Natalie Wood movies, just thought about them, better go watch'em tonight.

My favorite: This Property Is Condemned




That was superb!

by benross on



Red Wine and C-O-P Jaans,

by Arthimis on

Thank you so much my friends (if I may call you friends of course...) Feelings are mutual...

PS. You two always have shown your class here on so many occasions...I am happy to have been able to perhaps make you happy with such little contribution here.

Love and Peace,

Iran and Love, always in our hearts and always on our minds...

Red Wine

Bobby Hackett

by Red Wine on

One of my favorite... this reminds me those golden days in summer when still we were in Shemiran ...

For you my friend :


I hope you like it .



Damet Garm

by Cost-of-Progress on