Awesome Persian Song! :-)

Awesome Persian Song! :-)
by Arthimis

Just had this clip sent to me by my nephew... It is an exciting song and very well done...

Love and Peace.

Free Iran and Iranians.


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by HHH on

Voice = below average

Music= Too long+too repetitive+Techno+ synthesizer+Toomuch toptoptoptop low quality other than a few small pieces.

Lyrics= OK but short 

Overall: Soso, gotta get used to it to like it


Thank you Maziar jaan...

by Arthimis on

Thank you Maziar jaan... Sorry about the A word... Just a little excited after blasting it on the boat in this vast Pacific ocean... PS. Of course the photo is not from the Pacific and actually from the Atlantic side... :-)

Love and Peace 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Minus The A$$ I loved it.  thank you.                  Maziar


This is one bad A$$ Persian

by Arthimis on

This is one bad A$$ Persian song!