Akhoond will always be an akhoond!!!


Akhoond will always be an akhoond!!!
by Arthimis

I am bewildered by my fellow Iranians inside Iran and especially those outside Iran!!!

With all due respect, as they say in Persian expression : "Khar ham keh bood taa haal Aflaatoon shodeh bood..." = Even a Donkey (after 1400 years or 31 years, pick your own...) and by now would have been graduated to Plato's level of understanding/knowledge...

Baba in which language you need to hear this in to comprehend!!! Iran and Islam (especially I.R.'s version) are two different things that have massive fundamental differences in every aspect of life period. Yes, Islam brought Arabic language and Alphabet (Thanks to Persian linguists and intellectuals of that time...) into our Persian culture, language and Literature... and after 1400 years we have almost become inseparable in some strange way! It's like Persian was a great cup of Tea that got a bit of Rose water (Arabic) in it and also Thank you very much for all the Golo Bolbool Poets,literature and poems it later brought to us with this mixed language and culture... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..., But since Arabic Language has always been directly associated with Islam , Thus in every other terms, aspects and levels these two (Iran and Islam) contradict one another beyond any other things in life, like Black and White, hence the serious confusion and identity crisis that an ordinary Iranian inside or outside is massively suffering from to this day...

Note: I for one am not against "Arabic" language, Literature, music and art, on contrary I find some of them very rich and interesting . However, I just have fundamental problem with almost all religions and Islam in particular!

Ham-meehan, If you truly want salvation and Freedom for yourself, Iran and Iranians, and want to end your confusions and Serious Identity Crisis, then the only way is to choose! Once and for all! Can you do that for yourself at least?

Either you choose to be an Iranian who wants to follow Iran and live the Iranian way...


You choose to be a Muslim and live your life the other way... (I.R.'s way) which in that unfortunate case, you might as well remove the name "IRAN" from your/our country and change it to "Islamic Republic Of Shia-estan" for good...

Note: As a tolerant Iranian, I for one am willing to go for a "Complete Secular Democracy" in future Iran and respect all Muslims, but as it would dictate in our future "Secular Constitution", I would never want to see or hear about Islam and/or any other religion in any aspect of my country's future laws, governance and rulings period.

Wake up people, It's way past due for all of us...

Awarness, Consciousness, Good Intention/Thoughts, Words and Deeds...

Free Iran.


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Great Piece

by Cost-of-Progress on

I strongly agree with the basic premise of your article and salute you for this patriotic attempt. 

Even though our country is not a poor country and enjoys one of the largest reserves of oil and natural gas, the reality is that a large majority of our people are underprivileged, under educated and rely on Islam for ....salvation! Even those who consider themselves non-religious still believe in religious mumbo jumbo (such as prayers, the holiness of imam Ali, etc...). None of this news to anyone.      What I believe may be possible to achieve (note the may be) is to have a secular Iran that caters to all it constituents including those in the conservative circles. A truly democratic government would recognize the rights of everyone from Kurds and Baluchis to Azaris and Lors and from conservatives to liberals.How easy, or difficult, it would be to satisfy (Islamic) religious demands is something that concerns me, but again the reality tells us that if we embark on constructing another government that does not see the needs of ALL its people, we will only circle around and arrive, once again, at the point where we started from; only more tired and embattled and at the risk of loosing our sovereignty.                                               I know I am oversimplifying it, but this is in my mind a possible way to have a method of governance that may have a chance of sustained success. One thing that always bothers me is that why have the western countries been able to achieve this and those with much older cultures can’t or have not? (I know that the standard Islamist answer is that “oh…they don’t let us”, but that doesn’t hold water with me).Regards,CoP





Dear Golinedairani

by Arthimis on


Thank you for your response.  You are absolutely right about Iran's current unfortunate state of affairs... I have been out of Iran since 1982 and you know today's Iran and Iranians much better than me. I agree and hope I did not offend you in any way...

However, just an observation here about your opinion! You wrote: 

"bachehaye sabz migoftan ALLAHO AKBAR, dont say it was because we have
nothing else to say we also say MARG BAR DICTATOR, MARG BAR EIN
VELAYAT.. vali khodaye Islamo seda mikardan..."

Khanoom aziz, (I feel you are a lady in your late 20s or early 30s, double sorry if I'm mistaking again...)

Iranians (in general) precisely don't know anything properly about their own glorious ancient past identity and culture that contributed infinite knowledge, science, wisdom, spirituallity and worshiping God of Universe and consciousness in a more righteous  and logical way than chanting Allaho akbar... That is why they are following the I.R.'s and other Islamic entities path dierctly an/or indirectly and consequently suffering as the result!

Now, I don't mean to disrespect the term "Allaho akbar" in itself. In fact I respect it very much, but in a Persian context! I for one would like to call it : "Parvardegaar Bozoorg" which has always been there and some 1600 years before Islam was born!!!

You are absolutely right, Religion may never leave Iran, but it is our duty as human beings and Iranians to try our best to enlighten the rest of of our own people by directing them toward the proper Path of God which has always been in our own ancient culture to this day...

Please read this link below and see the youtube clip first and let me know if you would still like to talk about Mr. Boroujeerdi later if you wish!


Baa Sepaas va Arezooye Shaadi baraye shoma.

Note: I don't know if you know about ( www.behnevis.com ) Itis a great way to write in Persian/Farsi.



by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"  I agree with you, and everything you wrote about secular government but calling muslim Iranians not Iranian, aghaye mohteram akharin bar key shoma Iran budin? What people want in Iran now is basic rights and will die for them and continue this struggle till enshalla we have a secular system, but religion and Islam will never leave Iran, mage nemididin bachehaye sabz migoftan ALLAHO AKBAR, dont say it was because we have nothing else to say we also say MARG BAR DICTATOR, MARG BAR EIN VELAYAT.. vali khodaye Islamo seda mikardan... I'm not particularly religous but I lived in Iran most of my life and I know what you want is not possible no more Islam it is possible to have a secular Iran but not an a religous Iran,,, Im curious what do you think about Boroujerdi? I would like feedback about him from those of you who have been in the US for the past 20 plus years. Please realistic feedback and don't say he is akhoond all akhoond are the same thats just a pointless response

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

great article.

also invite you to read noshirwan madani's letter to editore on page 8 of current issue of Iran-times.com



& you cant remove it but you can dilute it

by SamSamIIII on


Sorry to barge in twice but thought this one is relevant here so i pasted it here from another thread;

Removing Islam is neither feasble nor necessary but diluting ommatism is both a priority & a do-able solution.

My take on the issue of Ommatism(the version of Islam practiced in Iran & its pan-ommah undesirable icing) has always been the one & only that;

1-Iran(kiaani patriotism) & Ommatism post-Qadesiyeh are 2 opposing faces of the same coin, both cherished by masses.

2-No ideology or set of rules can remove Ommatism in its entirety.

3-The only entity capable of greatly diluting the effect of Ommatism & thus making it irrelevant in overall scope is it's arch enemy, the "kiaani patriotism" .  the more patriotic the regime, the more tolerant version of Islam practiced, ie; Islam under Pahlavi regime.

Every Iranian family has or knows a relative who lives outside Iran in free world. Thus the 1st msg by diaspora is to set an example for Iranians inside who look up to them to find direction thru word of mouth/internet/tv/radio. This direction must come in the form of Kiaani patriotism to slowly change perceptions & in the not so long run dilute and make irrelevant the effects of Ommatism by sheer power of examples & suggestions. Hence my long held persistance on Pure Parsi, true Iran & true national icons. & guess what group does regime executes the most !, seculars?commies? reformists? no you guessed it, nationalists , because they know their arch enemy well.

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Nice job

by Sohraby on

Thanks, it was a measured and fair article with an important message.

Koo gooshe shenavaa!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Someone needed to

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


say it.

Note: As a tolerant Iranian, I for one am willing to go for a "Complete Secular Democracy" in future Iran and respect all Muslims, but as it would dictate in our future "Secular Constitution", I would never want to see or hear about Islam and/or any other religion in any aspect of my country's future laws, governance and rulings period.

I am with you.  We have had enough of this. No more putting up with this garbage. 


Good one Arthimis

by divaneh on

All religions are fairy tales. Some of them horror fairy tales. None of these should have any role in the legislation or politics of the future Iran. 


well done

by mahmoudg on

Islam does not belong in Persia


Replies to

by Arthimis on

Dear Ham-meehanaane gerami,

Maryam Hojjat and SamSamIIII, First of all, I am very grateful for your kind comments. Thank you...

You know, lots of people including my own partner in life, some friends and family think that writing political writings to Free Iran and Iranians on line is a waste of time...However, I absolutely disagree!

Thanks to people like yourselves, our true message of Freedom and Prosperity for our beloved Motherland IRAN and World Peace continuesly gaining momentum on the worldwide web to Iran and around the globe! ("Zareh Zareh Jaem shavad, Vaangahi DARYA shavad...") 

Our good thoughts must be followed by minimum good deeds (passing on true information on line) to help Iranians in chains find an ultimate solution for their Freedom and Peace. Our collective efforts here are our collective duties to Humanity and our Motherland. We don't get paid to do this, on contrary, we lose money and perhaps opportunities to enhance our material life styles ...

We do it with all our hearts for IRAN . For an eventual awarness and consciousness of our people which GODWILLINGLY will lead to overthrowing a criminal cancer such as Islamic/Satanic Republic and an eventual better life with Respect, honour,love, happiness, prosperity and peace for our country, nation and the entire world.

Our relentless quest for Freedom of Iran from sheer ignorance will pay at the end my dear Ham-meehans. I don't know how long, but it will prevail.

Iran will be Victorious...

May God give you and other Conscious Iranians enough power and strength to continue this righteous path...

Love and Peace


Passive obedience to

by SamSamIIII on


foreign subjugation & cause will be followed & repeated by the same in a never ending orbit of dispair/failures & as always "Identity" is the first victim of passive submission.  The Ajambardeh baaa baaa mentality has only one choice for salvation & the choice is clear ;you are either Iranian in spirit or Iranian on paper and if one chooses to be a paper Iranian then one has lost the right to that legacy in defacto fashion. As they say use it, or lose it.

A piece of real state without her true legacy is just that & nothing more.

Arthemis jaan, true Iran is truly blessed & indebted to have a patriot like you as a guardian. Keep enlightening pal.



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

Maryam Hojjat

Well Said, Arthimis!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am all the way with you in this.

Payandeh IRAN & True IRANIANS