In 1979, Iran was invaded and occupied by Foreign Powers!


In 1979, Iran was invaded and occupied by Foreign Powers!
by Arthimis

There are many different ways the Evil World Powers invade and destroy
little countries/nations! Especially when they are one of the RICHEST in
the world like Iran and Iraq.

In 1979 Iran was invaded and occupied by the EVIL U.K., France and their
other European partners. After the fall of Soviets, Russia and China
joined the other EVILS and even surpassed them to suck Iran's wealth to
the last penny/drop at any cost!!! Including killing millions of
Iranians in the past 31 years, from Iran/Iraq war to present by an even
more EVIL regime called Satanic Republic Raping Iran... This is NOT a
"Conspiricy Theory", This is the Truth, unfortunately...

Iranians in general too uneducated and ignorant to recognize this in
1979, hence choosing, bringing in and worshiping one of the greatest
Pscho-Paths of the 20th Century (Ayatollah Khomeini) and his other
evil/psycho gang ... Today after 31 years, people of Iran are hostages
and prisoners in their own country!! The young generation has already
realized the facts... However, many people still fall for numerous
different scenarios in which Islamic Satanic Republic re-invents it Evil
self!! Any one with an ounce of intelligence knows that psycho Mullahs
and Co with such inferiority and lack of of knowledge and information
were not able to even manage a country the size of Iran even for few
months, let alone for 31 LONG YEARS!!!!

had Islamic Republic been of a slightest problem or loss to world
power's interests, it could have been removed effortlessly on so many
occasions! Starting in 1979 after the Islamic regime killed all
important people who could defend and do positive things for Iran. That
was one of their weakest points ( I know that personally being involved
with a Nationalistic Iranian Party that was betrayed by double agents in
our cells and defeated by World powers and Intelligence services which
subsequently lead to one of biggest losses Iran ever had in 20th
century...). Second massive oppurtunity to remove I.R. was in 1988,
right after Iran/Iraq eight year old war!!! I.R. was so weak, it could
have been removed by World powers accusing it of Terrorism all day long,
but NO, they didn't do that either, because I.R. has been the single
biggest business partner for all those Europeans + Russia + China now!

Later in 1991, U.S. finally decides to cash in on its own and invades
Iraq and draggs it all the way to present time!!! Meanwhile, The bastard
EVIL U.K. managed to cash in on both fronts, being a major partner with
Europeans+ China to suck Iran's resources dry and also a U.S. partner
in Iraq (another one of the richest country in the world) through
linking 911, Al Qaeda and Afghanestan ....

In conclusion, and in our own personal case (Iran) we have been masacred
by the Evil Foreign powers and their direct agents and puppets called
"Islamic Republic" on the ground in Iran!!!

I can tell you all this because I was there, (been there and done
that...) and we did "Lengesh Kon" but were defeated (mostly killed) by
Major powers and their puppets who committed the ultimate unforgivable
treason against Iran and Iranians... 

Long live Iran. Free Iran and Iranians...


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boom shakalaka

Arthimis jaan,

by boom shakalaka on

You're wasting your time with this IRI stooge NP (Nokar-e- Palestine). She's admitted that her grandfather was some ayatollah or hojatolleslam (they all sould like shiite to me). This chick (most likely a guy) is a lost cause, a drone really, so don't expect reason to somehow seep into her unholy, unworthy cranium.

Otherwise, well said.

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 



by Arthimis on

I was much older than you and still am ... :-)

However, unfortunately you still write as if you really haven't evolved beyond the age of 11 since! And I'm giving you a lot of credit already javan...

Be well Amoo ... 

PS. With your choice of name here, I suggest you finding channels in the field of spirituality, rather than politics and history...


Niloufar Parsi

by Arthimis on

Iran's indigenous so called "Revolution" was planned, heavily advertised (BBC, Transistor Radio imports and Cassettes) and executed by Foreign powers and their servants (I.R. gang and PLO mercaneries) on the ground in matter of months! Serious and unforgivable betrayal by those key figures in Imperial Armed Forces who committed treason against Iran Zamin and above all Shah's own direct orders to all security forces NOT to kill Iranians. That is exactly why in less than 6 months, from September of 1978 to Feb.1979, Iranians were out on the streets, thinking their country will be another advanced country like in Europe and etc. after Monarchy regime falls. That Psycho-path (Khomeini) himself promised NOT to be involved in future government of Iran and let the people choose... Subsequently, the regime collapsed, Khomeini and all his mercenary gangs took over, executed, impriosoned and thrown out every Iranian who was good for Iran Zamin and showed a middle finger to all Iranians and even their own bosses who helped them directly to their evil success after controlling the ultimate power of terror and tyrrany!!!, hence why Iran was attacked by Saddam's Iraq the following year with the direct order and green lights of the West!!!

Dear Niloufar, either you are too young and brainwashed or you are just from another planet (like all I.R. supporters) to deny the TRUE HISTORICAL FACTS!!

No one with a right mind denies the fact that Iranian people in 1978-79 were out in millions and asking for change (like in recent election 30 years later) , but I would like to add that most of them were uninformed and were solely out due to all those false promises and lies given to them by the main psycho-path/ bi-polar/ criminal /vengeful Evil Khomeini!

The only difference was that Shah and most of his loyal people in charge were Patriotic, Iran and Iranian lovers and didn't massacre the public and let them carry out their own devolution and what has happened to Iran and her citizens in the past 31 darkest Iranian years...

Islamic Republic on the other hand, massacred all its oppnents and later brought the entire country under Saddam's attack and further massacre by another psycho-path who didn't dare looking toward Iran during the Shah!!! After the war (1988) Islamic Republic continued killing its opponents inside and outside of Iran , yet again with the help of foreign intelligence services and governments and remained the single best Business partner (servants) of the big powers economically to this very day...!!!!

Someday, when Iran is free (Godwillingly), you and millions of others will be exposed to the entire Truth about this Evil regime and all its members and collaborators from The baby Satan (Khomeini) to all the other collaborators and mainly bosses in the west...

Meanwhile, you have a choice of sticking with your own version of history written and advertised by Iran haters or perhaps you will find the courage to snap out of your one dimensional beliefs about it which has been taught to masses by Iran haters!!! ...

The choice is yours! The first step toward recovery is simple Awareness young lady (or whomever using this name and on line ID!) !

Second is Consciousness! I will leave you with these two for now...

Peace indeed.

Free Iran and Iranians.


i was asked: 1- How old are you? And How much do you know about

by Darveesh on

. 11, the average age of bloggers here .


. much more than you


1979 shah got kicked out

by Darveesh on

stay tuned for islamic regime to get the same fate


boom shakalaka

by Arthimis on

Believe me, I had my own loss, after 30 years, I am still sad for all my Ham-Razmaanam who got killed one by one! I'm also left with mixed feelings of guilt , yet bless of God for being able to escape the mascare... May God Bless all our fallen heros, his soul, your hero brave family member and Pilot of Imperial Iranian Air Force = Another True Son of IRAN ZAMIN... There is a great chance I knew or at least heard of him personally, although our cells were very small and for security reasons were not exposed to one another in case any of us were cought!... There are not too many of us alive after that Nationalistic Uprising that was betrayed by CIA and Evil I.R. I wont elaborate further as this site is infected by I.R. agents...Someday, when GODWILLINGLY IRAN is FREE, I along those who are still alive, will come out with documents about that event and all the details...

Also, many Thanks to many of you Good Sons and Daughters of Iran Zamin for your thoughts and Sharaf about the unfortunate truth in Iran...

Azad va Peerooz baad Iran Zamin.


we have to admit

by MRX1 on

The people who wanted to bring this nightmare to Iran and suck the money and talent out of Iran did a brilliant job!bunch of nuclear bombs wouldn't have been able to do as much damage as this system has done.I feel sorry for any person or regime that will replace this one, it will be a nightmare trying to fix what has been destroyed all these years.....

It is interesting to note that khomeini was going to write a letter of appology and repent to Iranian government to be permited to move back to Iran just a year before he became a revloutionery leader! I suspect that idiot himself didn't know who is really running the show.



Absolutely right

by Cost-of-Progress on

resident aplologists like to believe that there was an indigenous revolution..... Yeah sure, that may be why old man khomeini was kept on ice for 20 plus years before he was ushered in. That's why the country was transformed practically overnight from what it was to an assbackward islamic state. Howmany of you had even heard of khomeini before the islamic takeover?

Sure, people are religious, sure there were mistakes during the Shah, but show me one country that has a flawless system. At least he was a patriot, at least he identified with his heritage and did not kiss the ass of those, or gave money to those who hate him and his ancestory.

I am not a monarchist, but these days, eveyone is comparing what they had to what they have. What it WAS to what it IS. The comparison makes them sick because, on the surface, yes, they feel responsible as they were the ones who supported this attrocity, this deconstruction. If they have an ounce of nationalism, they will feel ashamed for sending a lot of their countrymen and women to the slaughterhouse........... not to mention the country itself.




Niloufar Parsi

no it was not

by Niloufar Parsi on

iran had an indigenous revolution. you are engaging in historical revisionism of the most unconvincing type! for better or worse, the 1979 revolution was extremely popular. what's the point of denying history in this way?

it would be fair to question whether it was good or bad for the country, but why pretend that foreigners managed the whole affair?


Maryam Hojjat

Well said article

by Maryam Hojjat on

You are absolutely right in your blog.   

boom shakalaka


by boom shakalaka on

God bless you and yours as well!

I had a very close family member (a very brave pilot) executed for his involvement in the Nojeh coup. I'll never forget what my father told me the day my family buried him in Iran (I was in upstate New York at the time). There were a few IRI goons at the funeral in Iran and they had told our family that no one was allowed to cry for this "traitor." My cousin's mom and dad were not even allowed to shed a single tear for their son's death. There was nothing but utter silence at the funeral of this superbly gifted, patriotic young man. No crying, no tears, no talking, nothing but a sea of sad faces.

These evil motherfuckers are not human.

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 


Dear boom shakalaka,

by Arthimis on

You wrote:

"Even the Nojeh Coup in July of 1980 was betrayed by double agents, and
it could've been a smashing success, but for a few traitors. Rumors of a
CIA leak to the mullahs is still fresh in my mind."

As a very young Iranian, I was there.... left six months later and still alive!

God bless you and your mind, please pass it on ham-meehan...

Free Iran and true Iranians.

boom shakalaka


by boom shakalaka on

I completely agree with you. Even the Nojeh Coup in July of 1980 was betrayed by double agents, and it could've been a smashing success, but for a few traitors. Rumors of a CIA leak to the mullahs is still fresh in my mind. The world powers didn't want the regime toppled then. In fact, General Huyser himself ensured that there would be no coup by the army during the revolution as the evil bastards wanted the madness to come to fruition.

The declaration of neutrality by the army in 1979 sealed the revolution for the mullahs. Traitors like Gharabaghi (American) and Fardoust (British) had ties to external powers, and it was these two men who engineered the neutrality of the army. In fact, but for European mercantalism, the IRI would have been tossed into the ash heaps of history a dozen times by now. Even today, take away European trade and the IRI is dead in a matter of weeks, even with China and Russia covering their dirty backsides. And the IRI stooges on this site have the onions to talk about "independence" under the IRI.

What a joke!

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 


Dear masoudA,

by Arthimis on

Thank you for your honest opinion as an Iranian about True History and Iran...

You know Sir, There are quite many Non-Iranians who have occupied Iran and don't like to accept the facts on any level!!! Insted, they claim that they are the real Iranian ones only with twist of Islam, Dictatorship, Violence, Injustice, Theft, Rape... These sick minds that have truly shitted on any thing that was Iranian!!!We the True Iranians saw it before our own eyes first hand and 31 years later, so did the entire world... The Only ones who never wanted to see it, were The I.R. and all its large or small beneficiaries...

These are the guys who are now ruling our Motherland, Iran  !!!

Ham-Mehan, Be Paa Kheez!!! 

Peerooz va Azad Iran.



by Arthimis on

1- How old are you? And How much do you know about history? 

2- Who are the guilty ones? People of Iran ?

3- Have you ever done anything positive for Iran and Iranians, mainly putting your precious life on the line?

If you can answer these questions, you are qualified to leave more comments here, OK ? Be well Amoo...


witness the history rewriten iranian dot com style

by Darveesh on

blame everyone but the guilty ones ey?


Well Said

by masoudA on

To the point and accurate.   Those who dismiss these claims are ignorant about history.   The only times in the last 300 years Iran has not been stranggled by the Anglo/Russian influence has been the 30 or so years after WW2 - and because of the US presence.  

If you  don't know about  the Anglo Russian Entente - please educate yourself - //

All the so  called internal fights in the ISlamic Republic is nothing more than the British and Russian agents/nokars fighting each other.