You are not welcome in our hospital!


You are not welcome in our hospital!
by ariane

There was a piece of disturbing news in the media the other day.

Six ER employees of Imam Khomeini hospital in Tehran have been arrested. The reason for their apprehention is that they dropped "atleast" (I love it how the propaganda system in Iran uses that word) two patients who couldn't pay their treatment bill in the middle of no where on Tehran - Qom highway. They have allegedly put them on the back a truck and drove them out of town, telling them they are being taken home. Once sufficiently out of town, they kicked them off the vehicle and left them by the side of the road. The accompanying picture suggested that they were kind enough to leave them with some blankets and offcourse they didn't take away their hospital clothes too.

Refusing treatment for the people who can't afford it is a routine conduct Iran. Before the hospital crew even start any diagnostic or treatment action, they figure what are the costs and make sure that you have paid for them. Another one of their revenue - generating techniques is that they put you in a point of no return and then tell you that your patient needs additional treatments (that the patient most probably won't even need) and make you pay more. offcourse if you question them they would rudely tell tell you that if you are not happy, you can take the half open patient somewhere else.They make you pay for everything, the bed sheet that the patients rests upon, to the pair of slippers the patients wear, everything. Nowadays, the medical sector in Iran is probably the most greedy, ruthless, and corrupt in the society as a whole (as if you can even compare these days).

There are two types of insurance in Iran! The first is the state welfare that pays for the basics and there is the private supplementary insurance that pays for more complicated medical procedures. Most of the hspital (state of private) care moderately about the first type and competey ignore the second. They make sure you pay for everything first and then it is your problem to go and figure out your claim from your insurance company.

 This is how a medical sector in a country, supposedly based Islamic compassion, treats its sick. It simply does not give a shit. 

Although the Khomeini Hopital story has alot of holes in it, it scores a new low for the social standards in modern Iran.  

 It further reinforces the notion made by many political and social commentators that that we are witnessing the death of Ethics in Iran. I believe this specific incidence is just another nail in that coffin.


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by ariane on

I have actually seen the work they are doing in Lebanon.

When ever you go to the shiite regions in Lebanon , you can clearly see the money they are spending.

In a country where infrastructure is generally very poor (the government is always involved with internal political dispute, so much so, they have no time to spend on the actual country) the shiite regions are well developed.

They worship the Iranians there and rightly so. We pay for everything they need.

Double standard? 



When you're finished with the whole system, ask yourself:

by پندارنیک on

Would you carry an order from your boss to "dump these ones somewhere"

It's more than the regime, which is of course and without an iota of doubt  guilty of inadequate care. It's the psyche of the people, which I don't  think it  can be shaped or changed into this level of crudity within a generation or so.............

They do hang people in public, but they don't force the public to gather and watch......

The fine children of Cyrus the Great get a buzz from the dangling corpse up on the crane......... 


A fine legacy for the Terror Regime

by Simorgh5555 on

There is an abundant amount of money when it comes to building houses, bridges, hospitals and civilian areas in South Lebanon but the Iranian people are not.deserving. Destroy this.Terror Regime


I love Sweden

by hirre on

Free health care, free education, free welfare...


The cheek of the Hospital manager...

by ariane on

I agree...Having lived in Iran recently, I tend to blame people equally as much as the regime.

When Iranians come out of their houses in the morning in Iran these days, the first thing on their mind is how to find someone to annoy. The manner of driving, the conduct at work, etc all are testmony to this fact.

In this particular case, i was seriously disturbed with the action of the Director of that hospital. If he had any shred of professional dignity and honor, he should have resigned. Rather, he shrugged off any responsibility by saying that they employees acted on their own without his knowledge. Well, that's why you are there idiot, making sure no one does anything stupid in you managerial jurisdiction.

What do you expect from a society (I mean post revolution) that teaches you to lead a double life since you're old enough to enter society?



by MRX1 on

we are witnessing death of Ethics and morality in Iran. whether it's watching some one being hanged in public, or participating in shamefull events like stoning, not helping women being brutalized by facist pig hezbolahis on the streets, not helping a man was stabbed in middle of day light and no one even bothered taking him to a hospital (The video poped up in you tube), now this and many many other examples. Clearly we are on our way down the tube. Thank you islamists, your gift of islam is rotting whatever that was good in our nation.


Islam at its best

by mahmoudg on

what we had during the Pahlavi regime and what we, that is the Iranian masses, with both hands gave to a bunch of backward moving, illiterate, and blood thirsty Mullahs.  This is the end result.