Why am I so Obssessed with the Royal wedding?


Why am I so Obssessed with the Royal wedding?
by ariane

I have a confession to make! I have been obsessed with the British royal wedding in the past few weeks. I have been watching all the documentaries on the BBC America and stayed up all last night to watch the ceremony. As a result, my wife is taking the piss out of me. She thinks this is not a healthy obsession. More importantly she is questioning me on why I was not this excited about our own wedding? It’s a legitimate question! Today, I ask myself, indeed, why am I this much caught up with this wedding?

Well, beside living in Britain for five years, and having been graduated there, the fact of the matter is that I am officially an anglophile! Spare me the “Daei Jan Napoleon” comments. I am infatuated with the English culture, heritage, sense of ceremony, discipline, pomp, royal pageantry, clerical music, and basically every aspect of their culture. I even love their national anthem.

More importantly, I saw a million people on the streets of London the other day, happy, jolly, and well disciplined. No one was hurt, there was no stampede, and every one basically was happy and merry. Britain is going through a hard economic time. It is the age of austerity there. Yet, that did not prevent them to be happy for their royal prince and his common fiancé, on the contrary, they took the opportunity and celebrated the event throughout the world. Here in LA, the pubs were full of well-wishers who stayed up long to enjoy the ceremony. That tells you something about the spirit of the nation. No matter how tough it gots, they never let go of their traditions and heritage and take every opportunity to enjoy what the Brits do best; Taking advantage and showcasing the best of what they have in an inspired and determined national spirit. This is how they defeated Hitler, this is how they built the largest empire in the world.

We, Iranians, are an equally determined nation. On contrary to the Britons, we show a resilient national spirit in destroying the best we have. We had a country where the head of state was doing the best he could to showcase our fine heritage with an equal extent of pomp and pageantry, if not more. Instead of collective national celebratory spirit, we became revolutionaries and used his actions as an excuse to launch a catastrophic revolt and destroyed the best of our country. We replaced the jolly old times with mourning every chance we got. We mourned over and over for 1400 years old Ashoura massacre which is not even an Iranian affair, rather an Arabic civil war. This is where we differ from the Brits! The jolly national spirit!

You might say I envy the Britons for what they have! I do! In being Iranian, I feel we miss the national spirit of the Brits. May be this why I am so obsessed with this wedding, I wish it was ours! I wish, as a nation, just like the Brits, we could enchant the world rather than provoke it.



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by MRX1 on

The truth is deep in our heart we wish we had a ceremony like that in Iran. A country with several thousend years of cizvilization and 2500 years of Monarchy but we managed to f*up our country in 1979 and thus the only thing we can do is to be envious of others.



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"سارا برتون در سال ۱۹۹۶ به عنوان کارآموز به کمپانی الکساندر مک کوئین پیوست و به مدت ۱۲ سال در کنار شخص او فعالیت کرد تا اینکه در فوریه سال ۲۰۱۰ میلادی الکساندر مک کوئین بر اثر بیماری افسردگی دست به خودکشی زد"

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Totally agree

by ariane on

I think you are spot on?

There is nothing wrong with having a king! Atleast they are a treat to the eyes! Whom would you prefer to see on your TV screen? The pomp and pageantry of a royal court, or chest beating unshaven men, sweating over something that happenned 1400 yrs ago, which in essence, was not even our problem?

Yes we swapped a potentially great country and a way of life, with ruin! That is exactly my point in this blog!



by afshinazad on

Obssessed is strong word, but missing our own heritage is right.

We are two different nation and have a different culture and different level of understanding of what is political and what is social, British are smart and Iranian are stupid and the reason I say stupid because in 20th century smart person will not follow and praise the 7th century man as a god and now we have to hear and see all kind of killing in our country, we betray eachother and follow the people who never knew what was the freedom and yet we followed the enemies and we thought by toppling king, we have freedom. we were getting there and we could of had a great country by now if we were smart people and since we were not ,we don't have a king, but we have a islamic killing machine. this is called islamic way of freedom.



by ariane on

IRI mastery of Iranian Psyche is no mystery! Just look at the recent "yaraneh" farce. They are smart, but as you said, they haven't found someone who could outfox them yet! Having said that, Iranians as a nation have to change their mentality.

And Pipa, puberty age??? You must have been looking at the wrong woman! God save the queen indeed!!:) Enough said, my wife will kill me is she sees these comments....



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(a) Serious: You are the first person who supported my idea that IRI understand Psyche better and play with that very well ....  We have to know and shouldn't undermine our enemies.  This is the first step to success....Unfortunately, the government change in Iran has become a dream for most, and that is the reason no one cares about a constructive approach.  They just express their feelings, which are usually empty airs.......nothing happens with cursing...

(b) Fun: you are so funny about Pip.  Please.... she just has a big physique, and she hasn't reached the puberty yet.  But, close.  Can't we be a bit considerate:)


Pippa, coolest kid?

by ariane on

What I saw last night, was no kid!!!:)


I agree! They are smart!

by ariane on

I agree! They are smart! Way more than we credit to them!

IRI might charm a certain demography in Islamic world, but the west charms them more!

In my oponion, muslims' feeling and emotions are mainly based on hatred and envy resulted from alienation than anything else. Once they feel they are seriously engaged in something, the hatred will easily be subsided.  

The notion that that the oposition has failed, is somewhat off target. I think Iranians still lack the will and determination to change their fate. We, as a nation, are increasingly becoming a nation of thieves and beggars. We need to change our mentality before expecting our opposition to do something.

You are right, IRI are very smart! They understand Iranian Psyche better than anyone else.



More about Pippa jan

by comments on

Fun Facts!


  • Pippa once had two members of royalty as roommates in university!
  • Pippa is known as the outgoing sister compared to Kate who is more quiet.
  • Was voted as one of the “200 Coolest Kids in Town” by Tatler Magazine



I also felt facinated with

by comments on

I also felt facinated with the royal wedding.  I agree that we should enchant the world rather than provoke.  Almost all people are influenced positively by positive words and appealing appearances.  That's why there are significant investments on actors and actresses who are the highest income individuals.  They entertain people, teach and challenge emotions.  They help people to identify and find themselves in a society.

If we want to change/modify IRI, we will have to be SMARTER not hateful.  We have to know HOW to enchant the world.  IRI enchant the Muslim world well.......I hate to say that IRI people are smart.  Maybe, they started by chance, but they haven't stabilized randomly.....It shows that the apposition approaches have been failure so far.....Which is so many years and really long.  If we repeat the same words that we have said in the last 20 years, we will stay in the same place and give the credit to IRI. 



by ariane on

Some people disagree with that! There talks about her sister actually upstaging her...


 Yes he did much much

by ariane on

 Yes he did much much more! Shame we didnt appreciate him. God rest his soul, somehow we didn't deserve that. May be we are better off with the Ashoura thing...


I was Glued to TV Too!

by Faramarz on

Her younger sister and the maid of honor Pippa Middleton made it worthwhile to watch the show. Although Cate got all the attention for some reason!




Why are the British birds laughing?

by پندارنیک on



"We had a country where the head of state was doing the best he could to
showcase our fine heritage with an equal extent of pomp and pageantry,
if not more."

Of course he did more, much much more!!!.....Look, look, pigs are flying too!