Stop being human beings!


by ariane

At the first glance, it seems like a harmless innocent summer day youth activity! Splashing water from toy pistols at one another in the park! It happens everywhere in the world. What social activity could be as refreshing and natural as this?

Well, not in IRI, where it has been branded as anti social and no lesser than a threat to national security. Culprits were apprehended and taken to regime’s world famous dungeons, yet again! But then again, things don't have the same meaning as everywhere else in the world as they do in Iran these days!

A threat to national security? Seriously? How? Why?

I find myself, ever more increasingly, asking this question; Why IRI is such a life hating and humanity despising regime?

My thoughts yield the following conclusions:

1- They are simply, a bunch dogmatic middle aged delinquents that simply should have lived a few centuries ago in the steps of Mongolia, but somehow, and by the magical use of a time machine (handed over to them in a gilded frame by the Iranians themselves), found themselves in Iran. Iranians, on the other hand, are paying the price for our previous misdemeanors.

2- IRI knows well that they only way they can rein supreme and sustainable is by fear mongering! There is no way anyone can lead an intelligent (arguably!!) nation like Iranians in any way but brutal force and spread of fear! After all no one is their sensible state of mind would ever tolerate these losers, unless there the fear-factors for life! Naturally, IRI will take every opportunity to strike their oppressive force to remind people they any expression of life will cost them their lives. This is assured by the hypocrisy of the regime leaders. Nowadays, most of them have their children in the west enjoying liberties that they prevail from their fellow countrymen.

3- They are a master of Iranian Psyche! They simply know how to rule us! They, after all, came out of us, breathed the same air and grew up in the same society as any other Iranian.

I saw something compelling in the TV today! Hosni Mubarak and his sons were behind a cage answering their crimes in an Egyptian court. This is something that less than a year ago was unthinkable by the Egyptians. A swift reminder of the fact that when a nation has had enough, nothing, no one, no amount of repression or fear, can stop them!

Apparently we, as a nation haven't had enough yet! All those small sparks of national defiance has had not yet created a raging fire! Rest assured, when the fire stops no amount of brutality can stop the downfall of this inhumane and disgusting regime! They and their mockery of an ideology belong in hell! It's up to us to throw their asses there! I'm dreaming again!!

دیدی آن دبدبه کبک خرامان حافظ
که ز سر پنجه شاهین قضا غافل ماند.


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Curious Joe

by ariane on

Interesting notion! Thanks for sharing!

The difference bewtween the both society is small in this respect, but highly effective!

In Amercia, no matter how bad or who has screweed you, you can go to the streets and shower them with "fohsh khahar madar". Now that might not seem much, but every one understimates how much a psychological vent that is. You let something out!

The IRI doesn't keep people ignorant! If you want to educate yourselves about the world, you can! They have identified the nature of Iranians and harping their chords accordingly. The Iranian dream is there simply because there is nothing else! All them hajis bust their own asses to go to mecca because its an investment in a standard you need to make to be recognized at a higher level in that society! Just like a company needing to get ISO 9000 to be allowed into tenders. The same haji would go to London in pre - revolutionary Iran. That was the standard for being in the middle class then...

I agree with you IRI is smart and they know how to manupolate the mob...However, their existance is an insult to my intelligence...Thanks for reading my blog and found it interesting enough to comment on...stay in touch!

Curious Joe

But look at the beauty/genius of IRI

by Curious Joe on

So, the Dow Jones fell down over 500 points today.  Who cares, except the middle class in the US, that have their entire life savings invested in 401K, IRA, or variable annuities?  Do you really think that over 80% of Iranians in Iran could give a hoot about the market crash?  No, Ariane Jaan, those 80% of 75 million people under IRI regime do not even know what the stock market is, let alone owning a single share of anything.Let's face it, in spite of her unbelievable resources (such as oil, natural gas, minerals/mines, etc.), Iran is still a third world country in terms of GDP per Capita.  Have you ever wondered why?

Well, allow me to explain it to you.  In the west, we have large banks, investment companies, and huge corporations that are much smarter than the ordinary citizens.  They know how to make a bubble out of the real-estate market and suddenly make it burst -- cashing on foreclosures and tumbling housing prices -- it's time for them to buy real estate.  They also know how to play the derivatives and make the stock prices go up, so that every idiotic worker in the US invests his/her life-time savings in 401K, IRA, etc.  And, suddenly, the entire stock market goes pluff!! swallowed by the leaches in Wall Street.  Which means it is time for the middle class to lose their life-time savings, while "the smart leaches", who engineered the whole thing, start buying stocks at very low prices -- and the circle goes round-and-round. 

 Unfortunately for the middle class Americans, they have no idea what the hell is going on at the top or what is hitting them, while they lose everything, calling it "Bad timing", "Bad luck", “down economy” etc.

 The beauty of the IRI Regime is that those Ayatollahs (e.g. Rafsanjani, etc.) are doing exactly the same thing as the Western oligarchy, bankers, investment houses, etc. do.  Whereas the mother-f*#kers in US/Europe fool/screw the ordinary people through the financial market jingoism, the IRI is cleverer. The IRI uses "Allah", "Qoran" and  "Islam" to rape/screw the ordinary/ignorant masses of Iranians. Can anyone tell me why Iran , with its huge natural resources, is still a third world country?  Where has all the money gone?  why is an entire nation of 70+ million still so ignorant with "The Iranian Dream" (versus The American Dream) of wanting to become a Haaji by going for a ziarat to Mecca, or becoming a Seyyed by going to Karbala in Iraq?The beauty/genius of the IRI Regime is that they can keep the majority of Iranian people stupid and ignorant, all shouting "Allah-o-Akbar", or "Death to America, Death to Israel", while the idiot westerners are waking up and recognizing how they are being screwed by a bunch of scrupulous bastards called Bankers, Goldman-Sashs, Old Money, etc.



by ariane on

Thank you for reading the blog and I'm happy you liked it. The hafez poem, which I heard on a seen from the movie, Kamal-ol-Molk is an utimate message to people who forget a judgement day, which is nearby for them and despite common believe happens in this world and life time rather thatn the after...

Maryam Hojjat

ariane, Excellent blog

by Maryam Hojjat on

Great idea & writing.  I enjoyed your conclusion sadly.



by yolanda on

Young people were having too much fun; mullahs became jealous!

Mullahs prefer to have the sad stuff like Ashura!