Spare me the Pahlavi drama shows!


by ariane

Ali Reza Pahlavi's suicide touched me on different grounds. I felt sorry for a man, an educated man, in his prime and wondered why he did it. What implications this has in Iranian lives, and why on earth the children of this family turned out to be like this. Depressed suicidal people. I also read the material people write about this and find it too much of a post mortem Iranian patronizing nonsense. glorifying the dead person and all. So here are my thoughts:

1-  Please don't call him Prince of Persia! That would kill the only Persian fantasy title remaining. Prince of Persia would go out and slay the bad guys and wins at the end. He wouldn't put a gun into his own head and kill himself just because the times are bad.

2- Many Iranians lost their world and had to immigrate, for many of them financial and sentimental implications were much more felt than for Pahlavi family. They did their best, even excelled themselves and made a life out of it. If it's up to our first family, we have had to kill ourselves ages ago.

3- Seriously, the only shred of doubt I had on if the Pahlavi's are role models and beacons of hope for Iranians, is lost. I think, Reza, apparently the only sane person out of this family, had survided the poison cup, because he married to a decent woman at a young age. I think he speaks and thinks well advanced of the current Iranian mentality frame (just like his dad) and he is not the answer to our problems.

4- When two of your kids commit suicide, that raises serious questions about the quality of your parenthood! That goes to Farah Pahlavi! I know, I know she is hurting. But she needs to think about why her children can't commit to someone at relatively adult ages and why they end up killing themselves. Are they too good for this world? What the heck, loss of a parent and fall from grace happens to every body! grow up!

5- These are difficult times to be an Iranian. Dodgy government, dodgy people, no replacement. Like it or not, Pahlavi family have to make good, reliable role models for troubled Iranians every where. So get your act together and spare us another tear jerking funeral.

6- Hats off to Reza! He and his grandad are the only two sensible heads that came out of this family anyway! He is a respectable man with a beautiful family. All the best to him. If only he could just get in tune with his times a bit.

I'm sorry if this is not your usual self deceiving, patronizing Iranian post mortem talk, but heck, with claims of community leadership comes responsibility and I'm just so disappointed by this family's lack of it (Prince Reza somewhat included, although for different reasons). The first one, cute little princess doing it, was sorry, the second one, it's just becoming a very bad habit!

And Shahbanou, for heaven's sake, get the other one married before she jumps off the bridge!


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Using a tragedy to Bash or to bludgeon others is more a

by vildemose on

 reflection of those who judge others

understanding of the nature and causes of depression has evolved over the centuries, though this understanding is incomplete and has left many aspects of depression as the subject of discussion and research. Proposed causes include psychological, psycho-social, hereditary, evolutionary and biological factors. Certain types of long-term drug use can both cause and worsen depressive symptoms. Psychological treatments are based on theories of personality, interpersonal communication, and learning. Most biological theories focus on the monoamine chemicals serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, which are naturally present in the brain and assist communication between nerve cells.



 Judging Others

Judging Others Lk. 6.3738, 4142




by statira on

Usually poeple with a history of depression, get even worse after getting married. But I think family should've been closer together esp if they were aware of his depression. Living lonely in that gloomy townhouse with no friend and family nearby, makes even a sane person insane.


Thanks all for reading!

by ariane on

Thank you all for eading this blog! I supported RP due to two reasons:

1- For inducting a clean cut image of a sensible, educated, progressive thinking, family man! A genuinely rare phenomenon among Iranian men these days!

2- For having to clean up after this family. Past, present, future!

Watch him on CNN: //


As for Shahbanou, seriously, I think she needs to get out of Paris and take care of your kids!

Thank you again and may he rest in peace. sad and unnecessary loss of life. 



So said Darwin:

by comrade on

Even spin doctors evolve!

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


hamsade ghadimi

ariane, i enjoyed reading

by hamsade ghadimi on

ariane, i enjoyed reading your blog.  i've seen some try to make a case for or against the pahlavis' rule out of this tragedy (az aab gel-alood mahi gereftan). to me, this tragedy, not only shows how a relatively young and intelligent man with unfulfilled potential cut his life short but it is also symbolic of a nation that trudges along despite its collective depression.

while i cannot be a judge of farah's parenthood as i cannot even imagine how differently lives of the rich and famous are run compared to a regular schmo like myself, i can only empathize with her as a parent.  there's nothing worse i can imagine than losing a child. as for reza, he reminds me a lot of his father, nim pahlavi.  he is much more humble though.  i only wish that farah won't have to bury another child of hers...


Although I think the

by Bavafa on

Although I think the author give too much credit to RP and too much blame to Miss Farah Pahlavi, all in all good point about over dramatization of this sad event.



Good one

by Souri on

I think your analysis is most sincere and unbiased. It comes as a very objective look at the tragedy, from a neutral position and fair! Much better than the hateful opinions posted here which came mostly from an angry side of the people full of complex and oghdehy. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. 

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!

Bahram Gohari

What goes around comes

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What goes around comes around.


Sargord Pirouz

Pasty Cline - Crazy

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Dirty Angel

For the day I've snuffed it

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Here are words for another hysterical display of dramatic speculation:


depression - she ran out of pink loopaper

negative thoughts - supermarket, rather dapper, cashier, didn't wink back at her

drugs - her oestrogen levels were so acute, that the local brothel let her go

police report - none yet, masks couldn't disguise the stench of her baked camembert  feet

medical report - too much Foucault led to denial of logging in from the assylum, bad grammar and spelling

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The will - copyright for all words, not deeds, has already been given over.  All gambling  debts are currently held under airtight sanctions.



for those bored out of their sensitive skull and haven't a clue what to do with women's magazines even at the dentist's, here's a singalong

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"



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May all dead soles rest in peace.


Fairness and Equality in Justice

Dr. X

Well Said

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You forgot one thing...spare us the conspiracy theories.