New government movie about Neda Agha Sultan


New government movie about Neda Agha Sultan
by ariane

So, apparently the government is Iran has made a new film about Neda Agha Sultan and their account of what actually happened to the most famous green martyr. The film is titled "Payan Nameh", loosley translated to "Dissertation".

Besides the disgusting face of Mohammadreza "the chief sandis drinker" Sharifinia on the poster, the film has been prepared using government funds, produced by Javad Shamghadri (the government's favourite movie man), and directed by a fellow called "Kolahdari".In order to guarantee attendance, the officials have devised a few creative measures. Giving away 5 gold quins (at 500,000 Tumans each, it's very generous, and very difficult to resist) to 5 lucky winners in a draw after each showing of the film. The cars used in the movie are also given to the attendants in a similar manner. The officials expect them that this giveaway bonanza will also make sure the movie enters the Guinness Book of Records, which will give everlasting publicity to it.Some may become disgusted by these propagandist measures. Some would even cry an out loud "Foul". I am among those people too!

However, I need to applaud these people for their intelligence. Time and again, this regime has showed it's master knowledge of Iranian Psyche. Give away free stuff (something as cheap as a 200 tomans Sandis) and there will be ALOT of people attending. Nonetheless, aren't we the same nation that would fight for a free "gheimeh" in Ashoura? Regardless of believing in the event or not? We are the same people that queue for endless hours in front of the Banks for our $40 a month subsidies! We have no principles when there is a slight possibility that we might benefit from something.

They know Iranians will show up for anything, regardless of it's unethical nature, as long as there is free stuff handed out. It's a tried and tested tactic, and it has worked wonders every time!May be it's time for opposition to try these successful tactics!   



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by Siavash300 on

Once we say "Traitors" the name of Rajavi who shaked hands with Saddam Hossain comes to our mind. But aside from Rajavi, I must say those who sell their people and their morality for a piece of pie are traitors as well. Shame on them for making this movie. Shame on those who attend in this movie.


Many thanks for the

by comments on

Many thanks for the information.  I know more opportunistic movie workers now.

I have no idea where to start to change Iranians' mentality since I love Gheime in Ashura in Iran and sample foods in here, and it doesn't matter if we have tones of that sample at home and I never touch.

I wish they could do something about filteration, and Iranians would be able to read something useful outside of the Iran.  I think IC is an excellent option for them. 



by ariane on

I'm not sure how fimiliar are you with the current Iranian society.
$40 a month can do you much in current Iranian economic climate...Many people who get this money have already spent it on anything but food nd bread...
Since the money handout has begun, many shops, atleast the many I know, have reported increased sales, specially on clothes, home goods, etc...

It's the mentality that breeds such insanity, that is my point..



by ariane on

Poverty is certainly an important element and I agree that many Iranians are under the poverty line. My point is that when it comes to free handouts, Iranians of all walks of life, will set their figinityand principles aside and queue up for it.

This is the dodgy mentality that needs to be changed. I have seen rich and poor alike in Ashoura free food handouts, Rayaneh handouts, lining up for hours, often fighting one another to get a piece of the pie...



by IranMarzban on

reality check people NEED money do you understand ?! you can say anything you want but people need bread food etc.... and nope nobody is going to watch this movie at least not young educated iranians 


Maryam Hojjat

Lots of Iranians are under poverty Line

by Maryam Hojjat on

That is the reason $40 is important to Them.  IRI/IRR is bastard and has pushed Iranian middle class to the poverty line and now give them YARANEHE $40. 



by ariane on

Sadly this is the reality of contemporary Iranian society. It's happening, therefore i can not be a myth. We need a change of mentality, not breaking of myth. People who do these things are not aliens just laded from Mars, they are Iranians...


The power of religion

by mahmoudg on

until such time that this is myth is broken, we shall be slaves to islam.  But not for long.