Hilarious Avdertisement

Hilarious Avdertisement
by ariane

There are so many things that went to my head seeing this ad and I like to share it with you:1- Notice the sign on top of the ad that says "it's illegal to advertise here". The ad owner just put his posting exactly under the sign. He/she simply didn’t give a flying tosser about the sign or its social implications. He/she couldn't go a few inches to left or right. Nope! Had to be exactly under the sign.2- Now! What was he/or she thinking? Obviously, having spelled "Green Card" and "Citizen" like that,  the person who put this ad wasn't he actual owner of the alleged privilege. Did he/she find it somewhere and thought, hey I can make a bob or two from this? Is he/she a forger? Or he/she was just that stupid!3- Who would be the audience of this ad? What poor ignorant soul will find his/her dreams in this? How much is he/she will eventually be swindled?  Mixed emotions engulf you when you look at this ad. Feeling sorry for the ignorance that embodies it. Feeling sorry for a society that breeds such ignorance. Feeling sorry for the plight of those patriots who want to inject a degree civilization into our socially bankrupt land. Oh, you also can't help to laugh your head off too.



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Too harsh

by ptehrani on

Interesting picture but 

I think you are too harsh on this and read too much into it. You can find all kind off stupid ads in the street of America or elsewhere (also right by signs not allowing ads).

 Here is a funny example:




Boy this is a good one

by Bavafa on

Could this possibly be an ad by an American visiting Iran? Maybe a CIA agent trying to recruit potential spies.

Lets face it, the IQ level would match of those working in CIA, their forgery skills (spelling) and capability to make a fake passport/Green card is of the quality that one would expect from CIA and they certainly have the motive for it.

if not, there are certainly many others with IQ level that would do such thing.

Right off the bat, Sarah Palin comes to mind

Thanks for posting it.