Hijab: Sexual Stimulant?


by ariane

Almost every day, I hear or read about some comment made by an official in Iran that makes me lost and confused about how I should feel about it. Several expressions come to my head, stupidity, ignorance, what the…., and at the end I can’t make up my mind.

Don’t agree with me? Read the following and let me know what you think!

Apparently some dude went on Raja News and said the following and I quote:” Hijab in Islam is for maintaining sexual liveliness. Because hijab stimulates sexual imagination and makes sex meaningful and prevents it from becoming meaningless. Nudity in west brings about sexual indifference. It initially stimulates a man in puberty years but as one ages, one becomes indifferent towards sex. Because sexual exaggeration in puberty years leads to celibacy in latter years of a man’s life!” Ebrahim Fayyaz, Raja News.

See I always knew the French were stupid! This is the proof! They want to ban burqa now. Idiots, if they knew what it would do for their sex lives. Or is it that they have realized their sexual over activity is problematic and found the burqas to be the cause of it.

I think the dude is actually spot on! This explains the attitude of men in buses and metro in Tehran. Have you ever seen those guys pushing themselves towards women in crammed buses and metro wagons like there is no tomorrow? This is why! That bloody hijab gets them horny like hell!

 Now I know why Qom has the largest number of STD cases in Iran. Those damn chadors are responsible for it.

Now I know why when guys see some nudity in women in Iran (pretty much round the ankles and wrists) they can’t get their eyes of it till the poor women walks out of their eye sight.

And it gets better with age! Now I know why those pathetic old folks in Peykans stop to pick up almost any women that walk the streets of Tehran.

Ok guy! Next time you need some sort of sexual stimulation, don’t renew your playboy subscription, instead buy a Lufthansa ticket, go home and walk in the streets. You’ll come back with plenty of mojo to last you for a year.

Taklife maro roshan konin!! I thought the reason for hijab in Islam was to prevent Muslim brothers from having nasty thoughts about the sisters. Now you’re telling me it’s a stimulant? Why bother with it then? See, I’m lost for words now!



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