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by ariane

Last week, Dubai Police issued identities of 11 European passport holders as the members of a hit squad (presumably Mosad perpetrators) that assassinated Mahmoud Al Mabhouh, the Hamas commander. Yesterday 15 more suspects were identified again all using European passports, give or take an Australian or Two. It later appeared to be that the passports were fake and identities of those portrayed in them were stolen by the body that carried out the assassination (this time evidence suggested that it almost certainly is the work of Mosad).

Now, EU passports holders are free to travel to Dubai without anybody giving them a hard time at the airport there. They don't need a visa and they are treated as royalty upon their arrival at the airport. Iranians (and similarly most of middle eastern nationals) need a visa. The process includes them passing through a series of security checks before the visa is issued and an eye test upon their arrival.

So what exactly happened in Dubai was that due to relaxation of rules and regulations of Dubai immigration with respect to the EU passport holders, the assassins were able to enter Dubai in a breeze, kill their prey, and walk out no sweat. The fact that their pseudo identities were revealed is irrelevant as they most probably are residing in Israel and no one can touch them.

The British PM summoned the Israeli Ambassador to discuss the matter (not protest, discuss!), Dubai government did not say anything to the EU countries (other than to work with Interpol to see if they can get the criminals), no one objected to Israel, and life went on as normal while EU passport holders come and go as they please to Dubai.

Now imagine if one of forged passports appearing in this case was an Iranian one!!!! Oh my god, hell would break loose. Everyone would condemn the government of Iran, Iranians would have never been issued another visa to Dubai, everyone from shamsi kooreh to the grocery shop owners in Europe and Israel would condemn and blame Iran and Iranians, there would UN resolutions and so on and so forth.

In case of Dubai, no one has contributed to the economy of Dubai than the Iranians. our presence here goes back at least a half a century, we have made a lot of money making this City the re - export hub of the Middle east. We have been loyal and law abiding citizens (mostly). And our tourist come and once or more a year here and spend shit loads of their earnings and leave. Europeans on the other hand, come here, steal the jobs, have sex on the peach, get pissed like a broken fridge, insult the local culture, and take a lot of money from here and go.

I don't know! I may be the only one that sees the hypocrisy in this affair! Since September 11th and even before that, Iranian nationals have never performed an act of terrorism outside their own border (give or take the regime agents who have done a bob or two against fellow Iranians here or there). Yet when it comes to consular treatment, we are the last ones any one wants in their country.

Is it the diplomatic failure of our regime? If so what has it got to do with ordinary nationals? Are there any other reasons involved?

I'm confused, been confused over a while on this matter! Help me understand this please!


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Well I don't think visa

by ariane on

Well I don't think visa issues existed as seriiously as this in the previuos Iranian regime.

I remember as a child going to UK with my mother without a visa.

I just read in the papers today that the chief of Dubai Police is really sorry that european governments had their nationalities violated like this!!!!!

It's all up to the government to save an international face for it's citizens. And sadly we don;t have one that does.


Plain and simple

by Latina on

It is discrimination. No it is not fair.


There are a lot of reasons

by amirkabear4u on

There are a lot of reasons for this;

- there is a form of racism which no one wnats to consider.

- majority of western governments are scared of israel and don't as me why as a lot to do with their secret service's attitude. You should have listend to BBC when the reporter said their ambassador was invited and not told to come to foreign office. That says a lot.

- they try to piss people off this way to have mullahs removed.

- this visa issue applies to a lot of nations, even if there was no change of government in Iran we had to go through this anyway.

Also you may want to read this blog;



Fairness and Equality in Justice


Well! 1- Marzutra: in the

by ariane on


1- Marzutra: in the past there has been Iranian agents in Dubai! Not any more They were there under cover of registered companies. The government has been cracking down on these companies and not issueing visas anymore. So there has been so many other countries doing the same but did not recieve the same treatment. As for Rigi that was a an agreement made with an equally corrupt government like Pakistan. I don't thik for a moment he was captured on a plane leaving from Dubai.

2- Yes Arabs don't like Iranians. That is true. Dubai is different though. They are maily of Iranian back ground themselves. They speak farsi at home, eat ghormeh sabzi just like we do. They might pretend they don't like us, but culture and heritage has been stamped over Dubai like a tatoo and no one can take that away.

3- International diplomacy has hypocracy written all over it. I just wish that we had a government who can ride on this wave rather than let it crush its own citizens. It's not fair for us Iranians.


Iranian spies in Dubai

by marzutra on

How do you think the Iranian Regime managed to capture Jundullah leader Rigi? They had agents in Dubai tracking his movements, and they had agents on the plane with him from Dubai to Kyrgystan. In addition, what do you think the terrorist Mabhouh was doing in Dubai? He was helping Iran transport weapons to its terrorist proxies.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

it's a deja vous.  i thought i commented a blog just like this one today!  well here it goes again.

1. arabs don't like iranians.  iranians are considered ajam (mute, stutterer, one who cannot speak coherently).

2. non arabs living in dubai are considered competition.  i.e., they're competing for the same resources.  europeans, in their view, are more prestigious.


The day this happened

by Abarmard on

BBC reporters and analysts could not hide their happiness. 

Kamran Ramyar

Jewish control

by Kamran Ramyar on


I think the only way to understand/ comprehend INACTION on the part of the British and Dubai government is to look at two facts: A) British are the ones who created the Zionist state.  What makes you think British did not have advance notice of this operation and/or did not sanction it!  and 2) Overwhelming media control by the Jews.  ENOUGH SAID!  You are absolutely right....had any of these subject passports been ranian.....Well I guess that would have given ammunition to Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other elitists to attack our homeland.