Farce! The Rigi saga


by ariane

The more I look at abdolmalek Rigi’s apprehension story the more of a farce it becomes to me. Please let me elaborate:


1-      The official story is that his movements were tracked as he steps out of US base in Afghanistan were he starts a journey via Pakistan to Dubai and then takes a commercial airliner to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. When the plane reaches the Iranian aerospace, it is forced to land; Rigi is arrested, and subsequently taken to Tehran on a different plane surrounded by a Balaklava clad group of special agents. Oh, and he has one of his mate that accompanying him too.

2-      Less than 48 years later he is shown on the TV confessing that USA has been helping in all his exploits. He seems poised, collected, and speaking an articulate Farsi, suggesting no signs of Psychological torture. He doesn’t look battered and bruised, meaning he was not physically tortured to deliver his confession.

Now put yourself in Rigi’s shoes; you are an undisputed warlord going about your business plane hopping from here to there. You’re on one your excursions, sitting on a plane, had a decent breakfast, got your eye band on to get a bit of snooze onboard while you reach your destination. All of a sudden your plane is ordered to land and you’re forcefully taken off it and head for the destiny that you have always dreaded. Becoming imprisoned by your foes!

Now god forbids if it was me I couldn’t talk for a week. I would be so bummed out that I couldn’t think let alone give an immaculate confession on the TV less than 48 hours of my detainment.  

Furthermore, looking at his body language on board the Con-Air that took him to Tehran, He doesn’t look like a surprised villain. He looks as he has been betrayed. He has a face expression that says: dude, this wasn’t our deal.

I don’t care about the James Bond stories that are circulating around. If I trust my own judgment and see what’s on the plate, I would say that his arrest has been conducted for a while now and he had a say in it. He has made some sort of arrangement with his captors and he is in it as much as the next one. As an audience we are left with this very badly written scenario of “The Baluch who loved me”.  


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