Epmty Chairs in the hall, Who's the emptiest of them all?


by ariane

Once again the egocentric little man that is Ahmadi Nejad, unwittingly, made a universal dick out of himself.

Nowadays, Even the empty chairs of the general assembly are now sick of his antagonistic, hateful, vindictive, disgrace to the Persian language words.

Have you ever thought, that despite this much opposition, why he insists to repeat his worn out jibe every year? I have, the the following are the summary of my thoughts;

1- There is the obvious market for his words among his hardline camp in Iran that he needs to satisfy. He repeatedly uses this platform to distract the attention from his lack of many skills as a statesman, by showing those who have kept him his power that he can serve their interests (no matter how alien to normal people they may sound) by sacrificing his nonexistent dignity in the international arena. This fact serves him specially in these difficult times that he is not even liked in his own neck of the woods. It's a tried and tested tactic used by the IRR personalities ever since their appearance on the Iranian political arena. Pile the old shit with even more, much larger pile of shit.

2- Like any little man (personality wise) who has accidentally reached the shores of fortune, he has a severely egocentric and prophetic personality. He believes he has a been put down on earth, despite all odds, to convey a message of world harmony. He really thinks he is destined to change the world for better. He thinks that te solution, solely, lies in his incompetent hands. In accordance with such personality, he fails to see his own shortcoming and inherently believes it's him against the world.

3- He is not a pleasant man yet desperately in need to constant attention! He cringes people, even when he tries to be nice! His physical and mental shortcomings mean that he can not get that attention in a normal positive way, so he settles for the negative focus. Any publicity is good publicity, some may say!

Arabs say "People are with the religion of their kings". Never this express has found more relevance than today Iran. Ahmadi Nejad represents the collective negative character traits of the Iranian society these days, he is selfish, irresponsible, unethical, inconsiderate, vindictive, victimising, inappropriate, irrelevant, wrong, and a pure sophist. He is us, every single one of us, whether we admit it or not! Just like us, he is buried in the past! Just like us all, he blames all the misfortunes on someone else!

The road to changing Ahmadi Nejadism, starts with changing ourselves! Only then we can claim grace and become or some relevance and significance in the eyes of the world. Until that day, unsympathetic empty chairs will greet us every where we go.

Who's being antagonistic now? The Iranian who's writing these line, of course!


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All your Points are Valid

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