Ali Kouchoulou the asylum seeker!


Ali Kouchoulou the asylum seeker!
by ariane

IRI's TV offered little broadcasting of amusing nature to the children of my generation during the Iran-Iraq war. The little they offered however was directed at brain washing us to become model war and revolution kids. While, they were telling us that we should blow up ourselves in the cause of Islam as soon as we hit adolescence, they were also emphasizing that it is good that your fathers are in the front and you should behave proud and even encourage them if they haven’t joined the volunteers’’ militia already.

One of the programs that tried hard to do the above was "Ali Kouchoulou". If I'm not mistaken it was created by Mohsen Makhmalbaf (the days in which he still clubbed people in the street at the beckoning of his beloved Khomeini) and while being extremely irritating, it had an unforgettable scrap book style animation and characteristically unique music. To this day, the music still resonates in my ear. It portrayed a child of our age, whose dad was in the war front, going about his days while his mother, played by an Islamicly rehabilitated Farzaneh Kaboli, teaching him the ways of acting as a responsible wartime revolutionary kid. It was a typical IRI propaganda at its best. It, among all other brain washing efforts in schools those days, was aimed at creating decent Basijis for the regime. They wanted us all to become "Ali Kouchoulou".

Off course, just like "Hitler's Youth" or any other brain washing scheme run by despotic regimes, it failed. Just like me, and most of my generation, Ali Kouchoulou grew up to become everything but what the regime planned. When I read the news that Omid Ahangar, or Ali Kouchoulou, is seeking asylum in Holland, I couldn't help but pity the irony. I'm passed the anger phase. These days, I just pity the regime which has failed at EVERYTHING. They might have destroyed my generations' dream and aspirations, in doing so; they have wasted their own meaningless lives. Look at Makhmalbaf for instance, once a serious ass kisser of the regime, he is now doing everything he can to justify his scandalous past, and also lives in exile. As a former supporter of the regime, I bet he is thinking, a lot of times, of the years he has lost.

Anyway, I wish all the best for “Ali Kouchoulou” and his asylum application. Eternal shame to Makhmalbaf or anyone who tried to impose ways of despotism on the brains of generations of fellow Iranians.


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Thank You!

by ariane on

Thank you very much for reading hte blog. I'm glad you've liked it.


What a worthwhile read.

by vildemose on

What a worthwhile read. Thank you for sharing. Original and refreshing in IC.


Read your blog!

by ariane on

I read your blog! I kind of agree with th American agenda, however, pitty a nation that would allow their fate to be determined by a foreign nation. After all, wasn't it Shah's over onfidence in Americans, one of the main reasons that brought him down?

I'm all for secular monarchy!


Thanks for reading!

by ariane on

Happy you liked my blog. Thanks for reading,

Maryam Hojjat

Excellent Observation, arian

by Maryam Hojjat on

 Thanks for your blog.


I feel your pain. Good blog.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Really anyone that has had anything to do with Iran since 1979 has good reason to hold their heads down in Shame and painful remorse at what they helped the USA and a lot of mullahs do to Iran.

But don't feel so sorry for them, feel bad for Americans who were so stupid as to betray the shah in order to bring mullahs to destroy the country (their real agenda) now that they are in a tight spot they are in a pathetic position of siding with the MEK , which by doing so reveals their real agenda all along to mllions of ignorant iranians that had no idea what the USA was doing up until now (to destroy Iran).

Also feel bad for Iranians pursuing democracy for Iran... their plight will be even worse than the mullahs (who will be written off as treacherous, lying, thieving, crooks of Iran).  Democrats will be seen as even more gutless, knowing what we now know about the US Agenda to use democracy as a tool to undermine countries from within.

See the blog I wrote about it today.  And well done on your blog. Everyone has to face reality and do their best to escape a life of defeat.