"A Separation" needs our help to win Best Picture Oscar


"A Separation" needs our help to win Best Picture Oscar
by Ari Siletz

I got an email from the Farhang Foundation asking everyone's help in getting the Iranian film A Separation nominated for Best Picture this year. Basically, the film needs sales at the box office.


I am writing to share with you the great news about an Iranian feature film called A Separation, distributed by Sony Pictures Classics that has become one of the best reviewed movies of the year, being nominated for the Golden Globes 2012 in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

While this is a tremendous honor for our whole community, it could be a precursor for even greater honors as the film is also a contender to be nominated for an Oscar.  That's because Sony Pictures Classics has been promoting A Separation as its most acclaimed movie of 2011, and not just in the best foreign film category.  If the film is nominated for an Oscar, it will be only the second time in the history of the Academy that a foreign language film has been nominated for Best Picture

[Ari's note: I count more than one previous foreign language Best Picture nomination like Life is Beautiful, Crouching Tiger, Il Postino...].

However, for a film to be nominated for Best Picture, the Academy likes to see a significant amount of box office sales.  And, while the film has already been one of the highest grossing films in France and has won some of the top prizes at the Berlin International Film Festival, it has been copied illegally and made available online, cutting into theatrical viewings that would count towards an Oscar.

That said, I am reaching out to you today because A Sepaaration is now showing at movie theatres near you.  So, we all still have time to go see it and make a big impact at the box office.

I would like to encourage the Iranian-American community and anyone who has enjoyed the film online or on DVD to spread the word and to support this film at the box office.  Please take some friends to a viewing at a theatre near you, this weekend or in the coming week.

A late surge in box office sales could have a great impact on the committee and significantly increase the chances of A Separation being nominated for an Academy Award making this Iranian feature film a contender for the most important prize in all film, an Oscar for Best Picture!


You can find out where the movie is showing near you by typing in your zip code in this website. For example, 90011 for the Los Angeles Area gives two theaters. I didn't find anything around San Francisco!! But the large Iranian population in LA can help get us an Oscar for Best Picture!


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look forward to seeing it. Thanks, Ari.

by MM on


Ari Siletz

Congratulations to all on "Separation" win!

by Ari Siletz on

On to the Oscars! 


"A Separation" Won Golden Globe! Yeah!

by yolanda on

The director's award acceptance speech, "I thought about who should I thank? My crew? my cast? my kind wife?.......I just wanted to talk about my people, they are truly peace-loving people!"

It is very touching!

I hope IC will post his speech on Iranian of the Day section soon!

What a nice guy!

The leading actor showed up on the stage with the director, he is clean-shaven, different from in the movie.



by yolanda on

Golden Globe will be on NBC starting 5:00 pm on Sunday. "A Separation" has been nominated for the best foreign language film:



I hope this movie wins!

I will watch it! Sometimes, Golden Globe is a harbinger of Oscar!



by Monda on


Mohammad Ala

It takes a lot of time and money to produce a film.

by Mohammad Ala on

There has been a change in my position in regard to films.  I was not a fan of films in my youth, now I am producing two documentaries (film-e mos-ta-nad).  One will finish end of Nowruz and the second  in Khordad or May of 2012.

I respect Iranian cinema mainly due to its limitations (A special thank you to all of Iranian talents who live inside of Iran).

I was reading a half page in Hamshahri newspaper why the license of Khaneyeh cinema was revoked a week ago.  There were references to several amendments that have not been followed. In my view, no one should revoke a license because of minor issues.

My second point, it takes a lot of money and time to produce a film.  I do not find it fair to post it on Internet to be seen by many for free.  This is not right.  I wish someone will take the illegal copy off of Internet.  A family member paid 2500 toman for a DVD copy to watch it at home.  Although we had various views, we found the acting to be superb. 


It is a must

by آشنا on

Especially for those of us who have seen it illegally.I do not look at this as a nationalistic reaction but for the artistic value of it. 

Tiger Lily

never heard of it

by Tiger Lily on


Multiple Personality Disorder

I can't, I can't,,,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I have to get these thoughts out of my head.


No wonder!

by Mahvash Shahegh on

I was wondering how it was made available online!  Now, I got it. Thank you, Ari for posting it and for your suggestion. I try to spread the words.


A matinee show of ultimate sacrifice

by پندارنیک on

This is the kind of patriotic duty that I love to perform.........going to the movies....... things I do for my homeland :))