Persian Vodka aka Araghe keshmesh

Persian Vodka aka Araghe keshmesh
by Arash05

I currently found Araghe Keshmesh made here in the United States. It's
absolutely delicious if your familiar with Araghe Keshmesh in Iran.





by Majid on

"Do you mix it with Maaast o'khiar or take a shot then chase it with a spoonful of maaast o'khiar :)"

با این سئوالت آبرو و حیثت هر چی عرق خور بود  رو  بردی زیر سئوال !!

آخه کسی .....عرق......این برکت خدا رو با چیزی قاطی میکنه؟ این که میشه کفران نعمت!
استکان عرق رو میری بالا، یه قاشق چایخوری سر پُر ماست و خیار پشت بندش، بیشترم نه که مزّهء این مائده الهی رو از بین ببره.
حالا اگه اون وسطها هوس کردی پاچه و آبلیمو، جوجه کباب و آب نارنج ، کباب کوبیده و ریحون...... یا چیزی واسهء  ته بندی دم دستت باشه اون یه چیز دیگه س  ولی.......
این یکی از اصول قانون اساسی باید باشه.....رژیمش هم فرقی نمیکنه.....
عرق و ماست و خیار...والسلام

پی اس

اگه هیچی دم دس نبود، یادت نره........مزهّء لوطی خاکه


Not a fan of Raki myself.

by Arash05 on

Personally I'm not a fan of Raki and the black licorice taste. Araghe Keshmesh has a much more suttle accent and it hints the taste of raisins. It's yummy :)


really with maast o'khiar?????

by Arash05 on

I've nver tried it with Maast O'khiar but i would recommend it over ice or mixed with 7-up. Do you mix it with Maaast o'khiar or take a shot then chase it with a spoonful of maaast o'khiar :)



by Hang (not verified) on

We baha'is do not drink VODKA. It is forbiddin in our faith.


Cool!!  I've always bought

by desi on

Cool!!  I've always bought the bastardized Greek version, raki.  I tried it in Crete.  Those Cretans drank it like water.  I for one thought it tasted like lighter fluid.  I must try this new Persian find.  Thanks.

anonymous fish

what a cooincidence!

by anonymous fish on

azizam and i were just talking about this.  he finally located some for an event we hosted some months back.  apparently the traditional way to drink iranian vodka is with maast o'khiar.

i personally didn't care for it... a little too bitter for me.  but then again, i'm just a gauche american.  i prefer beer... :-)

but he was THRILLED to death to find it.  thanks!