Feminists vs Hajiagha debate

by Anonymouse

I thought of having a debate between Haji and Feminists. I just want to encourage feminists to join and take Haji as a challenge. I think if feminists can lead Haji in the right direction, they can lead anyone to understand feminism. I can moderate if necessary (translate if necessary) and it may be an interesting debate. Hopefully it won't be a bust. It's worth trying and I hope you encourage your feminists friends, not even feminists your female friends to participate. It can also be humorous.

As you may know Haji's job was to be humorous in Iran for Gol Agha newspaper and he has continued his sense of humor through his weekly cartoons and comments.

Haji has suggested for a volunteer to meet with him so others can see that he really respects women. I'm sure he is going to be respectful, funny and been told he is a good dinner conversationalist as well. Maybe a feminist can volunteer to have dinner with Haji and report back to us. Maybe even JJ or his private investors can pay for dinner for 2 in Vancouver since Haji has been a loyal contributor for many years now.

So without any further commotion, let's get this started. I'll ask the first questions, one question for Hajiagha and one question for feminists.

Hajiagha: Feminists believe modernity is essential in Iran for human rights and women's rights in particular. Do you believe modernity should be accepted for women in Iran?

Feminists: Hajiagha believes that women should not be equal to men in society because nature created them differently. What can you tell Hajiagha about the need to have equal rights for women?


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Hajiagha you are right

by Anonymouse on

When you say this is not the life for our women and we should look highly at women.  You forgot to answer your debate's question about modernity.  


What kind of a woman are you looking for? Remember it can't be just "hot female".  Hot females are the ones in porn.  Other than hot female, if you were to select one requirement, one thing that is the most important to you, what would it be?


Thanks for participating.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I agree Hajiagha will be difficult to reform, but do we want to argue with him? Should this be a Hajiagha therapy session? Is the objective to change only one person or ALL those who thinks like him? In any case this debate you started will make a difference not just for Haji but many others. I'll be following it with great interest. Thank you!


JJ you are RUNG!

by Anonymouse on

It's not easy to win an arguement with him.  If anyone has been able to, he/she would have done it by now.  Haji keeps resopnding to each argument and plugging away because he believe is right and no one has been able to prove him otherwise.


The only way to win an arguement against him, i.e., change his views on women and sexuality is to find him a wife.  Once he is married or in a relationship with a woman, his cartoons and views would change.  That's what he has always said.  Right now that's all he sees.  Just porn and toys and bestiality which are not so readily available in Iran.


But you are right about many Iranian men (and women) to be represented so well by Hajiagha.  When Iranian men leave Iran for other countries, like US or Canada, they are horny beasts!  They go from seeing women in hejab to women in sport bras jogging in side walks.  They immerse themselves in porn and discos spending all their earnings on this kind of life for at least a few years. 


Farzaneh Taeedi said recently in this website that sex is too wild with Iranians.  So did Googoosh in her first interview in Canada.  And many others.  Haji just draws the cartoons everybody knows.  All Iranian men have at least some times been the way Haji portrays them. 

Jahanshah Javid

too easy

by Jahanshah Javid on

It's too easy to fight with Hajiagha. His views on women and sexuality (and a few other subjects) are from a different time zone. Anyone with a little bit of common sense could win an argument against him every time. My suggestion is not to focus on Hajiagha in particular -- but to the issue of the Iranian male's perspective of women in general. Unfortunately I have met too many Iranian men who think and behave the same way. That's why I think Hajiagha's work is fascinating: Because he represents a particular segment of society that for whatever reason is fearful of women's equality and independence and rages against it. When you see a Hajiagha cartoon, you are not looking at the work of a werirdo, you are looking at your neighbor, your co-worker, your grandmother or perhaps even yourself.


from hajiagha

by hajiagha on



remembers my life in Canada and freedom we have in canada and democracy we have in Canada is not like in USA, we are like slaves in hand of the British Canadian with minimum right some times no right at all . we are living like slaves in Canada go to www.notcanada.com

I give you my free times and my 25 years tallent and what I was study as artist because I need to draw cartoons or look after my talent after I am going to back home from hard counstruction job or others stupid job, I need to be relax which i do drawing , there is no women to I get some massages

If you like good cartoons drawing you can ordered to me cost for each one $20




by Anonymouse on

Women have some rights in Iran and are far ahead of other countries in the region.  I'm not going to argue whether women in Iran have equal rights or not. 


This is about perception and reality.  This blog is hopefully about women's perception of Hajiagha.  How much is he different than men they know? 


I miss Haji...

by YO (not verified) on

Haji ghahr karde , cherasho khodesham nemidoneh.
haji enhadar naz nakon
Karton nakeshidi Bazam bahs ra andakhti
eshkali nadare, ma sabr mikonim


I am on his companion

by Colon Cancer (not verified) on

I thought Hajiagha gave up on this site. If this is incorrect I am willing to make an ass out of myself and be on his side.


Stupid . . . waste of time

by Parviz (not verified) on

This is stupid to say the least... waste of time.

Woof.. so many dumb posts...For your information, women in Iran have voted and have more women in their Majles (Congress) than in many countries not only in the Middle East part of Asia but also in the world. At present time, 54% of University students in Iran are female.


بگو به حاجی من داوطلب شدم

دختر کوچکتر ایرج میرزا (not verified)

اگر چفت دهنشو ور نکشه خودم میرم کانادا. بگو حرفه حسابش چیه؟