Feminists vs Hajiagha debate

by Anonymouse

I thought of having a debate between Haji and Feminists. I just want to encourage feminists to join and take Haji as a challenge. I think if feminists can lead Haji in the right direction, they can lead anyone to understand feminism. I can moderate if necessary (translate if necessary) and it may be an interesting debate. Hopefully it won't be a bust. It's worth trying and I hope you encourage your feminists friends, not even feminists your female friends to participate. It can also be humorous.

As you may know Haji's job was to be humorous in Iran for Gol Agha newspaper and he has continued his sense of humor through his weekly cartoons and comments.

Haji has suggested for a volunteer to meet with him so others can see that he really respects women. I'm sure he is going to be respectful, funny and been told he is a good dinner conversationalist as well. Maybe a feminist can volunteer to have dinner with Haji and report back to us. Maybe even JJ or his private investors can pay for dinner for 2 in Vancouver since Haji has been a loyal contributor for many years now.

So without any further commotion, let's get this started. I'll ask the first questions, one question for Hajiagha and one question for feminists.

Hajiagha: Feminists believe modernity is essential in Iran for human rights and women's rights in particular. Do you believe modernity should be accepted for women in Iran?

Feminists: Hajiagha believes that women should not be equal to men in society because nature created them differently. What can you tell Hajiagha about the need to have equal rights for women?


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Men without balls (ajab

by khanumhana77 (not verified) on

Men without balls (ajab esmi)

Although your story is cartoonishly over exaggerated, the core of it is very real. First off, men are losers in todays divorce laws so, sorry to see your money flying off. Hopefully women of my generation are a little nicer.

I volunteered to meet with Haji because I think he is interesting and although he exaggerates, the core of what he says is very real.

So, Anonymouse, Haji's reputation is not my concern. He is human after all, right? we think?! As far as Jeegar goes, I am just thinking ahead here. Don't worry about my parents. Our future family life is between Haji and me.


There is a whore in every woman

by Men Without Balls (not verified) on

There is a whore in every woman, fortunately my mother and sister are dead (may they rest in peace) and I don’t have a biological daughter, and this has not been my view in my life till now. I am in process of getting divorced from a woman that I have known for thirty years. The last time we were married was twelve years ago. I now pay her 1/3 of my gross earnings. She has already spent half of our savings, my retirement pension, deferred compensation, and disposable community property. About the time I married her I asked her what do you want to do with your life? Do you want to be a housewife, go to school, or want to get a job? She said she wants to get a job and be a career woman. I supported her, paid for her expenses, paid her bills, got her a car, sometimes I worked three part time jobs to make the ends meet. Some of the lousiest job too. Cleaning windshields at a gas station, working graveyard shift at another. But at the same time I studied and passed tests and eventually got a professional job while she was con-ing me all the way. Pretending to be trying real hard while she was blowing money on expensive restaurants and gambling, and going from one job to another because she couldn’t get along with others at workplace. But what has happened to me is nobody’s fault but myself. I was born stupid from day one. For some reason I always thought the people who are downtrodden have been dealt a bad hand in life, and if someone gives them a helping hand they will recover and make productive members of society out of themselves.
So, whom do I find? A woman that’s been raped by her own father (stepfather). Abandoned to be raised in a boarding school. Going from one man to another and having two children from two different men. This is the woman I fell in love with. When I met her, her daughter was nine years old and her son was eight. Her son’s father had committed suicide because he had raped her daughter when she was an infant. My ex-wife began receiving government assistant because her daughter’s biological father had also passed away. From there on my ex-wife went from one man to another. Just like a whore swinging from one dick to another. At one time she even slept with her own daughter’s husband. Her excuse was that she was dysfunctional. That’s the word psychologists use these days to empower whores. Instead of telling them to “DO” some thing positive, they tell them they are supposed to be feeling bad and if they come for a visit every week and yack about their miserable life they will eventually feel better. Well my ex-wife never felt any better because she never “DID” the positive things that needs to be done to improve her life. She will end up in the gutter one day, I am sure of it.

May stepdaughter has two children now, fortunately both of them from the same man, but she is divorced. She has basically severed all contacts with us. She also went from one man to another, most of them scum bags. At times she was so poor and living with these assholes that she had to sell her blood for a little money. At other times she even paid for airplane tickets and motels and expenses so this man that she had met in Internet come and sleep with her.

My stepson is now in process of getting divorce. He also has two children. His wife is already pregnant with another man. So, she’ll be having four children with three different men. She couldn’t handle her twelve-year-old son so now he lives in Juvenal camp. Her new lover will be having three children with three different women. My grand children were telling us about inappropriate touching from their mother’s boyfriend so my stepson reported it to the children protection services. He was repeated asked if he was reporting child molestation. My stepson told them he doesn’t know. He said he is reporting that inappropriate behavior is going on, but the child protection services refused to take it in as a child molestation case and did not do anything about it. My granddaughter is now say he rolls over her, but when she is asked to explain more she freezes up. Her mother tells them not be saying anything. My granddaughter use to be so articulate, but now she talks in a third person’s voice as if she does not want to be herself anymore.

So, go ahead and make fun of Hajiagha because he is showing you what this society is all about.


send your money or donation here to support cartoonist

by hajiagha on


to support hajiagha you can send your donation to my acoont number

CIBC bank 4505 5300 2447 2308

Hossein hajiagha

2339 beacon Avenue Sidney BC V8L 1W9


I add your letter to look for date 40 single iranian

by hajiagha on



این ماحر ا واقعی است..من در بازار روز شهر مان گوشه خیا بان کاریکاتور می کشیدم که یک کانادائی با صورت افروخته آمد و به ما گفت حدود سی هزار دلار پس انداز شرو زن قبلی با احازه دادگاه بر می دارد به آفریقا...حاما ئیکا....بر میگردد تا خرح کیر های کلفت کند....بیچاره حوان کانادائی داغ کرده بود و بی عرضه بلد نبودچطور پول ها رو از زنه قایم کنه یا هزار دلار بده....


what equality

by Sam The Magnificent (not verified) on

women should be able to maintain an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the house. 99% of Iranian woman are just teezers, even to their husband. They constantly act childish or make these eye expressions that reminds you of backward villagers in India. They speak Persian with many wrong words, they do not show interest to be a team member and always want to be with other Iranian women gossiping.

Seldom, they support their husband in public and always admonish their husband at parties and in front of others. We have a long way till women obtain their equality among Iranians and the reason is that women have not given men an equal opportunity. That is where the problems is.

For the time being, men are looking for wives and women for husbands, but we are all dreamers and think we deserve somthing better than ourselves, because we know ourselves...


not freedom for women

by no women (not verified) on

we have in Canada ministry of the women and children but there is no place to protect man, most of the Canadian women are so rich and you should see them, single rich and over 300.000 Canadian man are homeless on street after many of them losing own home and every things have after women applying for divorce , some one told what I am thinking about stoning women by Moslem's your answer here in Canada give them a power and freedom then watch how they are going to destroy your life


i hate feminazis

by shutupbitch (not verified) on

we should stop trying to be politically correct and start being realistic. obviously, not all men are better than all women. there are some really smart men, and some that are complete idiots. similarly, some women are geniuses, and some are a little dumber than a rock.

i think that women should be given equal rights in every case, such as with employment, legal rights, whatever. for example, i don't think women should be forced to wear hijab. in fact, i'm not even the least bit religious.

if women want to be equal, i think we should treat them as equals. i shouldn't be paying for meals, or opening doors, or restraining myself from beating the crap out of a girl if she gets in my face. lets put women on the front lines in the military and make them register for the selective service in case of a military draft. lets stop giving women child custody in 99% of divorces in the US. lets stop giving women probation for murdering their husbands or having sex with their 12 year old students. if a 30 year old man has sex with his 13 year old female student, is he going to get probation? i don't think so. women are disadvantaged in some areas, and men in others.

in conclusion, i don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.


catering versus being dependent upon

by Tonya (not verified) on

Exactly right.  I think that catering to your partner is pretty much essential to a truly giving relationship.  We've both said that we prefer to give rather than to receive.  However, that works only if both of you believe and practice it!!  Thus it becomes mutually satisfying!  Being dependent upon a man for whatever reasons... financial or emotional... leaves both of you unsatisfied.  In my opinion anyway.  I guess there's nothing wrong with it if you understand and accept the intentions and expectations.  But I know of women who "cater" to a man in hopes of receiving some benefit from it... usually financially.  I'd not want my husband to think I do it because I need or expect something from him but rather because I truly enjoy making him happy.  And I would hope that most men see the difference.  Yeah, right!  Further, I also agree with Haji to a certain extent about the message that women send.  While I totally support our right to dress any way we please without being judged by it, it's also a fact that men ARE visually influenced.  And if we accept that as a fact, then we must be prepared to deal with the consequences.  If I had a girl, I'd be damned if I'd let her go out looking like a hooker just because it's the fashion statement of the moment.  Conservative liberal?  I guess so.


Who says jeegar on the first date?

by Anonymouse on

Khanum hana, seems like you've been on bad blind dates before.  It's are not the best option, but you have to start somewhere.  Where is rano de Bergerac?  We are not familiar with Canada as much as Haji.  You are sounding more like a female now, so you are in the running.  You are the front runner for now, since there are no other volunteers yet.  We have your "application" and I must say it looks good for now!  Although at 29, you may be a little young and as you said you doubt if you'll get serious for marriage and all.  If you change your mind about marriage and end up liking Hajiahga, you'll have a hard time getting your parent's approvals! Hajiagha's reputation proceeds him! that's why we are having this debate to see who is honest and who is not!


Ok to cater

by Anonymouse on

It's ok to cater to your loved ones.  What's wrong with that?  Your loved ones can expect to be pampered too. 


There is a whole class of women who are dependent on men.  Gold diggers for short, but not necessarily gold diggers.  That's a whole separate subject.  They can't take care of themselves and go from one man to another and getting bounced all the time.  Not that there is anything wrong with it!


(Disclaimer: my previous

by A nonymous (not verified) on

(Disclaimer: my previous comment should not be taken seriously, joking).
I agree with and support the importance of this topic and for it to be discussed (not joking).


to Anonymouse

by khanumhana77 (not verified) on

Cyrano de Bergerac,

Thankfully I'm in a different city. We can have another 30 min of Vancouver bashing too!

I am female. Short of a telephone call with you, I have no other way of proving my gender.

I love art and have many starving artist friends. That's not a problem.

Soul mate? we're just talking about dinner here. If I am winning the contest, I don't want the best restaurant. I want a nice cozy place where we can talk and Haji is comfortable in his surroundings (mc ds is out of the question here, it has to be a nice place). I also want it to be in a safe location if I need to get the heck out. You know, if he can't control his urges or if he is really boring.

I should mention my pet peeves. He should not bring a cell phone or leave it off. No salad with lettuce should be ordered. He has to be a gentleman, no chelo kabab style chewing. No cutsie names like jeegar or juju and stuff like that either.


On az-khod-khaylee-raazee-haa

by A nonymous (not verified) on

"When you see a Hajiagha cartoon, you are not looking at the work of a werirdo, you are looking at your neighbor, your co-worker, your grandmother or perhaps even yourself". "you are looking at your grandmother, at everyuone, and even yourself" Hence, the conclusion being that everytime we see a male chauvinist and a female rights basher, it is J. Javidian himself (the self-promoted representative of the moral authority, and the self-righteous belittler and admonisher of all others, like a few of the other self-elected moral-majoritarians and az khod khaylee-raazee-haa @ Iranian. com).


food for thought

by Tonya (not verified) on

I just had the most ILLOGICAL thought and certainly the most UNfeminist view in the world!  Thinking about things that Haji says... reading what IraniValiAzad just wrote... I'm not talking about the GENERAL attitude Iranian men... no, I take that back, the general attitude that MOST men have about women... there are some very basic truths to both of them.  I'm pretty independent.  I'm pretty, hmm... verbal.  But deep down, I think I would have to admit that I do (kind of) like the idea of my husband being masterFUL.  Not BEING my master but, heck yeah, I do appreciate his protective attitude towards me.  Kind of getting off the subject I know but Anonymouse wanted honest comments! I was pretty much raised the same way... we definitely catered to the men in the family.  Specifically my father but I remember my brother walking right by the refrigerator, sitting down at the table, and asking for a glass of milk.  You know what?  I jumped right up and got it!  Conversely, my father then raised me and my sisters to be extremely independent and to take care of ourselves.  Can there be harmony in the two?  I wonder if Haji is as much in awe as women as he is so disrespectful.  "I fear that which I do not know" kind of thing.  Getting past the WAY he says it, isn't he basically just wanting what all of us want... men and women alike... a partner who is our "everything".  I love the way my husband makes me feel.  I want to make him feel just as good.  So what if I cater to him a little... or alot.  I don't think that makes me his object.  And if it does... so what!  The object of his affection.  Yeah, I like that idea.  Sorry for the rambling.  These contradictory thoughts keep swirling around in my head...lol.


Are you in Vancouver or Toronto?

by Anonymouse on

Khanum hana we're not convinced you are female.  You sound more like a funny man when you say, "what else?" in that sentence.  But for now, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are female.  Yes this will be for a nice dinner at the fanciest restaurant in Vancouver or Victoria.  So after 30 minutes of Canada bashing you can talk about the glitter in the restaurant.  You can also talk about Haji's previous exes.  Don't believe every thing he says, guy that funny with a real job as cartoonist in Iran, gets women all the time.  Wouldn't you say?  By the way, someone needs to search for the best restaurant in Vancouver.  Any volunteers to google the best restaurant?


Haji what do you have to offer?  You said you are a good dinner conversationalist, say some good stuff.  Stuff women like.

I had suggested an ad like this for him.  He can edit it but this should cover it for now.


Single while male, 44, 5' 9" and 150 lbs.  I'm still learning English so it's not very good yet.  I am an artist who features in oil paintings, water color, pastel, acrylic and freehand pencil on paper.  I have a great sense of humor and draw cartoons as well.  I can draw a caricature of you, for a smile.  I'm looking for a soul mate and someone to share my life with. I'm a starving artist and not rich, yet!  I'm honest and what you see is what you'll get.  If you have a good head on your shoulder and would like to be pampered and laugh with me, please send me a note.


Ok well maybe I won't marry

by khanumhana77 (not verified) on

Ok well maybe I won't marry him but I would definately go on a date. He is so interesting.

I am female
Single (for now)
I am not a lesbian
I don't own any of the toys he likes to dra (not yet)
I reside in Canada
I have a university degree and working on the second one
I have a high paying corporate job (not a CEO yet)
I am pretty (by Iranian and khareji standards)
I do have many offers but all the men are boring. So Haji would be a nice change and a very intersting date.

Let's be clear:
No sex! I am only talking about a date.
I don't cook. Well, I could try, I am sure he'll ask me not to cook.
I refuse to have a chador on my head. Roosari? well, If I can have designed sun glasses and make up, I can negotiate.
I don't touch lettuce. Phobia. (don't ask). So I don't make salad either.

What else?
What does he have to offer? Canada bashing will take 30 minutes. What do we talk about after that?


Women on strike

by Anonymouse on

Tonya women have gone on strike for now.  Maybe later we'll see some of them.  They can respond anonymously, hopefully speak their hearts and be honest.  By the way, Hajiagha gets more negative responses from men than women.  Look at some examples here and in his own cartoon pages, negative responses are mostly from men.


It's as if men are embarrased by Hajiagha.  Who'd thought?! Just basic generalizations.  They think women's problems have already been solved.  They want to deny their own past or present. 


khanumhana77 and Shavatto saddat.  Say a little more about yourself.  For example, are you female? how old are you and where do you live?  We are looking for a bit more so we can decide on the volunteer, maybe the winner by the time this ends, to go to Vancouver for a Saturday night dinner in a fancy restaurant!  Volunteers from Vancouver or Victoria are prefered.  Although Haji may want her from US, so women from Seattle or Oregon are also in the prefered category.


Hajiagha what about you?

by Anonymouse on

Do you have an account set up so we can buy from you? We can't just send $20 cash to Canada. With Canada being stupid and all.  You can setup an account on your website where we can place an order, or get an amazon.com account or ebay.com account.  You have to ask some of your friends in Canada to help you out.


As far as your requirement for females being "hot" in bed.  Every woman is hot in bed.  Even those who are not "hot females".  They are probably "hotter females".  What about when you are done?  Do you want your woman to talk to you or to shut up?  We can't change Canada or US.  By the way Canada and US are the same shit.  If you had not leave in 1995 or 1996 you'd be in prison no later than 2001 or 2002.  Remember US deporting or imprisoning Iranians when middle eastern men had to go and register in Los Angeles?  They took hundreds of them to prison.  Some are still in prison.  Besides, you'd not be as famous as you are now, if you had stayed in US.


American and Canadian families ask the same questions as you are asking.  We are not here to solve Canada's problems, or world's problems for that matter.  I take it from your answer that you approve modernity with some reservations.  You know not many women are going to just listen to their husbands.  You are not going to find any woman in Canada that approves everything you say.  


You first have to tell some good things about yourself.  What good things can you say about yourself?  What do you have to offer?  You can't say you can't offer anything because Canada sucks.  Maybe you can find a woman that agrees Canada sucks, but she'll need more.  What can you promise and deliver?


شام کدو حلوایی پخته داریم، تشریف بیارین.

شهوت السادات (not verified)

بچه کوچیکم اسهال داره، بهش ماست دادم


Baba sham chie man ke

by khanumhana77 (not verified) on

Baba sham chie man ke volunteer shodam zanesh besham. khoshgelam feministam nistam lesbianam nistam. faghat zanesh misham ke as sob ta shab cherto pert bege man bekhandam. what could be better?


islamic Influence

by IraniValiAzad (not verified) on

Each person’s views, perceptions on life and behavior is by products of his/her environment mainly the surroundings during his/her early age. Saying that, each person’s conduct is also influenced by chemical balances and imbalances in body as well as level of physical development. Mr. Haji is no different than you, me and others .. We do not know about his upbringing, his relationship with female members of his immediate family, his father’s influence, etc. apparently, he grew up with Islamic doctrine pounded on him on daily basis where women are looked upon as an “object” to own by the a male figure (i.e. a father and then husband). Basically, in islam, women are to serve their “men” , make them feel good and comfortable and rear children … they are not to have sexual fantasy, they are not allowed to “want” no children and do as they please. Haji speaks of nothing but that. It is unnatural to him to see an independent woman who pays her own bills, travels, drinks wine with her meal, so he labels this “unnatural” behavior by few women as prostitution (yes, Haji combines all women into one category depending on locality .. Canadians are whores, Middleasterns are not) . Keep in mind that they are countless women who see the world the same way as Haji sees it since they were raised in similar environment.

So, in my opinion, all of you can talk until you are blue in the face and nothing is going to change. In the best situation, Haji will accept independent women as what they are independent minds, but then next “Haji” will come along and will take his seat. What are you going to do, refer back to your old posts and cut/paste them in here again?!

Perhaps, if you have children then you can take a close look at the “learning” environment you are creating for them … you might be creating a future Haji!


women or deracola or gangs

by canadian women (not verified) on

every women is hot but must be hot in bedroom not on street or in job, like man like to show his power and leadership. he can not go in street or in bazaar or in swimming pool or in any place for this matter he need to show his talent in each matter of his life, I saw a man can be so anger at any times in shop in family in job in car when he drive car in front others ,fucking or sucking word .....like gangs guy...this not working and in modernism we can be more educated and modern, but why we should be wild , why women came on street almost naked with so many ugly tattoos on body hashish on hand smoking and looks to me they did not get shower in 2 weeks, we have so many of them in Canada , over fat , ugly shape ...this is not women this is deracola


I am not supporting stoning people to death is Mullahs

by hajiagha office (not verified) on

the stoning people to death Mullahs supporting , I am supporting women in bed, which they not supporting me in bedroom so many lesbian here my god some one help me


Bullshit. Raise and answer this question!

by Question Man (not verified) on

Raise and answer this question from every Iranian male and female: What happened to us? How could we be stoning people to death in a land where fundamental of democarcy appeared more than 2500 years ago?


Have any women responded yet?

by Tonya (not verified) on

I can't believe this article has been dominated by men so soon!  Where is Rosie... or Caspian... Sasha???  Ok... I guess I'll jump in and get my feet wet.

1. Haji is right... men and women are not equal in most respects.  (dare I say it aloud... women are superior).  Physically and emotionally and I firmly believe that those two differences are what enable men and women to live together successfully.  Intellectually (a broad term to include any and all aspects of career and education opportunites), however, we are equals and thus deserve equal representation and compensation.

2. I  believe that Haji's depiction of women is far less offensive than the physical abuse suffered by women around the world.  I believe that his cartoons are preferable to the verbal and emotional abuse that is prevelant almost everywhere, not just in Iran and America.

3.  JJ is right.  There is no point in arguing with Haji.  If you see this as purely a debate as Anonymouse intended...it isnt for the sake of reforming Haji as much as clarifying his position.  Who knows... he may have a point.  Phrased offensively of course but still a point!

Ok.  This was just an opening comment.  What else?


Definition of modernity

by Anonymouse on

As far as I can tell in our after revolution culture, modernity was first used by Iranian feminists and then others used it for other subjects.

Feminists believe modernity is basically (without taroof) the rights women have reached in the West. They believe we should NOT discourage western influences on women. They go on to refer to voting rights, rights in courts, rights of their children, rights in equal pay for equal work, etc. Those who are anti-feminism forget about the equal rights and stick to the porn culture, per se.

Of course feminists can correct me if I'm wrong or expand as necessary. I'm not a feminist but the few I knew were pain in the ass! no pun intended! Opposites attract, maybe it's Hajiagha's destiny to find a feminist wife.


Men and Women are not the same, but laws

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

have tried to bring equality for the sexes. But, don't think for a minute women are hard-wired the same way men are. Understand this and you will be on your way to find more in common with women. Our differences are just as important as our similarities!


Maybe a therapy

by Anonymouse on

JJ this can go into different subjects.  The title is a "debate".  Just like the Republican or Democractic debates.  Although, probably more colorful, if it continues.  The objective will be change but change means different things to different people.  For example, changing Haji for the good may mean finding him a wife so his views may change, for the better or worse!  Or getting others to see that he is not much different that other people they know, or at least they thought they know.


If someone was to portray our shenanigans with spending money on discos, porn and "hot females" and "cute guys" how would you portray it?  Hajiagha has the talent to draw and he has picked a subject that we all know about but don't want to admit.


Women should ask themselves, would I have prefered to have a life with a man who is looking to other women when we are having dinner or in a party?  Would I trade my partner's drunken outbursts and violent temper with a man like Hajiagha?  If honesty is important to women, then Hajiagha is their man.  If you can't see honesty in Hajiaha, then you're blinded by all the things you claim you are not looking for. 


I asked Hajiagha what is the one thing he looks for in a woman.  I know women claim all the time that honesty is their main criteria.


By the way JJ, will you pay for dinner for 2, if we can get Haji a date?  I am willing to chip in and send you cash and you can collect and forward it to Haji and the volunteer.  Maybe others would like to contribute and they can have a very nice dinner at the fanciest place in Vancouver!  Yek del az aza dar.


Not so fast there

by Colon Cancer (not verified) on

I believe the question that’s been asked of Hajiagha is “Do you believe modernity should be accepted for women in Iran?” Before you guys go out whole-heartedly and condemn Hajiagha let’s look up how modernity is defined. “Modernity is a term used to describe a wide range of political, cultural, and artistic movement originating from Western societies.” “A wide range of …” I am sure none of you out there agrees 100% with this wide spectrum. We all have percentages of how much is acceptable to us. Hajiagha’s percentage is different from yours, but he has no problem with woman’s right to vote, work, not to be in servitude, and not to be stoned to death, and so on. It’s mainly the erosion of family values that he has issues with.


حق با حاجی آقاست

طاس کباب (not verified)

حاجی آقا میخواهد که شما به تمام خرفهای او گوش کنید. کانادا واقعا کشور برده فروشی و فساد است.

چه اشکالی دارد که زن پوشیده باشد؟ چرا مردان در ادارات باید لباس کامل تنشان باشد، ولی زنها کون لخت هر غلطی میخواهند بکنند و بعد هم ار مردان شکایت کرده و در شرکت پرونده سازی کنند، تا مرد کارش را از دست بدهد؟

اکثر زنهای ایرانی از بیسوادی رنج میبرند، و لازم است که بجای تشویق به فحشا، زنها را تشویق به مطالعه کنید.
حق با حاجیست.