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It was bad enough for poor Hafez to be challenged for being called a pedophile.  But what does the poor guy have to do with NIAC?  He died 700 years ago.  How is he connected to a dubious organization that was set up in the 20th century (or was it the 21st century)?  Anyway, in order to set the record straight, I decided to post this short note showing who is really connected to NIAC: Mohammad Javad Zarif, NIAC president’s BFF and the former IR United Nations ambassador. 

You can read more about NIAC’s intercations with the IR here. 


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It is great to see everyone unite against IRI and NIAC

by seannewyork on

What they do is try to trick people into supporting them by exploiting issues that bother/ hurt iranains.

Like they find some issue like the apple issue in which most iranians agree and use that to gain trust and populatiry.

 They say they do public service for Iranian Americans but only use that as a front to make Khamenei and Rafsnajani look like Ghandi.

Shame on NIAC and 35 supporters who do not support the people who want to revolt against IRI.


Deep down, TP is only an Oil Industry Lobbyist, after all NIAC

by Zendanian on

was created and is maintained by that not so respectful "industry."

So for that task; being a successful lobbyist, you really don't need to "believe" in anything in particular, other than the bottom line, which is Mulla, not to be confused with Mullah(s).

Anonymous Observer

Trita Parsi has no self respect

by Anonymous Observer on

As a Zoroastrian, he must know that under IR's laws he cannot be an officer in Iran's military, nor can he --or his family and relatives--ever hold high public office.  Yet, he still tries to portray those religious supremacists as rational people who could be dealt with on the world stage.

In short, he is a Zoroastrian Uncle Tom, serving the wishes of his slave masters:


So why should we respect a guy who doesn't respect himself? 


Strongly Recommended

by Demo on

to watch the entire below last week interview of TP @ Berkley University. It might change your mind about him:




کدام یکی از این ها اطلاعاتی از آب درنمی آیند، یا نیستند؟


Mr. Vanaki  you are quite correct in pointing out the connections of most of these operatives. And just how compromised all their "operations"  seems to be, and actually are.

Nader Vanaki

مَمَد نبودی ببینی

Nader Vanaki

اگر تریتا پارسی قرار حرف در مورد ایران بزنه، من خیلی خیالم راحت تره اگر با محمد جواد ظریف صحبت کرده و راهنمایی شده تا یکی از این بیسوادهای فارغ التحصیل دانشگاه امام جعفر صادق، در کادر احمدی نژاد.  هرچی بود زمانی که نیویورک دفتر سازمان ملل را اداره می کرد، از خرازی هم بیشتر با نشریات و شبکه های تلویزیونی مصاحبه می کرد و حرفهاش معنا و مفهوم داشت.  یه خورده روابط عمومی بلده و جالبه یک زمانی هم با کاندِلیسا رایس صدر اعظم امور خارجه جی.دبلیو. بوش، در دانشگاه دِنوِر هم دوره بودن و پارتی اش از همه کُلُفت تره.  عیبی نداره، بزار تریتا از این بابا یاد بگیره تا یکی مثل همون بابایی که نوری زاده را گذاشت سرکار، اسمش یادم رفت که آخر سر هم اطلاعاتی از آب در اومد. 

Anonymous Observer

Thanks for the info Faramarz

by Anonymous Observer on

I'm shocked that Parsi is still carrying on with that pathetic travesty.  He should have withdrawn that claim a long time ago to avoid further embarrassment.  


The Lawsuit

by Faramarz on



In March 2012 hearing, the judge ordered NIAC's experts (a Journalism Professor and an Economist) excluded from the case (!) effectively pouring water on the entire defamation and the financial damages arguments.

The case no. is :  Civil Action No. 08-705 (JDB)

The journalism and economic experts' arguments (and counter arguments) are here.






come on

by MRX on

he is comming back to U.S to do some shopping and  attending couple of srip joints that's all.

Anonymous Observer

I know Fesenjoon, I know...

by Anonymous Observer on

Seeing this guy in American media is a reminder of the power of money in this country.  I'm sure proper amount is spent on getting this guy on the air.  That's how it works...unfortunately.

Anonymous Observer

Zarif returning to the U.S.? - & for RG

by Anonymous Observer on

// RG Jaan - you shouldn't keep quite.  BTW, the email that I have posted above is just the tip of the iceberg.  In one of their exchanges, Zarif is asking about Parsi's family, and referring to personal things (a baby I thnik?).   


the problem is that the

by Fesenjoon2 on

the problem is that the clowns keep geting air time on NPR. Someone has to call in each time they host TP on the air, to tell the NPR listerners that NIAC does NOT represent Iranian-Americans! Expose them on the air!

Anonymous Observer

Faramarz: I'm surprised that it hasn't happened yet!

by Anonymous Observer on

Foe nature's sake, the guy who organized this whole thing, Siamak Namazi, is connected to the Iranian regime through the Atieh Bahar Group and also the Hamyaran organization.  If that's not an IR organized entity I don't know what is.



in my experience, Niaci folks are of "Zarif" disposition

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 So if I bluntly state what I think of someone who not only corresponds with the high ranking official of the thieving, murdering, corrupt, terrorist islamic regime, but also refers to him as "dear", then I'd hurt their tender feelings and will get flagged, and so on.

So, on this topic, I just keep quiet...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thanks AO

by Faramarz on



The way they sent Al Capone to Alcatraz was not from convicting him of all kinds of crimes. They caught him on tax evasion and he spent the rest of his life on the Rock.

Sooner than later, this bunch will be caught on being a lobbyist for a foreign government and not registering with the Justice Department.

Meanwhile, we will be stuck with the cleanup of our name and our reputation, the same way we had to do it after the Hostage Crisis.

Anonymous Observer

Whatever happened to NIAC's lawsuit against Dai?

by Anonymous Observer on

Does anyone know?  I tried looking it up online, but couldn't find it.  Is it still pending?  Did Niac lose?  Did they win?  Does anyone know?  Remember, it was that silly "defamation" lawsuit that resulted in the release of all of Parsi's love letters with Zarif.  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. :-)

Anonymous Observer

Thanks Dr. M and ILI

by Anonymous Observer on

Seriously, I do not know how any non IR-connected Iranian with an ounce of brain can possibly have any desire to be associated with, or support, this group.  Isan't it enough that the guy was trying to pimp IR around Washington and "normalize" relations with the most destructive regime in Iran's modern history.  

But hey...the IR has a very sophisticated intelligence operation abroad.  So who knows what these so-called supporters are or are up to... 

Dr. Mohandes

Thank You AO

by Dr. Mohandes on

ANother master piece.

Any revealing and expose' of these filthy bastards in any format would in the long term serve the common interests of the iranian people and they will love you for it.



Mammad Bacheh Bazz Zarif!


AO Jaan, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for exposing all these pedophiles to the world. One day,these abusers of Iranians will pay a heavy price for all their ill deeds!

Shlomo despises pedophiles!