IRI Supporters' Fantasy vs. Reality


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

As I read, I notice that the most prominent focus of the handful of IRI supporters on this site is IRI’s “achievements”, being “scientific”, “industrial”, “military”, etc.  So, I decided to open their eyes a little bit and invite them to join the rest of us in the real world.  With that in mind, let’s do a little comparison.

IRI supporters’ fantasy: the IRI has a strong military that has scared its opponents, including the United States, into not launching a military attack against it.

Reality: The Iranian air force operates antiquated aircraft from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The most modern aircraft in their service are Mig-29’s, half of which are non operational.  Forget about the United States of Russia—any half modern air force such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan or perhaps even the UAE can probably reach air supremacy against Iran in a matter of hours or days. 

Its navy is no better.  Half of the navy was destroyed in less than a day by the United States back in the 1980’s.  What is left for them are a bunch of fast attack boats and antiquated Russian submarines, which can also be taken out in quick operations in a very short period of time.  And its ground forces…well, the poor army is still using 1960’s American tanks and 1970’s Russian T-72’s. Almost all of its equipment are either from that era, or are cheap knock-offs from that era.  And as far as its missiles go, they are a hunch of North Korean knock offs with no military value.  They are only terror weapons, and are not very good at that either.  As we saw in 1990, Saddam lobbed a whole arsenal of these missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia, with very little damage.

Lastly, the best that the rest of its ground forces can do in the face of a strong adversary, such as the U.S., is to become guerilla fighters in the mountains.  In sum, in 30 years, the IRI managed to transform the fifth strongest military in the world, and one of the best equipped and most modern, into a force that more resembles the Lebanese Hezbollah than an organized military.  But what would one expect when the people put in charge of that military are former Hezbollah members themselves.      

IRI supporters’ fantasy: IRI is respected and feared around the world.

Reality: As this report from 2007 shows, Iran is in the top three nations (along with U.S. and Israel) as having the most negative image in the world, even among Muslim nations that it claims are its supporters.  It is looked at as a pariah state and is hated, not feared by its neighbors.

IRI supporters’ fantasy: IRI is on the side of the oppressed, especially the Palestinians. 

Reality: The IRI is on the side of its own survival, and doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about anyone or anything else, including the Palestinians.  As this report shows, when Israel was occupying Lebanon (IRI’s base of support in the Arab world), the IRI was wheeling and dealing with it and was paying it billions of dollars (many times the normal price) for weapons.  It’s “support” for the Palestinian cause is nothing but lip service and propaganda and an excuse for its expansionist goals in the region.

IRI supporters’ fantasy: Iranians are respected around the world because of IRI’s efforts.

Reality: Iranians are looked at with suspicion everywhere they go.  We didn’t used to need visas for most countries in the world; now, even third world crap states put us on a “waiting list” for a visa.  We are fingerprinted and questioned at airports and are subjected to extra security checks because of IRI’s main export: terrorists.

IRI supporters’ fantasy: IRI is liked by the majority of Iranians.

Reality: They confuse heavy handed and murderous crackdowns with love for the regime.  Let there be a referendum and we will see who’s their daddy!

IRI supporters’ fantasy:  They know what the people  of Iran want.

Reality: most of these characters are out of touch, western residing (mostly in the Great Satanistan) zealous ideologues who have no idea about the struggles of the average Iranian.  They travel to Iran may be once every couple of years, spend a couple of weeks there in North Tehran, drink their black market vodka and return to the U.S. to tell us how honky dory everything is in Iran.

Last, but not the least:

IRI supporters’ fantasy:  There are real “elections” in Iran, where officials really get “elected”.

Reality:  There are illusions of “elections” in Iran, where people are fooled into going to the poles for propaganda purposes, but at the end, pre-selected regime figures are given the job for which they are groomed for.




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by timothyfloyd on




calling night day

by Fair on

once again by the basij cyber brigade:

The Islamic Republic of Iran's military strategy- based on deterrence-
incorporating the Mosaic doctrine,  the asymmetric naval doctrine, the
SSM force and its potential of external irregular resources, have so far
prevented the US from launching a military attack against it. (no mean

Translation: the Islamic Republic relies on international terrorism to deter an attack on Iran.

- The Islamic Republic form of governance is supported by the majority
of Iranians, as reflected in an analysis of multiple polls and the
recent 85% voter turnout.

yes, that is why they have to murder dozens of peaceful people in cold blood on the streets, arrest 4000 people, close down more newspapers and arrest and imprison without trial more reporters than anywhere in the world, use thousands of buses to ferry in recruited bodies to show "support" in one concentrated area of the capital while militarily locking down the rest of the capital and not allowing any peaceful expression of opposition, even beating and attacking a 73 year old clergy and a 65 year old religious woman, both loyal to Islamic republicanism.  Not to mention execution without trial, torture, rape, and declaration of war by the Islamic Fuehrer on the entire population.

Sounds like a popular regime to me!  (that is, if night sounds like day...)


- They- the people in Iran (as opposed to the exile community)- know
what the people of Iran want.

The "exile community" are also people of Iran.  Unless you believe in apartheid- do you?  Or will you find another name for apartheid too, like "popular moral government"?

Waffen SS Major, given the massive mismanagement that AN's government has had in the dispersal of funds, it is no surprise that they cannot recruit better talent to disseminate propaganda for them than you.  But of course, how else do you defend a stateless terrorist dictatorship other than blatantly lie and call night as day.









Great Post

by masoudA on

I think we all understand our efforts here are not targeted at professionals who get paid to flood the internet with IR propaganda - but at those who may fall for the propaganda.     I think this is an excellent post by AO to negate all the propaganda in a few paragraphs.  

My two cents - those who falsly boast about IR military might are directly responsible for any future war that may break in Iran.  Some of them are fools (not traitors) who may think they are doing Iran a favor, scaring Iran's enemies off by painting WW1 boats.......but they must understand - the only ones fooled by these theatrics are Iranian people - especially the young ones. 



by divaneh on

Thank you for trying to educate the IRI gang. They however are past hope because they know all these and as long as they can drink their black market Vodka stay true to their masters.

hamsade ghadimi

hovakh, thexmaster, iri supporters and ao

by hamsade ghadimi on

hovakh, it's good to try understand who the iri supporters are: those who buy into geda-parvari, mozdoors, the ones in power, the ones in line to be in power, and those who're looking for attention and have no empathy for iranians (listen up tahgord).  i agree with ao on including the so-called lefties in the mix.  as a humanist, i also disagree with some un-humanistic actions of the imperialist powers; however, one cannot turn a blind eye to how those who defy the imperialists treat their own people.  before iri and the thugs who abuse their rule on iran, the main heroes of the lefties were cuba's castro and his revolutionary mentor che guevara.  while these figures were (and are) romanticized, the cuban people are suffering (and i'm not just talking about the expats).  therefore, my advice is if you want to know there's racism in u.s., you shouldn't ask the white guy but the minority. if you want to know if communism is good, you shouldn't ask castro but the cuban on the street (if he can freely talk), and so on...

thexmaster, thanks for the link for the poll on 'street arabs'.  it's as if the street arabs are the stakeholders of iranian nation.  one should ask tahgord, who on the arab streets were rooting for during the iran-iraq war?  i think that's an indication on whose side tahgord is.

to the iri supporters, if you're standard is that iran has not been attacked by a military force (other than iraq for 8 years!), then you have a low standard.  the iri government with all of its tough talk has not deterred the western nations running over all of iran's neighbors and maintaining a strong presence in the persian gulf.  it seems that they are not dettered to show their military might anywhere including iran's bakyard.  and please don't talk about destroying private property.  we've seen plenty of videos of basijees destroying private property in iran.  and also destroying precious lives which is much important than 'things.'

ao, thanks for the post; although incomplete, it's a good start on the many grievances that ordinary iranians have regarding the brutal regime who rules them.

Anonymous Observer

vildemose, Fair, Hovakh & Others

by Anonymous Observer on


It should be noted that this alliance has nothing to do with Iran's security but everything to do with IRI's security and it's parasitic existence with the mercenary arabs.

thank you for this succinct and to the point description of the nature of the IRI and its working dynamic with its foreign mercenaries.


Very well put.  Also, don't forget the old commies who have compensated for their inner trauma of the fall of the USSR by joining forces with the IRI in the hopes of speeding up the manufactured apocalyptic battle with the West. 


Look at the Iranians in other countries and their accomplishments, it gives you an idea of what is possible if only we were relevant in our own country.  Instead, we have to hear stateless terrorists from South Lebanon call us "exiles" and "unpatriotic".


Absolutely correct.  IRI is the  single biggest  obstacle to Iran's advancement.  In fact, as much as these nit wits fantasize about Iran being a superpower, we were on our way to become one had it not been for the disaster of 1979.  And no, we weren't just "buying" everything.  We had great production facilities as well...the same ones that the IRI is bragging about today.  Great comment, and thanks.


Very nice observation about asymmetric warfare.  For there to be a successful guerrilla operation, the guerrillas themselves, and their leadership would need the support of the population for all kinds of things, from logistics to safe havens, etc. In Iran's case, mullahs will be devoured by the population the instant their gun barrel pointed away from people's foreheads.  

Everyone else (except for IRI nut jobs):   Thank you for your comments. 



Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Thank you for proving the point of my blog.  Keep living your fantasies about the IRI.  To that end, and since you live in the Great Satanistan, may I suggest you visit this place.  I heard that’s where dreams come true.  So, when you're there, don't forget to wish upon a star and pray that the IRI becomes a superpower!


This must be the 'Arab streets'

by thexmaster on

that the leading IRI groupie is referring to:



 There's also some interesting comments in regards to polling difficulties in the middle-east:

The reality is that phone polls in the region are notoriously unreliable and that most individual polls, however elaborate or well intended, are inevitably suspect of government interference, social bias, or other distortions. Still, if evidence from several different pollsters can be gathered, evaluated, and compared, some reasonable and even significant judgments can be renderered


Yet, the IRI groupies still claim the WPO phone polls are highly reliable.


The latest talking point of

by vildemose on

The latest talking point of the IRI cyber warrior justifies IRI's funding and alliances with Hamas and Hizballah as a National Security issue...

It should be noted that this alliance has nothing to do with Iran's security but everything to do with IRI's security and it's parasitic existence with the mercenary arabs. If the regime had the support of its own citizens there would be no need for mercenary Arabs like Hamasmilitaryforum or shah gholam or mollah nassridin...

The cost of this nightmerish alliance between IRI, Hamas and Hizballh terrorists could very will be the destruction of Iran in a nuclear war in the next few decades if the IRI is not removed.

maziar 58

good article

by maziar 58 on

thank you AO.  and Amir1973......... Iranian will overcome these thugs as the time is clicking TIC,TAC..

And with IRR advanced space technology inshala they will join that turtle in the ORBIT and live the rest of their life.     

P.S where is Q and jaleho ?  Maziar


I commented on the Warship thread so I won't repeat that part.

by Hovakhshatare on

-IRI supporters are a percentage of people in Iran for geda et al. Just as there are still 20-30% supporters of idiot Bush here in America. It does not change the fact that this section of society is typically the most radical, least educated, lowest IQ and merchant class benefitting from partisan policies. In Iran or in America. These groups will support anything they are sold or that benefits their pockets and it is always wrapped in the flag.

-Then there are those who would like to argue. As French say, I would argue because I'm French. In that vein, right or wrong, fair or unfair does not matter because the agenda is the objective. So the FACT that IRR rape and plunder of Iran has left every aspect of it weaker and more vulnerable is irrelevant. And you can find something on google or partisan sites to support Military mumbo jumbo or production of sugar. Makes no difference. And any reasonable argument will be reverse engineered to a half baked response that sounds good. Kinda like the Jamaran Ship.

-Then those who argue for IRR, typically fluent in foreign language and living abroad. They may not have even been born in Iran. Typically two groups.Their very lifestyle is embodiment of irony & paradox. One is paid mozdoor and the other wants to be. First, may or may not actually be an ideological supporter but gets paid and that's good enough. Second group, has various complexes, from childhood trauma to abusive parents to a range of other possibilities. Some just enjoy the attention and it is just too easy to hurl a nonsense that ticks off most normal people.

-Discussing Iranian and human issues on this or any other site will be greatly served by focusing on the issues and topics that matter rather than giving space to IRR nonsense by responding because those who still buy their garbage are core supporters as mentioned and beyond hope.



by yolanda on

Thank you, AMIR1973, for your great post.....great job!


IRI cyber groupie amgw4, Islamists were biggest arsonists of all

by AMIR1973 on

The animals who founded the Rapist republic burned over 400 people to death by setting the Cinema Rex in Abadan on fire. These same Islamists savages frequently set movie theaters, banks, and cafes on fire during the Revolution. IRI cyber groupie, try dispensing your garbage propaganda elsewhere: we aren't buying it.


And if you disagree "reality" will riot and burn your city down

by amgw4 on

I mean to say "reality" will try to incite naive & impressionable teenagers into burning your city down. Try & fail.



by AsteroidX on

Fantastic blog, thanks for taking the time to write this.


Good news, American support Israel and hate Palestine, Iran & SA

by bomannyali on

This is amazing news.  I can care less about what Americans think.  But the great part is that it will keep anti- American and anti-Israeli sentiments high in those countries not looked on favorably by Americans.

This will help Iran maintain its support in the streets of the Middle East and West Asia due to its antagonistic behaviour towards US and Israel. 

And American view of Afghanistan ; only 18 % had a favorable view.  Geez, I guess they still can't get over their 8 CIA operatives getting killed by a Jordanian in Afghanistan. 

"Oh yeah, we have a sandni_ _ er operative in Al Qaeda and Taliban.  Oh those folks they are so dumb.  He He He, pass me the beer, these Arabs are really dumb...he he he"

"Hey Mr CIA, I have the location of Mullah Omar on this map, let me show you."

"Search him first"

"Nah forget it, he is our sandni_ _ er operative.  He is too dumb to do anything"

whispering: I bear witness that there is no God but Allah....Allahu Akbar........boooooom

Now who was the dumb one? 

Hooray, Americans never fail us! God bless Iran


All you IRI supporters in US: send a thank you note to AN & VF

by MM on

 Washington Post Poll: Canada rates 1st among Americans; Iran last


Iran was seen favorably by only 10 percent of Americans in the poll after a year dominated by headlines over its nuclear program and crackdown on anti-government protesters.


This is too funny

by cyclicforward on

This funny Sargord thinks that asymmetric warfare is going to work out in case of Iran. The only time that a scenario like asymmetric warfare works is when people support you. In the current situation the IRI stooges will be toasted by people.

Sargord Pirouz

Anon-jan, the problem with

by Sargord Pirouz on

Anon-jan, the problem with your post is in the way you have framed it. It should read this way:

- The Islamic Republic of Iran's military strategy- based on deterrence- incorporating the Mosaic doctrine,  the asymmetric naval doctrine, the SSM force and its potential of external irregular resources, have so far prevented the US from launching a military attack against it. (no mean feat)

- The Islamic Republic of Iran is respected among the 128-member Non-Aligned Movement nations (among others), which unanimously support its nuclear power program. Iran is scheduled to lead NAM in 2012.

- The Islamic Republic of Iran supports resistance against Zionist expansion and oppression. It also supports anti-Imperialist and anti-Corporatocracy efforts in nations such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba.

- The Islamic Republic of Iran's leaders and people (inside Iran) are respected by the Arab "street" as well as muslim nations such as Indonesia and other like-minded nations- because of the IRI's efforts.

- The Islamic Republic form of governance is supported by the majority of Iranians, as reflected in an analysis of multiple polls and the recent 85% voter turnout.

- They- the people in Iran (as opposed to the exile community)- know what the people of Iran want.

- The results of the latest election of Iran are supported by published analysis of multiple polls, as well as a credible point-by-point counterclaim to allegations of fraud; allegations which are lacking in tangible evidence even from the opposition leadership.



by yolanda on

Thank you for your article. This part is very sad:

We (Iranians) are fingerprinted and questioned at airports and are subjected to extra security checks because of IRI’s main export: terrorists.

I hope Iranians will get the respect they deserve very soon! I am very curious about whether the IRI supporters come to IC putting down other people and flattering themselves for free or they get paid for your "stint". Some of them are really rude and nasty...they have failed to win me over....I don't see any Islamic compassion from them....I read one pro-IRI post several hours ago in this just grossed me out.....I read the same post by the same thug 2 days ago in a different thread......IRI supporters' desperate pro-IRI actions have backfired....they make IRI look very bad and they make me hate IRI even more! I give them a failing grade for their lackluster performance on IC!


Thank you AO

by Fair on

For a quick, to the point, comprehensive summary of IRI cyber thugs' fantasies and their miserable attempts at denying basic realities.

The IRI has played a dangerous game with the security of Iran and Iranians from day 1, and like Hezbollah never hesitated to throw its own civilians in front to pay the price for its own empty ideology.

They think that by lowering the bar they can declare "victory" by not losing.  Like "victory" against Iraq in 1988, or "victory" in Lebanon in 2006.  Somehow, the widespread devastation of a society, a generation, and the lives of one's citizens is acceptable for these "victories".

Today, these same stateless terrorists have forced Iran onto a path whose end is more devastation.  Either a full confrontation with the US and Israel, or the descending of our society into uncontrolled violence and chaos, and/or God forbid the breakup of Iran with minority regions rebelling with foreign help.

When you look at the tremendous natural, human, and financial resources of a country like Iran, it is beyond imagination how pathetic the path we are on is.  I would like to know which other country on this planet has so much potential that has been prevented from being utilized.  Look at the Iranians in other countries and their accomplishments, it gives you an idea of what is possible if only we were relevant in our own country.  Instead, we have to hear stateless terrorists from South Lebanon call us "exiles" and "unpatriotic".

We will get our country back, and the world will see.  Iranians are saying this everyday,



And these traitors will be sent back to South Lebanon where they belong.  They can then fight Israel as much as they want and brag while we become a major economic and political power on the world stage, one whose brains do not feel compelled to leave by the hundreds of thousands every year (btw brain drain is another area where Iran is number 1- congratulations to the Islamic Fuehrer).




Iran and ONLY IRAN...

by Arthimis on

At this unfortunate and shameful point of Iran's history, There is no point to make reason with I.R. and its supporters based on Truth and realities of life! Their criminal/Evil history and records are so obvious and clear to everyone in this world to see and judge, except for Satanic I.R. and their mercaneries...

These lost and dark souls only feed and grow on Black Poison, Evil and Negativities in the name of a sect they created and attached it to a holy name of our Motherland, Iran  ...

The more you argue with them, the more EVIL FORCE you give them!!! Of course only in their sick minds...

As true Iranians, we must collectively shift our Thoughts , focus, energy and all our efforts toward a positive path by concentrating on our own Strength and Power... Only to FREE Iran!

Let's try our out most effort to find solutions to FREE IRAN rather than wasting our time by arguing with their paid agents on line!

Iran and True Iranians are what they are so fearful of... They have been for 1400 years and they are DEAD right for feeling that way...

An evil entity such as I.R. and his coward terrorist babies are on the course of self destruction in a very near future! Mark my words here ham-meehan...

Iran and True Iranians will be VICTORIOUS against Forces of Evil Occupying our beloved Motherland.

Peerooz Baashi Ey IRAN

Aazaad Baashi Ey IRAN 

Aabaad Baashi Ey IRAN

Baa Doorood bar hameye shomaa Iraniaan Raasteen. 


Not just #1 in executions, but #1 in child executions...

by thexmaster on

But enough about that, let's talk about their new "destroyer"

Anonymous Observer

HG & thexmatser

by Anonymous Observer on

HG: It's also number one on journalists being in prison.  

And to answer your question: they won't talk about it.  They will instead talk about the new boat that they "built" and how Israel does this and that. 

thexmaster: thanks for the update.  We should all be proud of these wonderful stats! 

hamsade ghadimi

iran #1

by hamsade ghadimi on

iran is number one in execution rate.  i'd like to see how the iri supporter will justify (or deny) that statistic.


Iran won 1st place in 2008 and 2009

by thexmaster on

Anonymous Observer

Samsam Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

you are so correct my brother.  They even had to borrow the paint job on their "saegheh fighter" (the F-5 with an extra tail) from American Blue Angels.  The ommati gang couldn't even come up with it by themselves.  

Thanks my friend. 

Anonymous Observer

Vildemose & amgw...

by Anonymous Observer on

Vildemose Jaan:  the fact that the IRI's economy ranks as one of the lowest in the world despite the fact that Iran floats on an ocean of oil and natural gas is no surprise and is a testament to the incompetence, corruption and thievery that we have been accustomed to seeing with the IRI.  And as far as Iranians being like Mexicans crossing illegally into the U.S. if Iran was on the southern border, well, the same thing is happening now thanks to the IRI.  Just look at places like Japan, where Iranians do menial jobs that illegal immigrants do in the U.S.

amgw4: you know, I was going to say that I won't respond to you until you write under your normal username, but what the heck...

Buddy boy, the ones who burnt, looted and shot their way into power were your beloved Khomeini and his criminal gang.  That's how they established the IRI that you worship today.  The Green movement protesters were silently marching and singing "yar-e-dabestani" when they were attacked, beaten arrested, raped and murdered.  Whatever they do in response to the IRI is not enough. 

Anonymous Observer

Red Wine, Amir1973 & Cyclicforward

by Anonymous Observer on

Red Wine:  Thank you my friend.  Let's hope for that day!

Amir: you are absolutely correct.  The IRI has been one of the worst disaster to have hit the Palestinian cause since the pan Arab moron Gamal Abdel-Nasser and the retard Yasser Arafat took on their cause.  IRI's actions have given Israel the perfect excuse to tighten its grip on Palestinian territories, to refuse any meaningful peace negotiations and to continue to build settlements, all in the name of security.   The saddest thing is that the IRI is well aware of this dynamic and exploits it (and the Palestinians) to its last drop for its propaganda purposes.  As far as the Palestinians are concerned, this is just a vicious cycle.  But in the IRI supporters' bubble, the IRI is fighting for the cause of the Palestinians, which is another delusion in their grand scheme of delusions.

Democracy and the IRI are like oil and water.  The system is set up in a way to concentrate power in the hands of the "Velayat-e-Fagih".  It was Khomeini's grand-and evil- vision and it is impeccably implemented ever since.  

Cyclicforward:  you are correct as well.  It feels like these characters are from another planet.  I don't know if it's brainwashing or self-inflicted delusion, but how can one believe things that are so obviously...well...not true?  It's like they just lower their heads in some sort of IRI propaganda trough and just suck up whatever is in there.  It's unbelievable.  


Despite almost limitless

by vildemose on

Despite almost limitless oil wealth Iran has a GDP/capita about that of Mexico (13,500/yr). Maybe if IRI stopped waiting for the 12th imam, stopped fighting proxy wars, funding Propaganda TV like PressTV  and Al Alam, and got down to developing their economy they might get somewhere. Average Iranians is as poor as average Mexican.

If the Iran was next to US, the illegal immigrants would be Iranians instead of Mexicans.. Very sad indeed.