دروغگویی انجمنهای اسلامی


by amirrostam

I have written about my past experiences with the Islamic Student Societies treachery. Here is another example which typifies Iranian politics, innuendo and slandar without any evidence:


Islamic Lies:

انجمن اسلامی دانشجویان ایرانی در آمریکا حدود یک هفته پس از اعلام درگذشت شریعتی با انتشار بیانیه ای که نسخه انگلیسی آن به وزارت خارجه بریتانیا ارسال شد و در گزارش های در آستانه آزادسازی آرشیو ملی بریتانیا وجود دارد، از شریعتی با عنوان "دانشمند جامعه شناس برجسته مسلمان مبارز مسئول و مترقی" یاد کرد که "در مبارزه مداوم" بوده و درگذشت او را "مرگ/قتل مشکوک" نامید.

در این اعلامیه تلگرافی عنوان شده بود که یک افسر ارتش و یک مامور سازمان اطلاعات و امنیت کشور (ساواک) از سوی ایران برای دریافت جسد شریعتی از مقامات محلی بریتانیا و حمل آن به ایران به لندن عزیمت کرده اند، حال آن که تنها فرد مجاز برای تصمیم گیری در نحوه و محل دفن علی شریعتی فرزند وی احسان شریعتی است.

What really happened:

در ادامه این نامه ضمن اعلام این که جسد شریعتی به خانواده اش تحویل شده و در سوریه دفن شده ذکر شده است: "مسلمانان آمریکایی باید ایمان بیشتری به کارکرد نظام قضایی بریتانیا داشته باشند."


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come on

by MRX (not verified) on

isn't this whole system (IRI) built on lies and hoghehbazi? I am still waiting for some one to deliever proceed from selling oil to my home.


Uno Momento

by Pissed Off (not verified) on

Your response shows how little you know about Islam.

Read the following. It may help you understand your Islamic principles!

We are talking in the context of Shi'ite Islam and in Shi'ism, Taghiyeh is one of the Furoo-ad-Deen.

This was taken from Wikipedia. You may want to edit and alter some parts, if they don't please you.

The Usool-ad-Deen (Principles of the Religion)
Tawheed (The Oneness of God)
Adl (The Justice of God)
Nubuwwah (Prophethood)
Imamah (Leadership of Mankind)
Mi'ad (The Resurrection)

The Furoo-ad-Deen (Secondary Principles of the Religion)
Salah ("Prayer" - performing the five daily prayers)
Sawm ("Fast" - fasting during the month of Ramadan)
Hajj ("Pilgrimage" - performing the pilgrimage to Mecca)
Zakat ("Poor-rate" - paying the poor rate)
Khums ("One-fifth" - paying tax on one-fifth of financial gain)
Jihad ("Struggle" - struggling to please God)
Amr-Bil-Ma'roof ("Enjoin what is good")
Nahi-Anil-Munkar ("Forbid what is wrong")
Tawalla (To love the Ahl-ul-Bayt and their followers)
Tabarra (To hate the enemies of the Ahl-ul-Bayt)
Taghiyeh (To conceal one's beliefs to save one's life)
Retrieved from "//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shia_Islamic_Beliefs_and_Practices"

Good luck with revising the Islamic principles!!!


Down with Mullahs

by kurdish warrior (not verified) on

The IRI promised us heaven but they brought hell upon us.


Pissed Off, isn't resorting to his lies

by Uno momento (not verified) on

Baba to ham ke zadee baalaa, stop it with Islam and muslims wholesale trashing and bashing (Lying in Islam is admissable? you're sounding like Goebbels).
Do you truly believe that lying is admissable in Islam, or do you want everyone to believe that lying is admissable in Islam? (either way, it sounds from far off in the deep end).


Maleknasri MD

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

MD, Don't worry about shariati. He was an old fanatic, as useless as ALL other akhounds, mullas, and islamic intellectuals who turned totally mute when that ugly hendi lying emam dispatched from arab land was killing iranian youths up to 300 heads per day. We need to get rid of this 1400 year old CANCER by the root before iran and iranians can breathe the air of freedom and prosperity.
Worry instead only about those tens of thousands of iranian youth that IRI leaders, from khomeini to antari, have murdered, if you have any humanity in you. On the other hand, if you are an arab or an arab-parast, then continue posting the non-sense.
Hell with all mullas and mulla-parasts of any shape or form and to any degree. The sooner we get rid of the them, the better for iran and iranians.
God bless reza shah who understood the nature and goals of akhound far better than any intellectual.


Hey Doc Malek

by Nother Anonymous (not verified) on

You are lying again religiously to secure a good place near your emam in heaven (or hell as it maybe). Your islamic lies are well known and well accepted as your islamic duty to taghiyeh and khodeh for the sake of islam.
Greeting to you too.


چی چی میگی؟

خود مهین بچه باز (not verified)

شریعتی و دانشجویان مسلمان، دربست تو جیب خود انگلیس هستند! از مرحله پرتید.


REPLY : SHAIATTI, for me a MARTYR......................;

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

1.It was in summer 1975 I had the possibility to some words of the Martyr which HE had spocken in HOSSEYNIEHE ERSHAD in Teheran. I never forget these Words. at least I have not forgotten them yet: BROTHERS! YOUR HOMELAND ( VATAN ) NEEDS YOU AND YOUR BLOOD! I said to my companion: What? He is heating up the population! He said: HE IS! I said: they will kill him! They will! and they did! after Tortur he had been so sick. they did not want him to die in IRAN: they sent him to London. He died in Hospital. They - i mean the detested, odious, arouse and incur most last PERSERKAISER and his Bosses - were afraid they will to have to murder again several ten thousands Demonstrators! I think it is logical and true that Shah`s Agents accompanied the dead sick Doctor to London. But it seems to me very unlikly that they asked about him after he was dead. They did not just wanted him to be in Iran. specially not after his Death. After the ISLAMIC REVOLUTION and FOUNDING the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN by the heroic Iranian Nation - I mean the ones who live in Iran and are willing to protect thier achievments during the last 30 years - as far as I know nobody had explained Dr. Shariatti should be brought to Iran and get his Mauseleum there. In Case of Dr. Mohamad MOsadegh was so that - according to his last will - he could be reburied beside the Martyrs of TIR 30TH. The in that time stil great satan - now laying in his Death bed - had forbiden that. As a matter of fact I do not know where Dr. Shariatti is buried.
2. Please just a question: How comes that after such a long time the Guests of "IRANIAN" get the Information that the societies of Iranian Students are through and through just liars? In the article is only ONE Society in named but the plural form is used. May be the respectable writer wants to correct this Lapsus? Otherwise he makes himself to a Liar who tries to make bad reputation about Moslem students. First of all Iranian Students. Today more that 3,5 Million young iranians are studying in the Universities in Iran. about 65% of them are females. Most of them are organised in the students societies. Are they all liars? Please think it over. Of course only if you want. you have only made use from your Human rights and nobody is obliged to advise others how to think how to see the things and if I for example have left Iran because just personal conditions and I think it was becvause of political reasons, so i do not want any body to confirm me about my real reasons. Greeting



by Pissed Off (not verified) on

But as a Muslim you must have already known that lying in Islam is admissable. Especially when you want to save your own neck or when you want to slander someone.

Isn't Islamic lie called "Taghiyeh"?

Since when you have been talking about these things and what's the relationship between Islamic Stundents Associations then and now?

Islamic Students Associations are a big pain in the neck of the Islamic authirities in Tehran right now and that's good.


Marg Mashkook

by Troneg on

It is amazing the concern about it !

I don't care How Shariati is dead. Since 30 years how many Iranians has been killed ( Sar Bordieh ) by IRI and non need to say Mashkook ! Let talk about Forouhi, Farokhzad, Bakhtiar ...