Were The Extremists known as the IRI brought to Power In Iran on Purpose to Destroy Iran?


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Where is real Journalism these days which is focussed on reporting all of the truth? 

Could it be that Freedom within so-called Democracies, is as selective as it is in tyrannical regimes? 

Could it be that the views presented in the mass media only serve powerful interests?


This journalist does a good job speaking of complexities in simple terms and helping the reader get information that is necessary to answer a question like Were The Extremists known as the IRI brought to Power by the USA/UK on Purpose to Destroy Iran?

My Answer is (screaming it from the top of the roof tops LOL): Yes, Of course Khomeini's Team were planned, the wests focus on extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan, is to destroy any hope of building a society in a life time.  It is the Africanization model, done with Africa for over 300 years!  Except of course now done in the name of pursuing Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom, instead of the King, the Queen and Jesus.  Iranians remain unaware at their own peril and need to Rally Around the Flag As Soon As Possible.  That means, Unite around King and Country.     

The Nine Lessons he chose for Libya are exactly the same as lessons I would chose for Iran.  Though it will be very hard for Iranians that are so desperately Brown Nosing the West and Selling out their authentic feelings, by putting the west in a better Light for Iran than say Russia/China in light of all the actions we see by the west and the supporting corporate and economic evidence.  I would add as lesson #10, if you have to have an alliance to defend you, like Russia/China, don't trust them either and make them earn their alliance with you. 


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MRX1 the Assange Show will be shown on RT

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He says, having been sitting on the other side of the chair during interviews the only international media outlet worth talking about is RT for its accuracy.  This while the USA, with a straight face, presents itself as the model for democracy in the world lol hahahaha


oh and also tries to play its democracy ploy against russia which its controlled media presents as the oligarchs, lol


Front page today on rt

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sadly RT is the only ones that expose the crimes of the USA and unlike clinton promised when he became president, democracy has not been the engine to expose and change the USA for the better, it has been sick and criminally lead most of its history, especially during his period supporting extremists etc.  Find a place that teaches you about that. 


MRX1 "fair fame" is disturbing, because even with a freaking

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

movie done about it there is no justice.  The terror leaders live with and are forced to accept is way too much, like the Pahlavi's after their son alireza was taken out with multiple shots reportedly heard, god only knows what they go through in terms of pain in quiet, they had to put on an act about his mental health and go with an offical story like clockwork, the police report not allowed to be opened for 50 years (this by itself is extremely unusual and abnormal).  So Information is not totally censored, just takes a while then when it comes out It is very poorly reflected in the controlled mass media.

Crimes are concealed by the controlled media, though done in a brutal in your face and put you in your place style, and it gets out clearly and in detail on a smaller scale.  The biggest disappointment was wikileaks material giving info that was only availablt to powerful people and also being open to the masses and it really hasn't reached public consciousness.  I have seen a little of wiki leaks exposed by europeans & russian media when it serves their aim to make points but otherwise look at All the University Poli sci Masters students and their theisises based on missing important points that refutes their ideas entirely and one sees how evil and dark all this is.


There is a limit

by MRX1 on

There is a limit as to how far you can go even in the most open societies on the face of the earth (assuming there is such a thing) before you piss off some one, some entity, some government or private organization that could jepordize your livelyhood, family, and even your life in the exterme case!!!!

Hardcore jouranists who challange things are far too few here and there. most would rather  seat in some nice cushy steak house in washington D.C and print some mild goissp pieces as news.

Just see the movie 'fair game', which is based on true story and see what was done to joe wilson's family for bringing up the truth and  you will get the picture of what is going on out there.


This above is a really easy question, though troubling

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I thought that since the answer is so obvious, it is interesting to note why so many people can't answer it right away.  Could it be because the media in so-called democracies has a job of washing peoples minds and pointing them in the wrong direction on issues to intentionaly to cover crimes committed?

Ahhh the joys of Freedom ??? Eh???? Gimme a d? D, Gimme a e? E, Gimme a m?  M, Gimme a o? O Gimme a c? C, Gimme a r? R, Gimme a a? A, Gimme a c? C, Gimme a y? Y and what does that spell?  DEMOCRACY!  Yea! Hurrah! Woow!  And where does it exist in reality?  Nowhere I know, how about you?