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Hellooo iranian Family, boy did many Iranians all do a grande poo poo.  I just want to clear up as a Monarchist I am not one of the Stupid ones that caused this, of course it is everyones free right to blame monarchists, for me however the News vindicates those of us who enjoyed Freedom In the late Shah's Iran and instead of betraying both King & Country, I was one of those who appreciated everythig the late shahs team had done for Iran.

My Grand Parents and most in the older generation were not deceived on the true reputation of either the Late Shah or Savak.   They were just grateful to see iran as a country with the 9th Largest GDP in the world.  They remembered 50 years earlier when the only way to get around tehran was by donkey (when irans GDP was 108/109th) and instead they were proud that Iran had one of the most well equipt armies in the world.  Not only was education a big focus of the late shahs team, so were sports.  The late shah looked forward to a time when enough Iranians could learn the value of friendship, of team work, of fair play, and of respect, principles the late Shahs Team valued for Iranians.

Today I see US society with the murder of a black boy in Florida, over 100 public shootings a year, maiming congress women to cinema viewer and crimes on a scale non existent in iran and its hard not see clearly and evidently how stupid the generation giving us 1979 really were.  What they worked so hard to give up and what they helped to create.  Human rights in Iran were so much better than In the USA, both if you were a criminal, a political prisoner or no mater who you were.

Situations like this //

just did not happen in Iran, in the usa/uk/france they do occur in police departments, relabelled police brutality.  Sure there were other injustices, but these were the result of having a backwards society and not the result of the spectacular Institutions that were serving Iran in an outstanding fashion.  If the late shahs Iran existed, I think it is easy for me to say I would move and live there.  I think over the disingenuous and squeaky voices of the anti-monarchists many Iranians feel the same way.  The Late Shahs Iran and His Team were far better than Life in The West.


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Dear Amir Parviz

by anglophile on

I am sure many of us here have suffered the displeasure of coming across certain people who no matter how much you provide them with evidence to the contrary they never go back an inch on their anti-Pahlavi sentiments. There is a side to our Iranian pysche that in the words of the Iranian philosopher Aramesh Doostdar is called "din-khooei" (roughly meaning psycho-religiosity). One needs not be a religious person to be din-khoo. Our nation has acquired this trait  over a number of millenia. One manifestation of this trait was in their support for Khomeini in which even those who had never been to a mosque in their lives or prayed even once day rallied behind him. One may argue that the same can be said about the support for Mossadegh or the Shah himself. I can't disagree. But evidence speak for itself. The point I am making is that no matter how much valid evidence you produce in favour of the Pahlavi era, there is a group of die-hard din-khoo, particularly among the so called God-less left who will not retract from their positions by one milimeter (to keep the metric followers happy). You can see an example of this din-khooei on the comments written on one of Fred's blogs yesterday and in the Shamloo-worshipping article on the home page. So don't be troubled by some who may find your views objectionable. Anti-authority trait is part of their existence. They simply can't help it.


Iranian, and no others, are

by Khebedin on

Iranian, and no others, are responsible for what they have today, and what they will have in future. I felt extremely bad and ashamed when I watched this video and saw what Iranians caused the Pahlavi family: //

Irrational & Inhumane behaviour , actions based on emotions and far from logic, resulted injustice to the Pahlavi family, and the consequences we are faced today. Please don’t blame anyone for it, but yourself. It is time to apologize to the Pahlavi family and feel accountable for your mistakes.


Meegan deegeh :)

by JustAnIranian on

Most Iranians know this already. Comparing Mojheddin to Monarchists which seems to be 'in' these days, is absurd. 

 Meegan deegeh!   They have to say something....

As I always say and will keep on saying until the day I die: whatever I have, I owe to Mohammad Reza Shah. From the school I went to and even the university I attended in Iran after the revolution.

May he rest in peace. 


Thank You, When Ever I meet a former Savaki,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I take the time to Sincerely thank them for giving Iranians Human Rights on a Level that had not existed before (mistakes in Judicial Fields, were not thelrs).  Their Accomplishments had such a positive impact, it is a debt that is humanly impossible to be repaid.   


AmirParviz, you are a true Iranian! Unlike these old commies..


who enjoyed all the best in the world the late Shah provided and then turned against him, we the lovers of Shah will march forward with our heads high and prides as erected as the Washington DC monument!

If it weren't for the Shah, all these moftkhors and gazafehgoos would be wearing/using rags to sleep in, travel with, clean with, keep warm with, marry within, and wipe their rear ends with, one rag for everything! 

Thank you for your love of the Shah and God bless SAVAK!

Sholom for SAVAK!