Assads Syria, The Real Details


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Here is a good short clip done on Syria


I would however disagree with the conclusion of it where he says, failed in Iraq, failed in libya, and now going for a 3rd try at the humanitarian approach so failed in Syria.  The Truth as we have all experienced it but not had the courage to admit to ourselves is Succeeded in Iraq, Succeded in Libya and now likely Succeeded in Syria.  Because the true agenda of the USA/UK/France was never humanitarian or to promote freedom and democracy, but with the opposition of Nato, China and Russia, just like in 1979 to help extremists, to create regression and to destroy the futures of people.  Exactly like these 3 did in Iran by supporting Khomeini and even today by covertly wishing to keep noxious participants like the MeK for iran.

Why is the West so firmly opposed to helping pro secular-democratic Iranians???????? 
The answer is clear, no country co-operated better with the USA than
the late Shahs Iran.  So why betray such a relationship, from
Afghanistan to Morrroco the USA/UK/France are opposed to development, progress,
peace and human rights.  That the USA would not cooperate with the Shahs
Iran, DOES IMPLY there isn't a hope in hell that the WEST will one day
start to co-operate for a reason.  Since Vietnam to today the humanism of the west is all
talk as anyone can see their actions are the complete opposite of humanism.  Yet
the Corporate Controlled Propaganda Machine, we call the Free Media,
TV, Radio, Internet and Book Stores, can still manufacture within
individuals ideas and views, primarily in the USA and UK, which makes individuals far
more easily deceived regarding the true reasons for their activities. 
The era of the late shahs team was one where the people of Iran were
benefitting from irans resources, primarily in the area of education. The
1979 Revolution was an intentional orchestration by the USA to thwart
the people of Iran.  Awareness is a Process and will Take Time. 



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Mohammad Ala

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

That was a disturbing link, where did humane values go, this policy directly affects around 1 billion people violently.



by jmyt17 on


Thanks for posting. Assad must go, and after that is AKHOOND turn.

Wondreding where they wanna go!!!


Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for the link.  Also, there is another video to watch.  Click here.