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This is the first one of a set of short blogs regarding different issues. I hope you enjoy them.

We live in 21st century but IRI politicians think everyone is dumb and stupid. IRI CLAIMS its nuclear intention is to provide energy. I am not going to argue we have other means of energy more than most western countries. However this is my point you never thought about it.

Assuming what they say is true this is what I predict will happen once they start supplying electricity to this nation. The price for consumers will go up more than what it used to be when they burned fossil fuel.  Because this poor nation has to pay for all the costs IRI had to face to keep going against the international opposition. Yes it is up to the ordinary people to pay for them being overcharged while purchasing equipments and whatever else. Also for every KW the consumer is supplied, they have to pay for IRI’s immoral activities while they were looking around in the black market.

But of course it won’t be the first time, we always had to pay a heavy price for any technology we were offered, useful or not.

Pick pocketing is a trade all none democratic governments are very good at !!!!!!!!!!!!


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