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Rana Foroohar who has been recently appointed as a new Assistant Managing Editor of Time used to work as the Deputy Editor in charge of international business and economics coverage for Newsweek. A few months ago while she was working for Newsweek, she set out to answer this question, “If you were born today, which country would provide you the very best opportunity to live a healthy, safe, reasonably prosperous, and upwardly mobile life?" After collecting various data, she tabulated the results as the 100 top world countries to live in.

Egypt got 74 th spot of 100 in world ranking for best countries to live in. According to Rana Foroohar, among 100 countries, Egypt got its best ranking in economic dynamism (61st), education (62nd), and quality of life (66th). In health, however, it ranked 75th in the world. Egypt's worst ranking was in its political environment (83rd) putting the country just ahead of Qatar, Ethiopia, and Azerbaijan.
With a healthy Life Expectancy of 60 years, a 9.7 percent unemployment rate, and 18.46 percent living on less than $2 a day (based on numbers collected in 2005), Egypt was ahead of only Syria, Algeria and Yemen in the Arab world. According to the figures used by Newsweek, the literacy rate in Egypt is 71.7 percent, with an average of 12 years of schooling.

Eleven of the 22 Arab countries featured on the list of Rana Foroohar, with Kuwait in the lead (40th) followed by the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (43rd), Saudi Arabia (64 th), Tunisia (65 th) and Yemen coming in last (92nd). Other Arab countries, such as Bahrain, Iraq, Libya and Sudan did not make it to Newsweek's list.

On the same list, 12 top countries were Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Luxemburg, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Denmark, USA, and Germany.
Iran took the 79 th spot.

BTW: What is the nationality of Rana Foroohar? Does anybody know?


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Does anybody know Rana Foroohar?

by All-Iranians on

What is the nationality of Rana Foroohar? Is she an Iranian? Does anybody know?


Dear Ari

by All-Iranians on

Thanks, glad you liked it. Yeah, sometimes the numbers say a lot: We scored 79 on her list; most likely due to the stupid act we did in 1979!

Ari Siletz

Numbers say a lot

by Ari Siletz on

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Sometimes a number is worth a thousand pictures. Thanks for the stats.