World media supports Iran's Seyyeds/Theocrats


by alimostofi

Oh it is madness.

It is the same old rubbish every day. Elbaradei this, Nuclear that, US says this, UN says that, the Chinese uming and erring, the Russians delivering missiles or not delivering missiles, and finally Israelis attack or not attack.

All of this helps the Seyyeds/Theocrats to be up there in the world news, for no reason at all. We all know that the people of Iran do not support them, and given half a chance to express their view, will let the pro-Seyyed/Theocrat world press know, that they could topple them in a general strike.

So why isn't it happening? Why is it that the people of Iran just get their act together, and start to write about a general strike. Truth is, that they have, but it does not get mass media publicity. If the mass media really wanted, it could bombard the Seyyed/Theocrats with questions about their inability to survive a general strike.

But the mass media does not do this. That is why we Iranian Bloggers are the third largest community of Bloggers in the world. No one expresses our views for us. Why you may ask? Conspiracy theorists would say, that the Seyyed/Theocrats need to be there to replace the threat of USSR.

Even now with Obama, we are told, that the US forces and all the military industries in the US, will die out, if Iran suddenly was not enemy number one. Or Pax Americana would be finished without the Seyyeds/Theocrats making ugly comments from Iran.

But still, we Iranians should be able to sort out our own mess. Why don't we? Yeah why don't we? Well look, even the TV stations that are anti-Seyyed/Theocrats, like the VOA or the new BBC Persian TV dare not mention anything to do with general strike. And the very little anti-Seyyed/Theocrat news that is mentioned, is deemed to be of Israeli origin. Or if there is an Iranian that is a true secular Iranian, he or she is labelled as pro-Israeli, or someone who believes in dictatorship.

That's how crazy it is. All the Iran loving people are excluded from the powerful world press. They can only be found in Blogs and Forums. None of the main newswires care about them. Even the newswires own Iran correspondents refuse to rise above politics, religion and commerce, and look at Iran's culture coming first. They refuse to understand that the culture of Iran is more important than politics, religion, and commerce.

Ask any Iranian what he will agree with another Iranian on, and it is on cultural matters. Things like the flag should not have changed, the national anthem should not have changed. The names of the streets should not have changed. But the world press refuses to comment on this, and does not help us regain our culture with peaceful non-violent general strikes.


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Well, you are not going to

by alimostofi on

Well, you are not going to fall for it, so why should any other Iranian who loves Iran more than anything else.

Ali Mostofi



Our unity surivived!!

by Imam Mustafa Payan (not verified) on

you got to be kidding. We are the most disunited nation in the world. If we were united we would not fall into the Islamo-British plots. You sit comfortable and give Fatwa that we are a united nation? How did you find that out? In centuries that you are talking about we kept losing our resources and out land and you still think we are united? No, we have not been a united nation since Adam removed the fig leaf...

Naive optimism is not the same as patriotism.


Iranian culture is stronger

by alimostofi on

Iranian culture is stronger than religion and democracy.  So don't worry about anything.  We all agree on that.  Nothing can force us to disagree on that.  Our cultural unity has survived worse scenarios than you imagine.


Ali Mostofi



قیمت نفت و رابطه آن با آزادی

امیر کبیر در جستجوی تیغ اصلاح (not verified)

Please listen to this short NPR interview with Thomas Friedman on the correlation between oil price and level of democracy in an oil-based economy:

There is a possibility that with global recession and drop of oil, indeed IRI will fall on its own weight and an implosion will follow. This is precisely why BBC has been spending millions in advertisement, reporters and equipment to prepare for the next intervention in the Iranian internal affairs.

When IRI falls, we will find ourselves in a very chaotic mental state, like the Soviets did after the fall of their "Union". Because of our lack of unity, a solid structure or voice around the globe, Iran will become center of huge competition and rivalries among the vultures of the east and west. We will have uprisings in Baluchestan, Khouzestan as well as Kurdistan and Azarbayjan. We will lose our progress in atomic research and development and we will be pushed back another 30 years. We will have temporary or interim governments composed of former military thugs and monarchist land speculators and new-communist-zen-Mujahedins.

All of the above, because we are a nation that do not attempt to unite together. Iran will not free itself from the British grip unless they respect each other and unite.

Find an Iranian today and try to respect each other's opinion and discuss the next regime change.

Iranians should unite, one brain at a time.