They are The Taliban of Iran

by alimostofi

So much of the recent press has been about the impending war with "Iran". They do not talk about Iran in the same way, as they talk about the war in Afghanistan. Just think how easy it would be if the world press talked about The Hezbollah Party in Iran, in the same way as the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Imagine how easy it would be to explain to the world; that The Hezbollah Party in Iran have a political ideology that is alien to Iranian culture, just as the Taliban is to Afghan culture.

So the next question is, why is it that the media, well respected writers, members of NGOs, members of NATO, all refuse to dissociate Iran from The Hezbollah Party in Iran?

There are various people who benefit from associating Iranians as all being Hezbollahis. They tend to be the people who fundamentally cannot face a modern progressive Iran, that would present itself as an economic giant. We Iranians who work outside Iran are so annoyed about this misrepresentation. We deal with it from the moment we meet a new person. Jokes are made by stand up comedians that we in the diaspora call ourselves "Persian". Why? It is because the media has ruined the name of Iran.

By making Iran a Bogey Man, The Hezbollah in Iran and their sparring partners have managed to accomplish a great feat. They have defeated the glory of Iranian heritage. Nothing is sacred to them.

And what are we Iranians doing to stop this. Quite frankly nothing. I do not see one person other than myself out there explaining any of this. I know for sure that most of the discussions I have with both Moslems and Jews and Christians about this misinterpretation end in peace. They all realise that it is a political propaganda that is sowing the seeds of war. It has all to do with disinformation. Dragging religion and nationalism into muddy waters of dirty war politics, is what it's all about.


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Iran 2050: You are right

by alimostofi on

Iran 2050: You are right ......

It does not matter which came first. It is the way the media treats them, and how that enabled a NATO task force to be mandated. The whole manner the news articles and books are written is different.

Ali Mostofi


Iran 2050

I think its the other way

by Iran 2050 on

I think its the other way around. I think Taliban is the Akhoondi regime of Afghanistan.

Remember, the regime in Iran started spreading fundamentalism and the distorted view of Islam. Taliban learned from the regime not the other way around.


Imagine the Taliban decided

by alimostofi on

Imagine the Taliban decided to have elections in Afghanistan and TIME magazine called it democracy. That is what is going to be the media onslaught on us in a few months as The Hezbollah in Iran come up with a fake illegal election.

As usual we get Hillary Clinton trying to negotiate with Hezbollahis and regard them as Iranian.

And finally, we have the UN nuclear negotiations forcing The Hezbollah Party in Iran to consider "Iran's role", when they hate Iran.

Ali Mostofi


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The reason media does not distinguish is that they are lazy. It is up to us to remind them. But remember there are those with a vested interest in keeping it this way. We need to fight not just the media but other forces.

You keep up the good work and keep reminding people. Meanwhile the rest of us need to do what we may. There are a lot of Iranians in America if we join we will change the media perception.

That is why some are so afraid of Iranian American organizations. They fear the power of them. Therefore work to divide us. If we stick together the media perception will be modified.


Now imagine everyone talking

by alimostofi on

Now imagine everyone talking about attacking the Hezbollah in Iran and helping Iranians, just like the world did and are still doing in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

Ali Mostofi