Romney Loves Islamic Micky Mouse


by alimostofi

Look at the two links above. You will see reports on how religious the US really is. But more importantly how, all kinds of emotional backlashes will ultimately result in the US electing a far right candidate.

Ironically all this is happening in what is now a socialist France, with all the cartoon news. You will see the US media whip up Moslems, and they love it. All the fanatic Moslems media will be counting the number of hits they get on their websites. That data is fed to the Republican headquarters etc etc.

Obama will try to rise above all this. He will probably make some prophetic comment, to calm down the Moslems and so get more votes, as the man who will not create war. People will then think, if Romney gets in, we will have war, so vote Obama.

So then Romney will have to raise the temperature a bit more. He will have to get some mad Islamic politician to really put some fear in the US voters. Which country better than Egypt.

I can see the new governments in North Africa really getting heated up all this. They will not be able to stay neutral. They will fall into the religious trap, and make anti-US comments. That will get the US voters in the US all heated up and vote for Romney.

Once Romney gets elected, the military people in the Islamic and US world will be happy that there will not be peace and potential cut-backs.


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