Reason or Opinion

by alimostofi

Sometimes I wonder whether opinionated people reason a lot, and whether reasonable people have any opinions. But the concept of be to che is quite different.

I came across this video, and it made me think. Tolerance is what is really lacking in Iran, and if people minded their own business and accepted people as individuals, we would all be able to solve all our problems.

The only people I cannot understand are the ones who cannot tolerate and want to kill. So I have one opinion, and that is no capital punishment, but I try to reason all the time.


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As an Astrologer, I have to

by alimostofi on

As an Astrologer, I have to accept change, and people need to have the opportunity to change and improve.

So as long as we do not have capital punishment for any reason, and respect life and free will, then the rest will work itself out in time.

Ali Mostofi



I think Mehdi is making a good point.

by Anonymouse on

Should we tolerate believing in KKK? Believing in sangsar? Terrorism? honor killings? cherry picking and fudging intelligence reports so you can go to war? to name a few.

I wouldn't tolerate them but I wouldn't crucify them.  I'd simply put them in jail to rot.


Everything to a limit

by Mehdi on

Tolerance is good. But the trouble starts when you realize that not everything should be tolerated. Then the issue is where you should draw the line. That's not always easy to figure out.