The Prince's Tsunami

by alimostofi

I write a lot, and read a lot.  I have been doing this for a long time since the Ayatollahs tried to get the hearts and minds of Iranians.  Sure Khomeinism was a Trojan Horse disguised as freedom and democracy.  It nearly wiped out Iran's culture, starting with Iran's name, then flag, and national anthem.  It then managed to get every news agency to refer to it as Iranian.  We have all the bad news about Khomeinism being referred to as Iran.  Agencies are now getting hit hard by me and many others if they abuse the name of Iran.  Authors are really getting a beating if they make the wrong associations.

So it was with awesome delight when I saw the amount of euphoric emotion when the news of HIH Ali Reza Pahlavi was responded to by the Iranian people.  It was like a Tsunami or a massive Earthquake.  No one can deny the reaction of all Iranians.  This is the deep feeling we Iranians have for each other.  No news report managed to put a spin on this one.  The power of the internet and comment boxes forced many articles to be amended.

I hate to say this, but something of a blessing of disguise has happened because of what The Prince did. He captured the hearts and minds of all Iranians permanently. We work in unison.  We are one.


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David ET

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