Musharraf Mozakhraf

by alimostofi

a large group of eminent U.S. foreign policy experts was asked this
summer to name the country most likely to transfer nuclear technology
to terrorists in the next three to five years, Pakistan was the top

COLUMN-Pakistan,Iran show U.S.influence's limits:Bernd Debusmann | Reuters
the dots.  US used to support Taliban & Co, when the Soviets were a
threat in Afghanistan.  The US helped them to be this new force in
Waziristan.  Musharraf's (or should I call him Mozakhraf) military
pretends to fight them.  AQ Khan and the Seyyeds get the nuke plans
from the Chinese.  Their narc friends get all that snuff from
Afghanistan.  Smells very familiar to the trade going on, as in the
film Apocalypse Now.  So everyone is in the oldest trade.  Meanwhile
the Israelis want to hit Natanz, when it should be Khost.  And can the
AQ Khan's nukes hit Israel?  Sure can.  So why hit Iran, when all the
trouble is in the other Islamic Republic, namely the Islamic Republic
of Pakistan?  Now you see why the US wants to give them all more aid.


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MRX, Mush. managed to get

by alimostofi on

MRX, Mush. managed to get to bed with some Islamists. That is not what HIM did. Both are being criticized in the same way by the US, but that's the US democrats for you. US would love to stir trouble in Pakistan, and have all the brains from there go to USA, where they can use it. The US economy survives on other countries brain drain. Unfortunately I disagree with you, there are a lot of very very intelligent Pakistanis, as well as nomads.


Ali Mostofi



what would you do?

by MRX (not verified) on

so now Isrealis should hit the nuclear places in pakistan, are you nuts? do you want to start 3rd world war. never mind all the radioactive shit that is going to pollute the environment..........
Ok so musharaf is Mozakhraf to you. so who do you think can or would do a better job, you? this is a country of 150 million, poor, majority illiterate, back ward, heavily religous,face it a distster zone. when I hear this kind of shit, it reminds me of the morons that critisized shah of Iran but for the past thirty years they couldn't come up with one shit to make Iran a better place.