Khamenei is Dead - hoooray!

by alimostofi

Below is the typical report to get people wound up and get respect from Iran lovers towards a demon that has ruled over Iranians for too long:-

"AntiMullah, which is now hedging its bets Some reports coming out of Iran deny the Supreme Leader has died or IS EVEN ILL! Over the past month, rumors circulated that he was in a coma and his ruthless son Mojtaba was ruling (with Ahmadi-Nejad’s help) in his father’s name … Denial of Khamenei Senior’s death has to overcome some visible changes: 1. Government buildings are being draped in black cloth. (Reports on this come from multiple Twitters). 2. All Islamic Iranian TV announcers have suddenly turned to wearind all black clothing. 3. Bassiji Suppression forces have poured into the streets to enforce crowd control and prevent gatherings, which have not yet taken place. 4. The constant grumbling of clerics about the Supreme Ruler and efforts to replace him with a Ruling Committee have abruptly ceased. Having him dead instead of the disruptive campaign to unseat him has solved their complaints and now they can go ahead with the “succession” process. It took nearly two months from the time Ayatollah Khomeini went to hospital and fell into a coma till he was OFFICIALLY  pronounced dead. We shall see. Certainly this rumour is gathering pace as I write, but that doesn’t make it true."


But do we care? No.
What we should do is rejoice. People should be blasting horns, beeping with their cars, and generally feeling good that another person that wants to kill people especially Iranians is gone.



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Maziar, that's precisely my

by alimostofi on

Maziar, that's precisely my point. These people are cornered by the Iranian masses. People ignore them, and all this is propaGANDa. The best thing to do is to show the opposite reaction to what they want.

We must rejoice either way. Even if he is alive, he will know what the people really think of him and his lot.

Ali Mostofi


maziar 58


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eena ba doroogh 1400 sal davoom avardand ,een shayeaat faghat braye davam in hokomate maloon eslami  ast-o- bas.         Maziar



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I think true Iranians need

by alimostofi on

I think true Iranians need to show their defiance and shun any mourning. We should beat our drums with joy.

After all, traditionally, death was always celebrated in white, and this is the best time to show the difference between them and us. They wear black, we wear white. They cry, we laugh.

Ali Mostofi



keeping my fingers crossed its true

by sag koochooloo on

Rafsanjani must be delighted. Hope there will be a group of clerics instead of one SL from now on. God, I hope Yazdi or Mojtaba dont become SL - that would be too horrific for words. 

What a year it's been. What next? ...

Just came across this:

"Sources at the Iranian opposition said that the spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has died. The Iranian police have increased their activities in the streets of Teheran recently.

For the time being, it is known that Khamenei lost consciousness on Monday afternoon and was hospitalized. Only his son and personal therapist have the right to visit Ayatollah at hospital. Khamenei reportedly lapsed into coma, although spokespeople for the Iranian opposition say that the spiritual leader has passed away.

The Iranian administration has not commented the situation yet.

Several western publications said that the information about Khamenei’s death could not be regarded as trustworthy, although the rumors may eventually prove to be true. At least, the Iranians did not conceal the poor state of health of the 70-year-old spiritual leader of the nation. "


doesn't matter

by MRX1 on

There is no shortages of akhonds in Iran. one's gone the other one will replace him.

che khabar e

it's difficult to even conceive of celebrating someones death

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but this just might be one time it's appropriate. 

the pages of IC will be buzzing for weeks but generally speaking... what are the pro's and con's at this point?



by Cost-of-Progress on

I Heard that the news of his death will be announced tomorrow, Friday,

But I agree with you that his death is rather convenient as it eliminates the mess associated with appointing a repressor, I mean successor.

So, who, I say who is next? Will prince Mojtaba allow just anyone to fill his murderer dad's shoes?

Let the infighting begin from which - hopefully - will emerge a true victor: Iran and her people.

Jaavid a Secular iran.