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by alimostofi

Let me put this really simply.  I do not think the problem we have with the Ayatollah regime, is related to their doctrine, or even them.  It is related to the people who benefit from the Ayatollahs being in some sort of control.  And it is "some sort of control".  The rather loose anarchy that rules over patches of Iran is fed from various sources. Most of the sources are in India.  Of course there is China and others in the non-aligned movement, but historically the British left Persia in the hands of the Delhi office. 

Recently though the US has started to get up the Indians' noses, forcing them to take sides.  Forcing India to take sides is very tough.  This is the most tolerant nation in the world.  Just look at the folks in Lucknow who allowed the likes of Khomeini to get nourished with Islamic-Marxism.  They are the most anti-Capitalist or anti-US people in the world.  They though are having a hard time with the Obama administration.  Obama has given them no reason to shout.  Obama has single handedly disarmed the radical chic in the world.

Well guess what, the radical chic are going to be in the Security Council soon:

If you read reports like the one above, you get the feeling that the radical chic are going to finally get their Ayatollahs' to go head on against the "Capitalist Pig" USA. This actually has been the main problem with the radical chic, ever since they sided with the black.  Yes the alliance of red and black is very true.  How many lefties really criticize the Ayatollahs?  Most think that the "Islamic Republic" will disppear, and the true "Republic" will finally come around.  They seriously think that pure democracy is more important than culture, even if it means that "democracy" can vote to change the flag, the national anthem, and the name of a country.  That is what has happened to Iran.  Iran does not exist and many people are benefiting from it.

Never have so many people done business with this anti-Iran, anti-Iranian culture, than now.  Look at the amount of Iranian businessmen who do not care about Iran, and trade with India and China and kept the Ayatollahs in power.  What if the "Iranian businessman", were "Iran First", as we say now.  What if they said to themselves, "am I helping the Ayatollahs to stay in power, doing this deal?" That tiny brain of theirs will think, "Fat chance, take the money and run."

If you read that article, you will see there is this sentence on page two:

"If Iran does something outrageous, it's going to be hard for countries like India and South Africa to resist further sanctions," Cirincione said.

And that is what has been happening for thirty odd years.  Ironically the rogue regime has managed to get a lot credit by capturing the world's attention by representing "Iran", the "Iran" they do not even recognise, and changed the name of.  But the other countries, especially the new trading partners like India, China, and other so called "Non-Aligned Nations" have recognised the Ayatollahs, and referred to them as "Iranians".

As you know I have gone even wackier than normal, and have asked every person to describe Ayatollahs' activities as non-Iranian. I have found myself on the same side as the Rajavi's crowd on this.  Unbelievable.  In fact many authors are isolating the "Ayatollah virus" in their compositions, to make sure the word "Iran" is not mixed with them. We still get articles saying, "Iran hates USA", and and if they have a comment box, I am there with my comments.

So life has passed us by every one of these thirty years as a new set of horrible factories are suddenly discovered when ElBaradei was about to give a clean bill of health to the nuclear activities in Iran.  Every time ElBaradei was about to prove to the US that there is nothing to worry about, there would be new photos to ruin his speech.  Now that Ayatollah ElBaradei is gone, we have another problem.  This time it is the new members of UNSC.  But don't worry read the article below:

So here we go again.  We are back to catch-22.  Why catch-22?  You see the whole problem is for the situation not to be resolved.  Let us says the Ayatollahs got the nukes and did press the button. Then the situation in Iran would change.  Let us say, the Israelis attacked Iran, then the situation would change.  Let us say the US attacked Iran, then the situation would change.  Are you getting my drift?  Someone does not want change for Iran.  Iran has to be in this quandry forever.  This quandry or catch-22 is what keeps some people rich.  Who are they?  

First of all, the regime itself benefits from the catch-22, as the world will not accept any other "Iranian Institution".  How many times have I told HIM Cyrus-Reza Pahlavi to get off his ass and do his job properly.  Yes I will use this language.  We are frustrated.  The mandate of the Royal Institution is to ACT only when the nation is in danger. He gets into politics and wants democracy to decide for him what to do, when his mandate is to save Iran, and then to bring democracy after we have our flag, anthem and name of country back.  His father listened to my grandad, but he does not listen to me.  He sets up questionnaires, and then writes letter to people as a Human Rights Activist.  You are the King of Iran.  What are you doing? He should tell the UN to kick out the regime's representative, because of Human Rights violations and nuclear violations.  But he does not do that.  Why?

So what can we Iranians do? Madness.  We have all gone in our own ways, and fragmented.

But the US and all the other nations will keep the Ayatollahs around as public enemy number one to bolster their military industry forever.  We all know that that is the main reason for the catch-22 the nuclear fiasco has been doing for the past thirty something years.  The military regimes in both US and Iran benefit from this scenario and they will never stop this catch-22. 


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Freedom to express ones

by alimostofi on

Freedom to express ones culture is very important. The Shah feared Communists, because they threatened freedom of Iranian culture. But the real fear are the arms traders, who used the Communist threat to sell too many weapons. And once the Shah told the Americans to leave they killed him. Now the Theocrats are doing just what the US wants, and the US keeps them around. Just imagine how much more money there would be for economic freedom if we did not have these threats.

Ali Mostofi




by hirre on

Freedom, economic freedom, religious freedom, social freedom and more is valued higher than culture... Else there would not be a revolution in the first place. Unfortunately the shah didn't want to accept this while he was busy glorifying a 2500 year old monarchy. He forgot to accept iranian culture as it was back in the 70's. He wanted some kind of post-modern mix of west and ancient zoroastric culture (which I would like in my utopia as well), but Iran was not ready for it. He shouldn't even have addressed culture, because people didn't have any problem with it. People only had problems with the things I mentioned in the first sentence...


hirre: the word Iran was

by alimostofi on

hirre: the word Iran was chosen, because it was a common thread amongst all the noble people who lived in that land.  That is what Iran means.  People are noble for a reason.  It is because they respect the heritage and are very knowledgeable of their common ancestory.  The noblilty of Iran were very well versed in all the arts and literature.  A King did not just become King because he was mean and plundered the people, as depicted by the Communists and Theocrats.  HIM has been through a very thorough training program and all the people of Iran have seen him grow.  All ethnic groups have contributed to his upbringing.

Politicians and theocrats have different upbringing and their roles have nothing to do with culture, even thought there are overlaps.  The Constitution of Iran (not IR) is based on the Belgian Constitution and and unfortunately an Islamic amendment was added that has polluted the whole text.  A new Constitution is needed and as and when that is done, the roles of the government are clearly identified. Clearly the role of an important cultural government has to be to preserve the heritage of the country.  "Managing" to have Nowrooz is not correct. 

To choose or Gozinesh as it is written the Zend Avesta, is part and parcel of our Free Will and no government can survive without due respect for that.  But it needs to be done in the correct format.  The law has to respect the heritage of the country the law is being applied to.  You cannot have a bunch of people passing laws that have no effect on the people.  This is what has happened to the Ayatollahs.  They are surrounded by what they view are aliens to their ideology.  And the silent majority has contained them.  That is what an ancient culture does.  Our blood is thicker than theirs.  We have more and deeper roots in that land, than them.  Nothing can change that. Not even democracy. An Iranian will stand in front of Persepolis and feel it, whilst a Theocrat feels that way in his religious place.  Big difference.

You can elect and re-elect people as much as you like, but if they do not have anything in common with the people, they will be ignored.

On the other hand the most cultured people of Iran will not get ignored, whether there is democracy or not.  People love culture and the feelings for all the cultural elements are very dear to our hearts.  Political processes like democracy are very much lower in the natural order of things, no matter how "evolved" you are.



Ali Mostofi




by hirre on

"Royal Institution" would be a wrong name, since it refers to something different (monarchy) and not culture. A more proper name could e.g. be "Institution for Iranian Culture" (IIC). This institution should consist of members from all over Iran. Except for this we have "museums" to keep record of old cultures.

RP doesn't have any mandate anymore, the monarchy was removed, this is also confirmed by him and his family. What RP does is by his free will, and we should support just that and don't make up any titles or responsibilites on the way.

Democracy by itself isn't an ideology that removes culture, rather the other way around. If this was the case, then there wouldn't be any culture in any democratic country. Only if dictators have the power, then they can force a change, but so far people still manage to celebrate "norooz", "chaharshanbe-soori" and so on...

Even if we would have an utopian society where culture is "freezed", then this would be another form of dictatorship.

Culture is something that evolves over a period of time, but some traditions never disappear...


hirre: The Royal Institution

by alimostofi on

hirre: The Royal Institution is the glorified title of an institution that takes care of the culture of Iran. At the moment there is no such thing in Iran. There are plenty of institutions protecting other ideologies. Some of those ideologies do not like Iranian culture.

I have spent years, or should I say decades, showing people the need for an institution to preserve the culture of Iran, so that nothing can wipe it out.

Democracy can easily wipe out culture. It happened in iran. The Ayatollahs believe in their own kingdom and they used democracy to remove the name of Iran, its national anthem and flag. It has not stopped and they have imposed rediculous sanctions on the passive people of Iran. Because we know who we are we just ignored them. But there should be a formal institution to always make sure that this does not happen.

HIM has a job description known as his mandate and it only becomes active when someone in the name of politics religion and whatever next, such as war or civil disruption, tries to take over Iran. This is what happened with the Trojan horse the French sent in for the sake of democracy.

Ali Mostofi



Complex situation

by hirre on

Even though this is the general feeling of many outside of Iran, people are still dependant on making business with other countries... The sanctions have hit the iranian people the hardest. Even if they don't show it on CNN, people will continue to do business through 3rd parties...

I don't think there is a need to critisize RP in this aspect, because if you follow up on his work he is doing everything in his power to lobby against the IR. I don't understand what you mean about "Royal Institution", or "his mandate"...

RP's main priority for Iran (by his own words) is to create a democratic platform where people can vote for any candidate (uncensored), he is using different channels for this. He is doing this by free will, and personally I think he works in very good way. He has support from monarchists, republicans and many other different groups.

Watch this:


alinmostofi I agree with you

by afshinazad on

    We Iranian never learn from what happened in 1979 and we never want to confirm our mistakes and we are like sun flower as always been and most of us attracted to power and still live in dark ages and we never get evolved atleast most of us. RP has no support among American and British movers and shakers; actually they are playing same game that they have played from last 32 year. Answer to everything is rise of people and toppling the regime and cleaning every cell of religion cancer from the country, not by nonviolence but bloody and violently and by force, otherwise we are going to see same things over and over again.


I agree with all of you

by Arthimis on

I agree with all of you except "Sargord" naturally because we all know who he is by now!!! A so called man who denies every single facts (known and proven globally on records) about all crimes that have been committed by Islamic Republic!!! So basically he is NOT even considered as a legitimate and honest source, period.

But back to your blog, You can not find one single nation in this day and age to be so backwarded mentally by following a very disturbed religion and worse those criminals who preach it! NOT one nation!! So, the problem indeed is the ignorant religious and worse fanatic people and worst of all are all those who make lots of money, have lots of power by betraying Iran and true Iranians while directly and indirectly support / cooperate with this evil criminals and regime!!!

Note: These ugly supporters and collaborators (mostly men) , under a democratic and educated system won't be qualified for any real & hounerable jobs and not a single FREE woman would want to even look at them , let alone be with them!!! So That's why they work so hard for I.R. for their own miserable lives! For Free Money, Force and Sex!!! They live in the western countries and keep going back and forth for their own evil obsessions and satisfactions!



by Parthianshot91 on

Business owners and any filthy shameless bastard who supports this regime for their own gain is the problem. They'll get what's coming to them soon.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


thanks mh    Ali

by alimostofi on

thanks mh 


Ali Mostofi


Maryam Hojjat

I am with you on this Issue

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