Iranians must SHOUT


by alimostofi

I just wrote the article The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. We all went and saw my mum at the hospital and then to a Chelokababi.

Fed up of talking about the world affairs and Iran, I was sitting on my own, I felt like getting up and shouting. "I am mad as hell, and I can't take it anymore". This clip comes to mind. Watch it for a few minutes and you will see what I mean.

Basically we Iranians have all the resources outside Iran to change Iran, but we do jack shit. Sorry for the coarse language, but this is how mad the feelings are.

For crying out loud, you rich Iranians, you successful businessmen and women who are living outside Iran, have a bit of dignity and help Iran.

You who ran away from Iran, set up your company in US and even changed your name, what shameless Iranians are you? Your ancestor withstood the Arabs and Mongols, and you ran away.

It is a great shame that all these potential leaders of Iran have been sucked out Iran and ignore Iran. I am not going to mention any names, but we know who they are. They invented ebay or sent rockets to Mars. What is the good of any of that to that badbakht in Iran?

If the UN came to me and asked me what would you do, I would order each and every one of this wealthy shameless Iranians to form a government in exile, and get rid of those animals in Iran.

But not of them will move. So I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore. I am fed up with lousy excuses like, "America is responsible or as Daijan Napeleon would say Ingeleesiha". It is our fault and will remain so as long as our best can't be bothered.

I hope all you Iranians who love your motherland, get seriously pissed off and shout I am mad as hell and I can't stand it anymore, to all these irresponsible people who let us all down. They just make money for USA, and ignore their motherland. Shame on you.


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In Persian it is "Divaneh

by alimostofi on

In Persian it is "Divaneh Shodam va Digeh Nemitoonam Tahamoelesh Roe Bekonam".

Ali Mostofi



A: I live in UK. Ali

by alimostofi on

A: I live in UK.

Ali Mostofi



Jenab Ali Mostofi

by All-Iranians on

Good question, and good reaction. BTW where do you live yourself?