Iranian Business in Dubai

by alimostofi

"There are 48 European banks based here that have started imposing restrictions on companies that do business with Iran, even though they know the merchants very well and have a history with them," says Hadi Motameni, president of the Iranian Business Council. "When businesses don't get loans from banks, they can't function."
It is about time that Iranians were a little more responsible about their dealings with the Seyyeds.


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Q, I am only interested in

by alimostofi on

Q, I am only interested in people who put Iran above anything else. Nothing is more sacred than Iran. And it must be done non violently. The Seyyeds deserve their own country, but it is not Iran. Let them go to southern Iraq peacefully.

Ali Mostofi



Whatabout the Seyyed's already living in Dubai?

by Q on

Or the Seyyeds in Florida and Las Vegas? Is it only some Seyyeds you like to hurt?