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Iran: Father 'stones 14-year-old daughter to death'

Tehran, 18 Feb. (AKI) - A man known as Sharif has reportedly stoned his fourteen-year-old daughter to death in southeastern Iran because for allegedly having a relationship with a man.

Sharif's wife reported him to police after he and a friend killed the girl in Zahedan, capital of Baluchistan province.

Sharif showed no sign of remorse, telling police who interrogated him: "I suspected that my daughter had a relationship with a man and I had to stone her to death as she had besmirched my honour."

"I had no other choice," he said, telling police how he had carried out the stoning.

Two sisters, Azar and Zohreh Kabiri, 27 and 28 years-old respectively were earlier this month sentenced to death by stoning for allegedly committing adultery.

The women each have one child. They are from the suburb of Shahriar, near Karaj, north of the capital, Tehran.

The Kabiri sisters have already received 99 lashes each.

What is it, that can remove a person's brain from basic sense of humanity?


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Hell of Islam

by aryamehr11 on

The sooner some islam-apologists, liberals and PC's stop living in their fictatious world and begin recognizing the problem these kind of issues will continue in hell-hole islamic societies from the western coast of Africa all the way to Indonesia!

Bedaaneem, Beandeesheem, Bepaakheezeem!
Beedari, Paaydari, Peeroozi!


hell of ignorance

by IamSorry (not verified) on

This is outragouse, ultimate ignorance, the degree of Jahelieet can not be comprehended, but far worse can be expected.
If they do this to their own, immagine what they'd to others, what a golden rule!
The prophet weeps over what has become of his followers, what a shame!