Good Deed Reminder

by alimostofi

"Iran is a big, strong rich country, and that competition in leading the Muslim world is well-known to all Arab and Muslim countries," he said.
"Once you can reach with your missile double the distance between Iran and Israel, it means there is some farther target. Is it Egypt? Libya? Saudi Arabia? A European country?"
Iran is a strong and rich country, but not because of its oil or money, that the Seyyed rulers abuse. We actually do not need to have any of these very expensive weapons at all, if we had people representatives not believing in non violence and human rights or above all capital punishment.
The people representatives in the Seyyed rule follow rules that are alien to everyday Iranians. But what is most annoying in reading these Israeli reports, is that they do not point to the alternative peaceful regime change solutions that can happen. Iranians now are all inspired from the Good Deeds of Cyrus the Great for the Jews.


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