The Full Moon separating the Wheat from the Chaff.


by alimostofi

As an Astrologer, I have been amused at the uncanny relationship between the recent events in Iran, and the rotation of the Moon. Today is the Full Moon, following the Eclipse that took place two weeks ago, which sparked the various hunger strikes outside, and the Green Movement inside Iran. Normally there is a crescendo on the Full Moon and the true meaning of any movement is seen. So we would expect that with all the hoo haa, the Green Movement's momentum to be much much bigger. But it has clearly declined.

So what can we see from all this. Is it over? Is that it? If we were not so naïve, we would think that the people of Iran are truly represented by the Green Movement. But it does not. On this Full Moon there is very little to suggest that people follow them. The likes of Sazegara (who has a lot to answer for by creating the IRGC) will not be able to save their Islamic or even left wing anti-US "revolution". The most important loser of course are the Basij Force, who have been labelled as aliens, as if they are an occupying force. What remains, once these two elements (the Greens and Basij) are removed from the Iranian society, are the real, culturally based, Iranians.

What are, the real culturally based, Iranians? These are people who do not like politics, religion, or commerce, meddling in the cultural affairs of the country. Mr Ahmadinejad and his ilk, have no right to talk about Iranian culture, when he is a twelver and puts Islam before and above Iranian culture. Mr Mousavi is the same. So is the Basij and Sazegara. They are all the same, from the truly Iranians' perspective. Right now, our flag, national anthem, and place names are being replaced, and our very Iranian culture is at risk.

In short, one can be whatever one wants, if the appropriate respect is given to all, in the appropriate order. Iran is first in all true culturally based Iranians. These recent waves in the Iranian society have separated the wheat from the chaff. It was necessary, and it will set a precedent for the next big move on 15th January 2010 when the Eclipse moves over Iran. Many things will happen until then, but the main events will begin then. Prepare well and take advantage of space-time, now that we all know who the real Iranians are.

Ya Ahura we will win without bloodshed.


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The date 15th January

by alimostofi on

The date 15th January signals the beginning of a new phase. The fact that its path is over Iran, means that a major new movement can take place.

Astrology highlights opportunities both easy and difficult ones. A human being has free will and choice. Astrology will give the various opportunities. What one does with those opportunities is ones own business.

As I said in my earlier post I advised for the opposition movement to start at the Eclipse two weeks ago. Googoosh happened to start her movement on that Wednesday. The whole election affair came to a boil coinciding with Full Moon yesterday showing what was the most powerfull political force as the Moon was in Aquarius. As I said the only people who were most powerful were the silent majority as no one came out in force for Ahmadinejad or Mousavi, who are opposite sides of the same coin.

So my advice to all is to prepare a massive movement to start on 15th Jan. I hope this has made it all much clearer.

Ali Mostofi


Multiple Personality Disorder

I am naïve, very naïve

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Most astrologers are very good at predicting the past, no big deal, so here is something I'd like to know, you have a specific date, 15th January 2010, which is great, could you please please, once and for all, tell exactly Exactly EXACTLY what's going to happen on that date?  Be as specific as you can about an specific and significant even.  For example, Abtahi will be assisinated while delivering a speech at a school in Vali Asr street.  Anything like that would be great.

Thank you so much, 

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

I did not understand the point of astrology in this blog!


Down with IRI & his supporters


No thank you Mr Mostofi

by fozolie on

I leave the mumbo jumbo to you.

Mr. Fozolie

PS: Here is somethign to brighten up your day :-)))

گوینده : خوب دیگه لابد همه فهمیدن ،

که خرسه رمالی می آرد

سرکتاب واز می کرد ، فال می گرفت ،

رمل و اسطر لابشو ،

توی دستش تاب می داد ،

زیر لب دعا می خوند ،

دورتا دورش فوت می کرد ،

بعد سرفه ای می کرد ، بادی به غبغب می آورد ،

که …

خرس : … بله همشیره .

خوب گوش کن چی می گم .

طالعت هست بلند

که من امروز شما را دیدم .

واقعاً طالع خوبی داری .

چون همین الساعه

برج تو درقمر است

برج عقرب در ماه

یا قمر درعقرب

( میمون با حالت معترض بطرف خرس می رود )

چه تفاوت داره؟

منقلوتن وزقا

حپروتن کذبا .

حشراتن صفحاتن ممه هاتن …

( دور خاله سوسکه می گردد . خاله سوسکه به سرعت

خارج می شود . )

گوش کن همشیره

لا اله الله !


Mr Fozolie The only true way

by alimostofi on

Mr Fozolie

The only true way I can communicate with you, and explain all your questions regarding Astrology, is by drawing your Horoscope. You can get hold of freebee ones, done by computers for yourself via the net. It will then explain to you why you have such questions, and explain why you are arriving at such irrelevant conclusions.

Ali Mostofi



Please explain to me

by fozolie on

How does an educated man believe in astrology? I don't dispute your conclusions (though I am weary of sweeping statements like they are all the same but Okay I accept that the on thing they have in common is that they do not understand or do not want to understand that you cannot serve two masters) but what is the difference between you and somebody who believes in the 12th Imam (isn't that why Bijna Mofid has the "Rammal" and the "Akhoond" as bosom bunddies in his famous play?)? The questions are not rhetorical and I would like to genuinely understand the basis of your belief in astrology, or is it just a matter of faith?

Mr. Fozolie